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  1. LEGEND: The Life And Works Of The Infamous John Williams. Worth a try.
  2. Jaws By John Williams This score combines the perfect amount of suspense and melody. I much prefer it to the suspense of Zimmer.
  3. He was. For 16 years. No one said anything until now.
  4. I don't have to watch the movie anymore!
  5. A little bit of a sad history to this beautiful song. One of their best works I would say.
  6. I kinda feel sorry for the guy. Only one member helped him. Yeah. And only now we start posting again.
  7. I knew there was more to the story. You don't just leave JWFan for months. Once you join, you're glued to the place!😉
  8. Expect alot of these, my friend. ps. I know I'm just reposting what Steve has already posted.
  9. Passionate, emotional, atmospheric. Just wait for 2:27. Thanks, @SteveMc!
  10. The only thing Stu is doing is picking up reputation points.
  11. As you can imagine I heard the Messiah’s most known melody, the “Hallelujah” chorus, more than once as it is widely used. But today when I heard the whole Hallelujah piece, only then did I realize the majesty and magnificence of the piece. One of if not the best choral work in history. Maybe the best religious piece of music of all time.
  12. I think it won’t be as creative as maybe Solo was, but I’ll still love it. Anything John Williams has written has exceeded or met my expectations for now.
  13. Empire Of The Sun I know it’s days apart from Jerry’s review, but why not. The best way to listen to this score would be to listen to it while watching the film. The music really captures the feelings and emotions going through Jamie Graham and in my opinion completes what’s going on on the screen. Without the music of Williams, it would not have the same impact that it does on me. ****out of**** It must have been written during the peak of John’s creativity.
  14. Well, it does lag now and then, but from an emotional and philosophical view, it's a great piece of film.
  15. Empie Of The Sun (1987) Plot Summary: A young British boy living in English operated China looses his parents amid a mob running away from Japanese soldiers during World War II. He then joins two Americans and is soon taken prisoner by the Japanese army. He is taken to a Japanese camp. Although the boy is obsessed with military in the start of the movie, he learns the struggles and tragediesof war, but makes a living by trading with other soldiers and other camps. The movie is heavy. The movie focuses on Jamie Graham (The boy played by Christian Bale) and his psychological and physical struggles during the war. There was a minimum amount of action, but from a standpoint as a film watcher and not a Star Wars fan I would have to say that the philosophical elements of the film make it a four star movie. I love the score but I will post a score review on it in “What Was The Last Score You Listened to”. SPOILER: (You guys probably already watched this movie) The boy is reunited with his parents at the end. Hard movie, but good score. ****out of****
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