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  1. Some interesting behind the scenes material in this book as well.
  2. I didn't realize it had been that long again! Have the forums changed since then? The formatting looks strange on my browser.
  3. Currently reading The Black Box by Michael Connelly. I've never seen the Bosch Amazon show but I've heard good things.
  4. Roy Horn of Siegfried and Roy fame has died. He was 75.
  5. Sycamore Row- John Grisham A sequel to his first novel. Good to see those characters again and as always it's compulsively readable.
  6. Neverwhere- Neil Gaiman He has such a passionate fan base. I keep giving him a try and I'm starting to understand his world.
  7. Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens ghost wrote all his Trek books. I'm guessing his input was along the lines of "Kirk is a superhero! Go write something."
  8. I haven't read Timeline yet. I would probably work my way through his other books first before I'd read the pirate book and Dragons Teeth. I started reading one of Shatner's Star Trek books last night, Captain's Peril. All of the Star Trek novels are hit or miss but the Shatner books are usually entertaining enough.
  9. I did. Very in the vain of Pirates of the Caribbean, simple straightforward story. Dragon Teeth is kind of the same way. They are both were super quick reads for me.
  10. It wasn't too bad. It was a step up from his John Lange days but its not close to his classic Crichton stuff.
  11. Started A Case of Need by Michael Crichton today.
  12. I have been able to work from home, working on projects that I wouldn't normally waste my time with. I am a behavior analyst and a majority of my normal day involved seeing clients. I can no longer do those visits. I think my job should be safe as long as I continue to find projects and actually work on something while I'm at home.
  13. I've been ordering a lot of stuff recently, stocking up I guess. I just received The Sum of all Fears, Days of Thunder, and Searching for Bobby Fischer.
  14. I probably have Giacchino ahead of Elfman, but thats pretty much my rotation.
  15. Any chance these scores get a physical release? It's great having everything on Spotify but I'm old fashioned when it comes to collecting my scores.
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