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  1. No, we don’t seal the books with shrink wrap. It was a deliberate choice to avoid contributing to plastic waste. Which is also why we use recyclable shipping packaging. It will be ready when it’s ready. It is a 900 page manuscript and has very dense orchestrations, very laborious to engrave.
  2. We will never publish transcriptions, an original manuscript is a requirement for all of our publications. The Nic Raine transcription is more of a reimagining of the score than it is an accurate representation of what Barry actually wrote.
  3. It’s not ideal, but they have moved in the right direction for accessibility. For awhile, it was impossible to get copies. It’s a great benefit to film music scholarship to have even meh quality copies, given how short staffed they are. The other university across town should take a leaf from UCLA in that regard…
  4. They won’t copy a complete score for free and the copies they provide aren’t very high quality—they are iPhone pics.
  5. Not quite that “lesser known.” Lol. I’ve honestly not heard these and don’t know how much commercial potential there is. That’s not a no, but they wouldn’t be high priority projects unless someone collaborated with us on the production.
  6. We have a 1970s title coming up. And at least one 1960s title planned. Perhaps a 1980s title, too. I’m a big Barry fan so plenty of love will come his way from Neumation. After release of our announced batch, Neumation will focus primarily on smaller, lesser known scores: Mandel, Hopkins, Kaper, Safan, 60s TV music etc. It may be more accurate to say, titles that are historically important, but not blockbusters. That repertoire is well covered. There is much more variety outside of blockbuster Hollywood music. Oh, never assume. Heh. This is less of an issue for Neumation, though several publishers recently sold the print rights which has been a hurdle and will possibly cause complications down the road.
  7. There is some red tape involved with putting multiple composers work in a single book. Those cues may be available separately, at a later date. We are pondering digital releases or supplemental print publications for odds and ends that don’t make it into the books.
  8. Steve Bartek suggested Spider-Man 2, so that narrowed down the choice between the two. Both Spider-Man scores are exceptional examples of early 2000's Elfman. Either would have been solid choices. Yes, the images in the newsletter are only placeholders. Our illustrator is hard at work on bespoke art. We have no plans to use theatrical poster art or stills for our publications, though there may be an exception or two in the future. We made the choice early on to commission new art that is more in line with our branding. These are all in the proofreading phase. A few smaller publications may be interspersed, such as Les Baxter's "The Passions." After engraving 2000 pages the past few months, the proofreading and layout phases are taking a more leisurely pace than originally intended. Slow and steady...
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