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  1. A LOT of fantastic examples here but my favourite (which are to me personally also most persuading) are Scheherazade's first and final movements.
  2. An outstanding performance of this old favorite (my personal all-time favorite Shostakovich's symphony).
  3. The trio I received today: - The Cowboys Deluxe - Alien3 (LLL) - Superman Returns (LLL) Wonderful listening all around!
  4. - The Departure from E.T. (my personal favorite) - Throne Room and End Title from TNH - Contact from CE3K - Flight to Neverland (concert arrangement) from Hook - Harry's Wondrous World from HP 1 - Arrival in New York from Home Alone 2 - Journey to the Island from Jurassic Park (fanfare at 1:21) - and definitely what @Josh500 said: Theme from Jurassic Park (the moment Grant and Ellie see the brachiosaurus for the first time)
  5. - Dream Theater guys (back in 2009 when Portnoy was still in the band) - Symphony X guys - David Arnold - Trevor Jones - Patrick Doyle - Valery Gergiev - Fazil Say - David Maslanka - Johan de Meij - Michael Daugherty - John Scofield - Bob Mintzer - Michael Abene - Ernie Watts - Eric Marienthal
  6. Received it today. Sounds absolutely fabulous and makes rediscovering this wonderful score a truly delightful experience! Huge thanks to everybody involved (Mike M!) and, of course, to Varese Sarabande.
  7. Earlier this year, de Meij himself conducted his LotR symphony in performance with 'The President's Own" US Marine Band. Overall, it's a solid performance, technically on a very high level but not quite as inspired as I would have expected. That aside, it certainly was a memorable experience for both the orchestra and the composer himself; I suppose it is an honor to be able to conduct this band.
  8. I agree. After all, it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for both Williams and the orchestra and so I really, really hope that eventually, the concert becomes available either as a CD, a blu-ray, or both.
  9. Both blu-ray and a CD would be awesome! Just like VP do with all their New Year's and Summer Night's concerts. Ah, wishful thinking ...
  10. Great job! My personal favorite has always been the sickening arpeggiated chord at 0:22.
  11. Magical and gripping. Recently, I was lucky enough to hear it performed live by Junge Deutsche Philharmonie; what a great experience!
  12. Absolutely outstanding. One of my all-time favorites, especially in this fantastic edition, sounding better than ever.
  13. Damn, I can't watch it! I wonder, is it like that just for me due to some regional restrictions or whatever, or is it completely gone from YouTube?
  14. Whoa, that's great news! Have the Wiener Philharmoniker officially announced this themselves?
  15. - Greatest Hits 1969-1999 compilation - Star Wars Ep. IV (1997 2 CD set) - Home Alone (LLL 25th anniversary edition) - Superman (2000 2 CD set, if you can't afford or don't want to invest that much money in The Blue Box) - ET (LLL 2 CD edition)
  16. Just like Chris Reeve was the perfect Superman and literally born for the role he played, so was Margot Kidder and she played Lois Lane perfectly, no other actress could have/has done it better. Rest in peace!
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