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  1. I just got back from the movie, and I thought it was fantastic! It does not follow the book very closely at all, but it works so well as a movie. The Dawn Treader design was exactly as I had imagined it while reading the book, and the casting was perfect I particularly enjoyed the running banter between Eustace and Reepicheep. I wholeheartedly recommend you go see it. It's by far the most enjoyable of the three so far. Oh, yeah, and the score is great too. I personally enjoyed it outside of the film, but it really fits perfectly in the proper context. BTW, if you're confused about the thread t
  2. Why are we talking about KotCS in the Dawn Treader thread?
  3. Well, despite all you complainers, I'm quite enjoying the score. I've listened through it about six times now. No, of course it's not quite up to par with Independence Day, but that's quite a high expectation to live up to. It's much better than the previous Narnia scores, and I enjoyed them too. The main theme is actually quite catchy. I've been humming it in my mind ever since first listening to the CD. I'll be seeing the film tonight.
  4. My thinking in starting the thread was to find some new movie suggestions, but it does seem to be turning into a bit of a competition.
  5. Mine has been listed as "Out for Delivery" since 4:19 this morning. I checked back over my lunch break, but it hadn't arrived yet.
  6. Intriguing. I think that could work well if true.
  7. And how exactly would they be able to tell the difference between an MP3 ripped from your own CD, and an MP3 illegally downloaded?
  8. Speaking of lazy photoshop jobs, I just noticed that the two Reepicheeps on the last poster are the same image flipped. They didn't even bother to correct for the ear-hat-feather-thing.
  9. That last one should have been the soundtrack cover!
  10. Just like pretty much everyone else here, it was Star Wars for me. It's one of those movies that I can't remember a time when I hadn't seen it, but I do specifically remember the afternoon when it actually dawned on me that there was fantastic music playing throughout the whole thing.
  11. What are your favorite obscure films? I realize that's a somewhat vague question. Basically, I mean the films that the average person has not seen but you enjoy—foreign films, indie films, cult classics, etc. And why do you enjoy them? Here are a few of mine. Donnie Darko This one is probably a little less obscure than some that will be mentioned, but it's still rare that I find someone who has actually seen it. I would consider it to be probably my third favorite film of all time. It's deeply philosophical, and it's based around time travel (which happens to be my favorite subject matter for
  12. Cool interview. Less than a week now until we get to hear the score! On a side-note, Amazon changed the cover image back to the snow version. Weird.
  13. The reason that there was so little extra added is that there was so little missing before. I believe we now have a complete score.
  14. If there is no alternative for you, I say go for it. Then, as Elmo said, do purchase it when/if it becomes available.
  15. Badelt's score to Time Machine is pretty good. I wouldn't say there's no RC at all though.
  16. Go to "Your Account" and then "Manage Prime Membership." From there, you can tell it to not upgrade automatically. By default it will, however, so make sure you do change that.
  17. The thing is that I almost always buy used, and most of the used Marketplace items don't qualify.
  18. I don't think it would actually save me money in the long-run, but I'm happy to take advantage of it for a month.
  19. Nope. In fact, I nearly always wait to get them used. I'm just unusually psyched for this one. Also, I'm in the middle of my one month free trial of Amazon Prime, so the free shipping helps.
  20. The Dawn Treader OST has now become my first preordered soundtrack. :cool:
  21. Neither is iOS. Both are mobile phone operating systems that have been upscaled to fit a tablet. Admittedly, I have not yet had the opportunity to compare the two in tablet form, but I have had plenty of opportunity to match the Droid X against the iPhone, and there's really no comparison. IOS is restrictive at every turn. Android allows you to customize in pretty much any way imaginable. The level of control you have over your device is the absolute most important factor in my book. After that there is the App market. Neither system has a clear advantage on availability of apps, as everything
  22. I second the idea of not getting a Kindle or other purely e-reader device. You might as well get a full tablet. That said, don't get an iPad. Get an Android tablet—the Galaxy Tab for example. (Skip to 4:20 for the section about e-reading.)
  23. It would depend purely on the software the CD uses to let you see the images. It sounds like the CD is set up to deliberately keep you from extracting the images. There may well be a way to get around that, but without having the details, I would have no way figure out how. A low-tech solution would be to view the images as large as the software will let you and take a screenshot. This will not be very good quality, but it's something. To take a screenshot, press the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard. Then open any photo editing software and paste it in.
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