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  1. Yes, jetlag from flying West is always easier than when you flight East. In my experience, much easier.
  2. Good to know, thanks. Poor Any Serkins, though. What did you told him?: "This is my PRECIOUSSSSSSSSS (sit)" ?
  3. What on Earth are you talking about? Everybody here is thinking and wishing for a quick recovery. Then there is the fact that many people is gonna have to change plans, deal with sadness and/or dissapointment, or loose a ton of money. Yes, some of us might foul mouth the situation, as you said. THE SITUATION, not blaming anybody. Shit happens, some of us with have to deal with it. But why would you care for those, right? Better play the smug card, as you just did, I guess.
  4. That would be nice, although I really dont care about this JJ kid. Anyway I doubt somebody that is in the middle of shooting a huge blockbuster has time for attending concerts. They usually work major hours.
  5. Exactly the same feeling. A huge huge dissapointment. This year has been such a roller coaster... But this concert was huge for me since after more than 2 decades of being a fan, I knew it was my only chance to see him alive. I started without tickets, and spent all spring/summer really frustrated for having lost my chance, and then after months of looking for unafordable options I was able to get tickets last minute on the re-sell of September! Has been really anxious and excited since then. I was a bit afraid of something like this due to his age, but yesterday with the setlist was like a reasuring that this was going to happen... and now this. I really hope he gets well and is able to continue composing soon. Otherwise I would fill a bit responsible of "killing" the maestro cause I wanted to see him once.
  6. Thanks, that was helpful. I guess no choir at all then. Other than Quintus soloing a Where Dreams Are Born sung over something else 🤣
  7. So, to the people that bought tickets yesterday for the choir seats: Where the front rows of the choir on sale or where they unavailable from the start? If they were also sold I guess it would mean we won't get any "Dry your tears Afrika", or "Duel of fates", while if they were unavailable... I guess it would mean there will be a choir 99%?
  8. I got them!!!! LUCKY ME! I have been waiting for this all my life, and after months of regrets and pain in the soul for loosing the tickets in February/March? I was lucky enought to get some now! I was playing Duel of the fates during this whole process and the stress + the choir singing made this process one of the most chilling, frighting, stressful moments of my life XD As crumbs said, I saw the choir tickets, clicked on 4 of them and when I pressed Buy, it told me that there were not enought tickets, so I went back and the choir option has gone. This was in less than 5 seconds I would say. Thank god I did not wait and got the gallery ones! SO HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
  9. Definitively interested too! Put me in the queue right after hornist in case you get the Vienna tickets and decide to sell the London ones! Which ones did you got? how much for them?
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