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  1. So do I. Hopefully they find a satisfactory solution soon ...
  2. Hey, don't sweat it, you're still so young, you've got plenty of time! However, do start catching up on this stuff, you'll love it and become an even bigger fan of JW (though you may find it quite difficult to rise to the level of fandom that is sometimes displayed on this board and may sometimes tend towards obsession ).
  3. In my VS account, the status of three orders which I received ages ago, is still listed as "in process", and I don't remember ever receiving an e-mail shipping confirmation from them (just an order confirmation), and until now, I've ordered 13 times from VS. The service has always been great, though I live pretty far from California, where they're based, all shipments arrived in 10-14 days max with CDs in perfect condition. So I think you can be perfectly calm, Mr. Breathmask, the postman will be stopping by with your (and mine, hopefully!) Matilda any day now.
  4. Why not try a brass instrument? The left hand is used to essentially stabalize and hold an instrument, while all the playing and dexterity is done with the right hand. Yeah, especially for the trombone. You hold it with your left hand, move the slide with your right. Although on some trombones, the thumb of player's right hand is also used to manipulate the special valve that's located there (it can be seen on this photo right next to the mouthpiece - though it's of course not really there, it's just the perspective from which the photo was taken).
  5. Over at the FSM's board they have a topic dedicated to the book only (a link which already fommes posted) and quite some complaints can be found there already. Looks like most people who bought the box will be wanting some kind of replacement and personally, I quite agree with the fellow that wrote the following:
  6. OK, that seems to make sense. Hope it's true. Well, few posts later, somebody wrote:
  7. I'd kinda understand if this happened after some months of active reading, but on the very first day ... I hope they improve this on the next box, whatever it is. BTW, how is it with the book from the first (Elmer Bernstein) box, did it suffer from the same problem?
  8. The only weakness of the box I've managed to discover so far is the somewhat poor book binding. Although I've only managed to read first 30 or so pages of my book and handled it ever so carefully, the binding is already kind of starting to come apart. Has anybody else also experienced this?
  9. Voted for TLC, also remembered that I have to watch that movie again after a long time.
  10. It actually did make me want to watch the film again, which I'll probably do today. And Neil, when can we expect the 2nd part?
  11. Haha, real cute. A little bit over the top perhaps, but cute. How many JW soundtracks do you have, Brianna? Been a JW fan for long? And how come you didn't discover JWFan and this board sooner?
  12. Well, we'll never know, will we?
  13. Indeed. May richuk post another puppy to counterbalance things. ;)
  14. Interesting, I've never heard before that Williams was in talks to score Hulk. Definitely it would've been an interesting effort, and undoubtedly better than what Elfman's done (for me it's one of his soundtracks that I like less).
  15. Piano, drums and percussion; in addition to xylophone and bells, which are mentioned in the poll, I also play all other concert percussion, needed in both concert and symphony orchestras I'm a member of; in last years I'm mostly a timpanist (such a magnificent instrument ), but I usually switch to drums if we have any jazz stuff to play with either orchestra or on jam sessions in a jazz club.
  16. Absolutely. That recording is terrible -- terrible! -- but it fits the movie so well, I'd be loathe for it to be improved much! Indeed. I think I also remember Poledouris in some documentary metioning that he wanted the music for CtB to sound as ancient as possible and that's also why he applied the certain playing techniques in the score (such as scraping the tam-tam with metal stick (heard in the sequence when Conan is turning the wheel) etc.).
  17. Received my Blue Box today. :cool: Still waiting for two VS Club CDs.
  18. Jerry H. Bilik's Concertino for Alto Sax and Concert Band is also great. :cool:
  19. :cool: That, and it's also gone OOP some time ago, so if not today, it's gonna be a high-priced rare collector's item in a few years' time. Remember, 3000 of us may have gotten The Blue Box, but many won't ... So I reckon there's a high probability that both Rhino and FSM releases are going to be very wanted some time from now.
  20. What's the official IJ4 soundtrack release date? :cool:
  21. Drax, read my post which precedes yours (Post #93). Also JW himself has said when asked about the LSO (quoted from The Blue Box book): I love what we call here, or think of, as the British school of brass playing. It's a different sound to the European brass, I think, and certainly from our American brass playing, all of which is wonderful in their particular ways, but I love the British approach and tradition and style. In any case, the LSO is only my personal preferential orchestra when it comes to soundtracks, so need to make a fuss about it. :cool:
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