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  1. Yeah, it was for the Appendices of the Master's and Alfrid's "Bollocks" scene.
  2. As a super-tenuous link, the choir is singing about Nenya in that section...
  3. I think it's right until the very end with songs.
  4. Well then, this should be fun: I don't listen to Thrain as much as I should either, for the same reason as SUH. The Last Goodbye has such a high playcount because I listened to it on the bus to school every day in anticipation of BotFA And I only just bought the non-extended version of Roast Mutton, which explains its low count. And I See Fire has been skipped a fair few times...
  5. I was just wondering if you could tell me what the numbers of the tracks in your list were - do they correspond to the actual file names? And we're not allowed to just chuck the CRs in with the mod, as it may be slightly breaching copyright...
  6. Hiya, sorry to wake an old thread, but I'm making a mod for BFME2: Rise of the Witch King and am hoping to suit the music better to the factions - gkgyver, do you know what numbers those in your list refer to? As in the files, they're arranged into good and evil etc. - is there a simple way for me to be able to see what track on your list refers to the actual file?
  7. Yep, I plan to, I was just listening to DoS when I had the idea, and it's the score I know best. But yes.
  8. Don't know one note from another, never really was interested in music of any kind, or paid attention to it. That sort of stuff. It does sound a bit odd, in retrospect. I'll edit it to make it more understandable. And the 'Thrain' track I do like, mainly for Sauron's theme, but also the Erebor theme and Smaug's B theme.
  9. Hi, I’ve been lurking for a few months, and thought I’d join and share my opinions. Disclaimer: I have been musically ignorant for most of my life, slowly improving in this last half a year, as I started reading the LotR/Hobbit posts here. And yes, BloodBoal, I did steal your template. But anyway, I hope I haven't made a complete fool of myself here, and that some of what I say makes sense. It’s less a review than a short commentary with opinions, but oh well. The Quest for Erebor. The logos music gets you right back into middle earth, and the Shire theme over the title is a nugget o
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