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  1. Honestly...the catalog team does not deal with digital. It may be a number of issues I couldn't really explain.
  2. Hey Peter...nice to see you here! Jarre is awesome, you are right...running a label is a lot of work and while I do admit liking Cinema Morricone a lot (Simone is a great pianist) it seems he has no interest in releasing anything else. But hey...he was prolific once upon a time.
  3. Unsure...I assume if they don't announce soon it will be early next year.
  4. No but here's a tip for you sleuths, if its up digitally, it means rights are still with Varese. Final Conflict is still up and still with Varese. Just because the former producer started a production company (1 release in over a year btw) does not mean he will ever reissue anything like he did with Varese. My 2 cents.
  5. I find it interesting how so many seem to know the rights to Varese releases. I am quite certain that VS has rights for Final Conflict. All I will say on this.
  6. It's unlikely the Final Conflict will be expanded. I could be wrong but it's been looked into. Things can always change though. I have suggested this get a proper reissue.
  7. Not at this time. Relativity may have had worldwide rights but it's a good bet Sony controls it outside the USA.
  8. Honestly? I don't know if we will be doing that. The focus is on the film scores in the catalog. I'll make a note and look into it to see if it's feasible.
  9. Relativity Music was part of the film company that went famously bankrupt a couple years back (Google Ryan Kavanaugh). Looks like, yes, UMG controls the rights but is only the licensee (looks like since Relativity went BK they were part of UMG's subsidiary Ingrooves as a 3rd party label distribution deal so UMG may have the rights because they have the product and handled digital rights). In the end, any expansion would most likely need to be a manufacturing deal with UMG (similar to the ones you see where a 2-CD set has one disc from the original album and the second or more containing the
  10. It depends but since composers are work for hire deals I would think those rules do not apply here.
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