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  1. I always heard the 2 notes as a hint of the History theme. And I think that yeah, the 6 notes at 1:00 sound like that Evil of the Ring/History of the Ring hybrid from RotK.
  2. Yeah, I’ve always found that when watching films on an iPad, the score seems louder than I rememberfrom the cinema
  3. They don’t have Silm rights, and IIRC their agreement with the Tolkien Society has a strict caveat that they don’t contradict anything in any of the books they can use as source material (LotR, possibly Unfinished Tales if rumours are to be believed). This makes it highly likely that they’ll fabricate many characters and events to avoid such contradictions. But I’d like to be proved wrong!
  4. Are we sure the “unreleased” Anthem of Evil statement for the destruction of Kijimi isn’t from the “concert suite”? They sounded mighty similar to me in the cinema...
  5. It’s thematic in that there’s fragments and outright statements of a theme for the Joker all over the score...
  6. I saw David Arnold reply to a tweet saying that he only received his TRoS FYC yesterday... whether that was referring to just the DVD of the film, I don’t know... but it might be hopeful!
  7. It’s just occurred to me that the “concert ending” of The Speeder Chase, after the mad trumpet section reminiscent of The Adventures of Han.... is really similar to the ending of The Adventures of Han suite itself... anyone else hearing this?
  8. Hey Holko, could you link your playlist here too?
  9. And why did Palps order Kylo to kill Rey at the start of the film? It really is nonsensical
  10. I can't choose, I absolutely love HTTYD3 and TRoS... Voting HTTYD3 because reasons...
  11. I’m surprised that the majority of Paul Walker shots in F&F7 are so good - they easily beat Tarkin in Rogue One for me
  12. Taking this thumbnail as an example, all deepfakes are ridiculously low-res - this probably allows them to look fairly okay, but compare the skin details - there’s no way anyone would approve of that, on the right, for the big screen
  13. I have a really vague feeling about reading a statement where JJ said that he never told JW what to write for any point in the film... does anyone else recall this? Seems like it would be relevant to this discussion...
  14. Twenty quid, what are you doing wrong? It was £5.80 at our local Vue!
  15. It’s certainly not used in the film, it sounds very much like a concert arrangement to me
  16. As someone who didn’t particularly like The Last Jedi when I first saw it, but came to appreciate it more on subsequent viewings, I absolutely loved Knives Out both times I’ve seen it. But I saw this yesterday, and thought it was really weak, seemingly scripted poorly and possibly executed even worse, which is unusual for JJ. It felt like a long film which was hacked down in the editing room, and some scenes were laughably bad. Current thoughts: TFA - 8/10 TLJ - 7/10 TRoS - 5/10
  17. Does it truly trigger you when you see people who aren’t white men on the big screen? If any politics are a bit ham-fisted in the ST, it’s the rich Canto Bight stuff in TLJ rather than any “diversity and gender bullshit”
  18. I’m all for a topless Poe, but I don’t see Chen complaining about *him* having lost his masculinity for being sWaMpEd In ClOtHeS.
  19. I mean, holy fuck, since when does femininity boils down to lack of clothing, being sexually desirable to the audience and characters, and romantic attachment?! Yikety yikes...
  20. I suppose nothing will come up if you Shazam a microedited section of any of these tracks
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