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  1. Yes it's not very good, some have described it as sounding MONO, i also feel the same. No width on the string section at all (compared to the others).
  2. There's no Cymbal on the score either, must be an over dub or sample recorded earlier. I know on film scores like this they sample a few of the instruments doing suspended cymbal rolls or bass drum hits to overlay if they need to chop cues up. Why this cymbal has been put in and just cut off, I've no idea! and Thank you
  3. Wow, anyone heard the disappearing cymbal during the droid march? The Phantom Menace - Track 14 - The Droid Invasion (2.48)
  4. I teach how to mix Film Music (mainly orchestral mock ups), I'm going to be using these releases (particularly Empire Strikes Back) to show what NOT to do. I'm so deflated, I should have guessed that these would disappoint us, I was trying to be optimistic. I love the prequels they sound really good, looking forward to those being expanded, just hope it's MM.
  5. It sounds like the one from the phantom menace ultimate edition, so these are 'the film mixes' as they've said. I'm glad we got these sets but there are some crazy decisions.
  6. Oh god, listen to the statement of the Imperial March at the end of Yoda and the Force. How the hell has this happened!?
  7. I was initially impressed with The Imperial March, now I've heard it all i'm a little disappointed. The Cellos and Basses are too loud, can't hear the balance properly with the Violas or Violins in the Ostinato in the introduction. The Brass in the first statement seems to sound out of phase, but then seems to be rectified in the final statement. Wish this was a bit more like the 5.1 mix from the 'Musical Journey' set. Overall it seems like the prequels have the best treatment in this set.
  8. OMG Thank you! THAT F*CKIN BRASS!!!!!!! Wait so if you have apple music you can listen to the whole thing now? (UK)
  9. I've only heard the short sample in the B section with the wind flurries. Dying to hear the main section. Is it up anywhere? I'm dying here looping the same 20 seconds.
  10. I would have said use a lot less Force Theme, I doubt that was Williams' decision considering how we know he isn't entirely comfortable with quoting himself all the time. I'd have asked him to write a First Order March and stop using Kylo Ren's Theme every time the First Order show up. I would have also asked him to save using the force theme in it's full statement, until the end with Luke. Also would have been nice to get a little more expansion on the Kylo Ren Motif, not just the obvious Horn line, but the part that builds up towards it. I'd also ask him to push Disney into releasing every cue from all the films in surround sound on Blu Ray, Isolated Score Versions, CD Versions, LP Versions EVERY VERSION!
  11. Been trying to get hold of Hans as we'd love to get him in to do a talk at our College as we have a Film Music Degree, but you just can't break through the wall of the agents. Is this official then, Hollywood in Vienna is all about Hans this year? or is he actually there? or both?
  12. Wasn't easy moving things around to accommodate everything, but I love this.
  13. Made a white one to keep it matching the other style
  14. I'll have a look at doing this empire one this afternoon.
  15. If you (and other people) prefer this font, i'll change and upload all six.
  16. Photoshop Which font do you think would work better? i'll try it out. Yes, Darth Vader was spoiling the aesthetic, he's a big feature on 3, 4 and 5, I didn't think anyone would miss him. Return of the Jedi was the most difficult to adapt due to the posters available.
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