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  1. It can also take life away...
  2. I personally do not use the term, I know some people do (it's a word in the dictionary over at FSM). The reason I don't use it is that I think it's a silly term. It's for people who may take film score collecting/listening too seriously/personally/emotionally.
  3. Would someone in the States/Canada be able to buy it for me now, and I'll buy it from you at a later time?
  4. This is going to sell out fast, speculators will buy it, and sell each of the CD for like $20 at least.
  5. Wasn't that always the case though at any time of film music, one major composer would write a score, but there would be dozens of other composers who's score would not make an impact on anyone at all?
  6. Didn't exist. We just elected to go from 1989 to 2000.
  7. Oh? Well, in the 1970s there was say Leonard Rosenman, Dave Grusin, David Shire and others. Comparatively, Korngold, Steiner and Rosza were more talented than the composers I just mentioned.
  8. +1 Remember those horrible atonal scores in the 1970s when it seemed to be the new thing? That's in the good years that people remember, but people choose not to remember them. And older fans get lazier because in the old days, it was easy to get good material. Now, they actually have to put in effort... Hans Zimmer himself said (to me) that "these people aren't idiots". I agree, it's silly to think that we know more about a director's understanding of what they want for the music than the director myself.
  9. I agree, and I will say this There is no Golden Age of Anything
  10. I have a signed copy if you are interested in purchasing it.
  11. Hook - John Williams You know, maybe it's because I haven't seen the film, but I'm happy with the original album release (even Banning Back Home and the kiddie songs). The score is great though.
  12. It's a staple on the high school concert band circuit. Is this how we judge our music now? "Goldsmith's 'The Hunt' is a brutal and avant-garde journey into a truly alien soundscape, but it'll never reach the masterpiece status of Petula Clark's 'Downtown'." I was just saying that it is popular with high school concert bands, because of how relatively easy it is to play.
  13. Titanic - James Horner Still deserving of its Oscar win 10+ years later.
  14. No one mentioned Zulu Dawn yet; a superior sequel adventure score to John Barry's overpraised original.
  15. I just want the Giacchino scores, not really interested in the other ones (European Assault didn't impress me, but I haven't tried Rising Sun yet).
  16. This isn't by me: The link I don't care how many excuses you lay down, he is not off the hook for all the horrible things he did working for the Empire. Even if he did toss the Emperor down the thing, that barely makes up for it. Darth Vader finally does one GOOD thing and we all throw him a pizza party? Good for him, he saw his son with his own eyes. I think it's kind of convenient he died before facing his daughter. You know, the lady whose HOME PLANET he was responsible for blowing up after choking her mother and botching fatherhood??? Screw Lord Vader, screw Anakin. Neither one of them deserve to appear at the end of Jedi. I'd also like to point out AGAIN that Qui-Gon never taught ghosting to Anakin. Why couldn't they just leave it a mystery at the end of Sith and give us, oh, I don't know, SOMETHING OF SUBSTANCE WE HAVEN'T SEEN BEFORE. Don't let them fool you. Anakin was never redeemed, and he never really fell to the dark side. All he did was kill Dooku, a bunch of CHILDREN, some sand people, caught Windu flat-footed and chopped his arm off, and picked a fight with his master he was sure to lose. Out of convenience, Sidious kept him -- one of the last JEDI-- alive with Sith magic using the torturous guilt of betrayal to make him do his bidding. Vader's biz was pure malevolence and hatred 24/7 up until the Emperor caber toss, which is still a loathsome thing to do. Had Luke had finished him off, young Skywalker's destiny would be cemented in darkness. Guess it makes sense to have the guy who's already hit rock bottom to set it right. Still, it doesn't make up for all the other horrendous acts he is responsible for. Darth Vader was nothing but a bully, the kind of jerk who shows no remorse, no mercy. I think the prequels portrayed him perfectly -- a pussy coward you're supposed to hate. I wouldn't want to identify with Darth Vader... EVER. Really? We're meant to believe that ONE ACT OF GOODNESS is enough to wipe the slate clean after years of being a good-for-nothing dirty son-of-a-bitch? That evil chickenscat bastard didn't deserve to stand next to Obi-Wan or Yoda at the end of Jedi. Screw Vader. He should burn in hell.
  17. Spielberg is a fan of Zimmer`s music. What do you say to that?
  18. Into Thin Air - Lee Holdridge An enjoyable orchestral score, full of melodrama and sadness, but with good themes.
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