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  1. Also, didn't Indiana Jones 5 get pushed to June 2023? Doesn't that create even more space between it and Fablemans now, which is November 2022? Especially since it is done filming, right?
  2. Yeah, that alternate art, especially the first castle design, was glorious! Shame we didn't get it instead of the dull BLACK lol. But yeah, I echo that it is amazing the set even exists at all (similar emotions for the Jurassic Park/Lost World set, haha).
  3. I wrote an article about this, haha. https://jurassicoutpost.com/empire-reveals-new-jurassic-world-dominion-atrociraptor-image-details I like the idea of having vicious Raptors back in the film, but I think it's funny how the director makes it sound like something that is new. It's how they used to be in these films! LOL. Before anyone asks, yes, Atrociraptor is a real dinosaur despite its amusing name. I comment how the image looks like something out of a James Bond movie, complete with a closing quip: "Do you think there’s just No Time To Die for Owen in this image, or is it an atrocity?". Yeah. I'm proud of that line.
  4. Yeppp. That was why I had to ask! It's kind of like how "Adventures Of Han" was left off the Deluxe Edition of "Solo"; I felt something similar could have happened here. Btw this is what he said "yes" to: I may have been a bit wordy, I was tired but excited, haha. I think another reason why I felt they may not be included is because essentially to be "complete" you'd have to have a whopping THREE versions: the two used in the film and the album version. I think if a composer less interested in this kind of release had been involved, or same with the label, they would have just stuck with the album version. Now, if he does end up omitting the album version, I wouldn't be surprised or miffed at all since we of course already have it. Basically the album version is the song as heard in the opening of the film (sans some extra instrumental flourishes from the film mix, if I am not mistaken) but without the exciting orchestral ending when Toothless crashes. The album's version of the ending however is also heard in the end credits version. But who knows, perhaps the album version may still be included, which would be nice!
  5. He also just confirmed to me on Instagram comment that the deluxe album will indeed include the film versions of "Where No One Goes"! *dies*
  6. How To Train Your Dragon 2 score book and deluxe edition confirmed for spring 2022! I am beyond excited. It's my favorite of his Dragon scores. https://www.instagram.com/p/CXBsFgyJEUD/
  7. Ahh I see. Well that is still good the score finally clicked with you! I feel like it is more of mood-setter than something more in your face with its themes, like ID4. I mean, it has some nice themes in it, but you're right that they don't really stick with you like some of his other scores. But I don't know what it is, the score just has this intense life to it, nearly all the way through; it's a wild good time.
  8. This is part of my holy trinity of David Arnold scores (tied with ID4 and The World Is Not Enough). I am glad you finally gave it a listen! It's often too buried by SFX in the film and heavily edited at times to have been properly appreciated without listening to it on its own (that, and many people hate this film or don't like it enough to ever re-watch and be reminded of how good the music in it is). Why it never got a proper album release (beyond a promo) until LLL first released the complete score, I have no idea. I also "upgraded" to this BuySoundtrax version years ago for the additional alternates and the unreleased promo album (which I believe has its own alternate for a track in there as well); giving me nostalgia from having found the promo in watery 128k MP3s on Napster back in the old internet days haha. His selections for the promo album were really good choices, but the complete score has some incredible additional tracks throughout, making the complete score clearly the best way to listen despite its girth. Yeah it is curious Arnold made the score so percussion heavy, and given it came out the year after Lost World I think you are right in assuming he was inspired by the same choice haha. Arnold uses percussion in similarly intense ways at times (like that bit where it escalates with the brass right before the "Taxi Chase" begins? holy crap!). It's an AMAZING score to drive to, by the way.
  9. Thanks to their Facebook page, for anyone on the fence right now, you can actually get the soundtrack CD and/or the BLURAY of the film for 50% off through Amazon until the 30th using this code: SAVE50TP Now I wish I would have waited just a little longer to have gotten the CD haha, but oh well. I did use the code to order the BluRay, because at just $10 it is definitely worth it, plus all the extras.
  10. I think they are at the mercy of whatever delays get thrown at them compared to how things used to be, in terms of what actually can come out for them on Black Friday. Now we just never know when something big will come out (with apparently two big titles coming presumably in 2022). Nothing spoke to me this time, but in a way I guess it's good since my money is tight right now, lol.
  11. Who's up in this final hour? I am hoping for Jurassic Park 3, personally.
  12. Apparently this prologue is NOT in the film. If that also means the Drive-In portion, remains to be seen. Hear it from the director himself:
  13. May as well chime in with mine: The Mandalorian Season 1 (2019) The Mandalorian Season 2 (2020) Solo (2018) Rogue One (2016) The Force Awakens (2015) The Last Jedi (2017) The Rise of Skywalker (2019) Mandalorian (Season 1 I favor a little more than 2) is the kind of Star Wars sequel world I had always imagined; much more than what the Disney trilogy ended up being. As for the Solo hate... I really never understood it. That film is so fun to me, and while it isn't perfect, it feels more like the OT than many give it credit for. Plus it has an amazing music score, but I think we all know that. Rogue One is such a dark and unique entry, and also didn't understand any of the hate. Force Awakens is honestly about equal to Rogue One for me, but they have an inverse issue: Rogue One has a killer finale and Force Awakens has a very weak one. Endings usually leave a stronger impression, so Rogue One gets the slight edge in my list to break the tie. But I'll never forget how that first half of Force Awakens just totally won me over, from the visuals to the characters and to the music. But I think what also cuts the enjoyment out of it is that it is a movie that is inevitably unfulfilled thanks to... The Last Jedi? No, actually. While I didn't like Last Jedi nearly as much as Force Awakens, I thought it had a lot of interesting ideas in it and did a lot more right than wrong. I actually don't have a problem with Luke Skywalker going into hiding and etc based on that backstory they eventually present. The Rose stuff wasn't done well at all, including her side mission, but it didn't ruin the movie for me. Just an unfortunate blemish; the character deserved better. Especially with the way she was handled in Rise Of Skywalker... which, I can honestly say, is my least favorite Star Wars film of all time. I almost don't even know where to begin. The movie just feels off immediately. Barely anything about it works for me. And I was actually excited to see it, but without any big expectations since I didn't think it needed to course-correct like so many others wanted. But, Jesus... it just made the entire trilogy pointless. And as much as I love Palpatine, his inclusion was baffling the way it was handled. But I am sure I am saying nothing that hasn't already been said. This movie ruins the trilogy, no way about it. There are some scenes I like, but it almost doesn't matter when the entire film itself obliterates any momentum that was there before it. I saw it with a friend, who had the opposite reaction to it (but he also had the opposite feelings for Last Jedi), and I just don't get how THAT is the finale anyone would have wanted. So really, only 2/7 were stories I had real issues with, and only one that I outright hated. Although it is pretty damning that it is my most hated Star Wars film, and likely always will be...
  14. I re-watched Westworld seasons 1 and 2 recently (likely will re-watch season 3 closer to whenever season 4 comes out). Season 1 still holds up as kind of a masterpiece, imo. Imperfect, but just so engaging and clever with how it was all done. Funnily enough, I was very fond of Season 2 when it came out. Didn't like it AS much, but at the time I thought it was well done. But for some reason on re-watch... I didn't like it nearly as much. There were some nice things about it, and of course it is great to see the hosts go nuts finally after all the buildup from Season 1... but I guess wash away the mystery that one had on a first viewing, it just didn't hold up for me at all on a second watch. Which really surprised me: I fully expected to feel the same way I had before, like with Season 1. I was not a fan of Season 3, for many of the reasons others have already pointed out. But I DO wonder if I will like it more or less on a re-watch? Maybe removing my expectations from last time I could actually like it more than Season 2? Who knows!
  15. Part of me hates that they did this... as you mentioned, Wu already explained why the dinosaurs look the way they do in JW1. Leaving the question of what DID they really look like sort of up to the viewer and current science. But, especially with the science of paleontology, the current suggestion of what a T-Rex looks like, for example, could drastically change in 10 years time... making the prologue of a supposed "real T-rex" become outdated. Take the Spinosaurus for example. Do you know how many times its look and character has changed over the years since Jurassic Park 3 came out? Look it up if curious. While you could argue, what does it matter... JP1 is already dated... but they already fixed that issue with that single line of dialogue in JW1. But now... there's no way one can ever explain away the inaccuracies that the Dominion prologue will, likely, eventually have because it is presented as "fact" in this case. It'll simply always be outdated (like the amazing Walking With Dinosaurs miniseries from 1999) instead of its own thing. What a weird course "dis-correction". Otherwise, I think it looks great and love it. I am kind of surprised! I assumed by this point the film was already in the can. Since originally it was meant to come out last June, and filming supposedly wrapped on schedule despite the pandemic. I guess they really were allowed to take advantage of the extra time.
  16. I love that you included music from MANOS! Haha! "Get the cat off the piano!" ---MST3K "The... HAUNTING Torgo theme..." ---Also MST3K
  17. Then do I have the musical for YOU! It's essentially Invasion of the Body Snatchers as a musical comedy. But it's also a musical about a guy who doesn't like musicals! Because, it is called:
  18. How much music is still missing? Still excited for this! EDIT: Also available on MovieMusic: https://www.moviemusic.com/soundtrack/M12458/legend-expanded/
  19. It's funny that this thread was recently revived, because I just revisited this score again today. Not that there is ever much time that passes between listens, because this is definitely one of my favorite Horner scores (echoing Jay). While it doesn't have the dramatic flair of his film scores, I think it is the lack of drama that makes it so nice to listen to. The mood and tone of this score clicked with me instantly, which is such a rare thing for a score to do to me anymore. I actually didn't even see the film until a few days ago, and while it was a good IMAX film (it is a shame I missed it during its run, because the experience would have been amazing with the music score blaring), the music truly lives on its own. I play it while driving quite frequently, which it is perfect for. But it also suits well just trying to absorb a thoughtful and engaging mood, which is very hard to accomplish with current events these days... but this score somehow brings me right back to what it sets out to make me feel. Moving, flowing, exhilarating at times... and even a sense of thoughtful, emotional, nostalgia. A sort of emotional time travel of one's life. By far my favorite moment of listening to this score, which will be obvious, is when I listened to it more than once on a flight from California to Florida in March of 2019. To say it works impressively in that circumstance is a understatement. Some aspects of the score are cheesy in that Titanic/Avatar Horner pop kind of way, but somehow it REALLY works in this score. I don't mind it at all. The one track that I actually omit from my playlist of this score is, unsurprisingly, the big band "Flowers" track. On its own it is actually a really fun track, and now having seen the film it really worked great in its sequence. But it sort of destroys the mood of the rest of the album; so I only play it on rare occasions. At first I thought, "oh I only like this score so much because it is one of his last ones ever released"... but when it still gets played years later, usually in (99%) full sequence, it is definitely one of my favorite Horner scores. For me it sits right next my other favorites of his like Land Before Time, Rocketeer, Aliens, Titanic, and Krull. But it honestly gets more rotation than any of those. Also, Jay, I am glad you mentioned the CDs on Amazon for such a good price, considering it is sold out on Intrada and goes for like $40 at least on eBay now. I finally snagged a copy just a couple days ago (after having a digital version all this time)! Seriously, more people need to hear this score if they haven't already. I feel like it could be easily missed. NOTE: Now that I have seen the film, I think there are actually maybe one or two pieces of music missing. I honestly forget where at in the film now, but they were super brief and nothing that felt needed, thank goodness. This is one of those cases where I am 99% happy with the album ("Flowers" should have been a bonus track at the end, LOL).
  20. I am pretty sure it is delayed due to the still-lukewarm box office numbers of current releases, and Disney having a LOT of properties, including Indiana Jones, that they would rather space out to get as much money out of as possible. Why else would they also space out all of their upcoming Marvel properties after this year ends? I don't see them extending shooting schedules (apart from the common reshoots) or any other aspect of their productions at this point. Doing that costs money to reschedule people, and people may not be available again at a later date which would be a disaster if they were already in the middle of working on it. In a sort of similar fashion, this happened with Jurassic World: Dominion. The film is done, it's already scored. It is just sitting and waiting for a better release date.
  21. I voted for Timeline. As you can tell I am a huge Crichton-related fan, even though the movie was a travesty. But it was around this time I started looking into film music, realizing this was my insane "music of choice" compared to the Top 40 world around us, haha. So it was funny that it was around this time that I got wrapped up into the drama of this score, since I had been following the film's unfortunate production. While I was a fan of Brian Tyler's take on it (and also Bill Brown's for the game adaptation that actually preceded the movie by like a couple years!), I had been so curious to hear the original Goldsmith version! I believe the sessions bootleg actually leaked a while before Varese had their album release, so that was actually how I originally heard it first. While it isn't the greatest score ever made by any stretch, I still think its action finale is such a fun and propulsive listen. I think it is the nostalgia of this score for me personally that wins me over more than anything. I did end up buying Varese's original release, but I found it somehow was damaged a few years back. Now I believe it is pretty hard to get for cheap, so any kind of re-release would be great. To have the rest of the music from the session files would be great though, because there definitely were a few gems that were left off.
  22. Same! All I can really add to what hasn't already been said is, when they eventually do this release, PLEASE have the "Kirby Paint & Tile Plus" ringtone as a hidden bonus track.
  23. I for one am rooting for a complete "Timeline"! Sure, there was a leak of the complete score that has been around for ages, but I want a legit release of every note of Goldsmith's true final score (Looney Tunes wasn't 100% him, if I recall).
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