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  1. I am seeing ET tonight. Very excited! Will definitely see Jaws in some form when it comes out. By the way... I was rewatching ALL the Jaws films recently (I was just gonna skip the first film since I am seeing it in theaters soon, but I decided to at least have it on while doing something else haha). And when I got to Jaws 3... I was inspired to riff on it for some reason. I'm pretty stupid, but ya'll may enjoy. Note: It's a thread of multiple videos.
  2. There's lots of other little bits too. There's a short moment where Maisie sees Blue in the distance before she rides her bike into town. A short scene follows with her at a convenient store where the worker asks why she isn't in school. Then after the Apatosaur scene that follows, you see her leaving. Little bits. Yes there is a scene with an Oviraptor (a heavily feathered dinosaur that you also see in the Prologue sequence) fighting the Lystrosaurus Kayla sold. It's really short, but unexpectedly graphic as the Lystrosaurus bites off the Oviraptor's head. It's body moves around a bit on its own before it falls over. There isn't any visible blood though. from what I recall. During the Malta chase on the rooftop with Claire, there is a brief bit where she is running between clothes on clotheslines. The clothing is real close to her as she runs, and is followed by a shot behind her showing the Atrociraptor running through it as well. It's a couple of cool shots, not sure why they were even cut because they were so brief. Most people don't even realize this was added when watching the Extended Cut. Once Owen gets back on the plane, he shares a brief scene with Claire who is tending to his wounds from what just happened. There is a nice scene with Grant, Sattler, and Maisie added right when their transport gets "stuck" at the old amber mines. Maisie doesn't want to go into the mines and would rather stay in the tube, but Grant convinces her to come out and says something like Ellie is a good person to have in a tight spot, and etc. I'll take any extra Grant/Ellie I can get. One of the longer added scenes is actually one with Dodgson and Ramsay. It's placed in a weird spot (right before the Dimetrodon attack in the tunnels), but it's a good scene with Ramsay confronting Dodgson about everything wrong that is going on. In a way it makes Dodgson even more oblivious when he realizes Ramsay had "betrayed" him near the end, but it's a well-acted scene. Apart from the prologue, no there doesn't seem to be any extra Giga scenes. However, during the tracking shot to the T-Rex's head after it has fallen down in its big battle with the Giga in the finale, there is a flash of lightning and for a moment it has the feathers it had from the prologue. It's meant to harken back to its death from that sequence. But then of course, she gets back up in the finale and "seeks justice". Those are all the other scenes I can think of that you didn't mention yet. It should be noted that bits of the theatrical version's Mosasaur attack in the opening sequence are trimmed down in the Extended Cut, but not by much. The new arrangement is like this: Prologue from 65 Million Years Ago, The Drive-In scene, the opening logo (which uses the Theatrical version's music instead of what we heard on YouTube), then the "Now This" reel which leads into a bit of the Mosasaur attack before cutting off. Then the rest of the film plays out. Overall, I feel like the Extended Cut is better than the theatrical. Kind of allows a bit more breathing room in certain areas (this film has a strange pace where it either feels too dragging or too rushed) while adding a little more interesting moments to keep things lively. Most of it is, as expected, more character-based. I think them cutting the prologue and the drive-in sequence from the theatrical was a huge mistake. It's a far more engaging opening to the film, and a lot more thrilling once we get to the drive-in (did you know it was one of the few sequences shot before COVID happened?). I mean the T-Rex is barely in the film without these two sequences, and given all the hype for it to be treated more as a "character"... it's weird they cut all this. Especially when they continued to use the drive-in sequence moments in all of its trailers. No wonder people felt cheated. I think if all the extended cut had was this original opening, that alone would have been enough for me to prefer it. Everything else is a bonus. Also: The Blu-Ray/4K includes the short film "Battle at Big Rock" as a bonus feature. For those who haven't seen it but wanted more "dinos in the real world" mayhem, check it out. What I find kind of cheap in Dominion is that they actually used most of the fun bits from this short film's end credits in the "Now This" reel (where you also see alternate views of this film's attack). Cheap, cheap. I honestly wished, and had expected, more of these short films. EDIT: I will say however... while this cut is extended, this is by no means the full cut of the film. From what I am privy to, there was definitely still a longer version with even more additional scenes and different layout of scenes. This film is still recut from how it originally was at one point. But that's kind of par for the course of any film these days.
  3. I'm all caught up. Definitely better than Season 3 so far, although I am starting to feel like after this season is over with whatever conclusion it has... where else can you really go with the story/concept? I do hope we get a Season 5, but as mentioned in the post above, I think they really need to make it be the last before it truly feels dragged out.
  4. I think it's more of just a different direction. JW wrote it as a scary moment, which I am sure for the characters it really would be. But Spielberg likely realized he actually wanted it to be more "heroic". I mean a big reason they changed the ending was because he felt the Rex was the "hero" of the movie, if you will. The big star.
  5. I actually hear that on my end too. I wouldn't call it "loud" per say but definitely can be heard while wearing headphones. But I didn't notice this before while playing it through regular speakers.
  6. Most laptops don't have disc drives anymore, sadly. I have a 4K/Blu-Ray burner external drive on my end.
  7. My own article about this release is now up, with a nice simplified history of all the previous releases leading up to it! https://jurassicoutpost.com/jurassic-park-soundtrack-by-john-williams-gets-a-new-2-cd-release
  8. Well technically you'd still need the second CD. "Stalling Around" is at the end of CD 2.
  9. Especially "End Credits" because you can't truly get that clean opening just from doing a fade in with "Welcome to Jurassic Park".
  10. From what I know, they were the album takes/mixes, or just different takes/mixes than how they are in the film. Probably too minute for most people to notice, but I guess we will hear soon enough.
  11. Yuppp. Couldn't agree more. And besides, maybe if this sells well again... Lost World will come next with its own updates... or even... JURASSIC PARK 3, baby!
  12. I think this release is really only for uber-fans of the score (like myself) and people who didn't get it in the first pressing when it was paired with Lost World. This score, in expanded form, should ALWAYS be in print.
  13. I feel like it gets better with repeat listens (unlike Fallen Kingdom's score, which I loved right away). Whether you like the film or not, watching it may also put it in a better context in this case.
  14. THANK YOU for explaining that. I was not aware of that terminology! And it drove me crazy trying to understand why it was titled that in Dominion. At first I thought it was a fun reference to Alan, Ellie, and Ian... but in the film it just plays at the start of the end credits. So I was like "why the hell was it called that, then?". And here we are, lol.
  15. Well JP1 and TLW were kind of made for "everyone" but definitely had darker stuff in it and more complex things going on for adults, too.
  16. You may as well ban me from your life then! Hahaha. I know the "World" films are pulpy bad fun, but I still like them. And from what I have been told, the director made them for younger audiences in mind, not us adults. Which is a shame. But now that this trilogy is done... I would LOVE a darker spinoff film. Something akin to the terror of A Quiet Place, but with dinosaurs. Like a family that has to deal with dinosaurs attacking them at their home or something. A smaller film with more personal stakes and actual scares. I doubt they will ever take this series into R rated territory (compies eating babies! guts spilling out of bad guys! raptors being hit by a rocket launcher and exploding into a bloody pulp!), but I think they really could push that PG-13 to its limits like they used to try. Because otherwise, the only stories you can tell with this franchise at this point are random dino attacks in the world, otherwise you are just repeating the same story over and over again. OR, you can do prequels set during the time before JP was visited by Alan and co, or you do a prequel of JW before the Indominus shows up. But would those even be compelling enough stories for a movie? Maybe more for a TV series? That's why personally I would be fine if this IS it. It's my favorite franchise, but all good stories have an end. But if they do keep going... they need to change it up and not cater to kids anymore like they have for 3 films now (4 if you count JP3, which was definitely made in a rush to appeal to those damn kids and their toys).
  17. Personally, I don't think there is much of a story to tell with dinosaurs just loose in the world. Which was my problem from the beginning that people even wanted that kind of story. After a while it just becomes a string of random dinosaur attacks in various places. What is the driving force of that story? I guess a story COULD have been made solely focused on just rounding up the dinos and putting them in the sanctuary location, and just cut all the BioSyn stuff out mostly. But would it really have been THAT interesting with another hour of random dino attacks in different locations? I think with Battle At Big Rock and the Prologue combined with what is in the movie, you get just enough of that. I will say that I love the Malta stuff with the underground dinosaur trading and etc. Maybe more could have been done with that. I should note there actually is going to be an extended cut on home video release. From what the director recently said, it will be 14 additional minutes. However, from what I also know about 5 of those minutes will be the Prologue reinstated into the film as it was originally intended. That leaves about 9 additional minutes of whatever deleted scenes there may be. Battle At Big Rock is said to be one of the bonus features (but not integrated into the film).
  18. Yeah, exactly this. It's so puzzling and weird to omit it on ANY score release, especially given that it is not a very long cue! There is easily some more boring underscore that could have been edited or cut to have made room for it. It really is a bizarre choice. I rank this score as my second favorite of the trilogy, with Fallen Kingdom taking the top spot easily. The first Jurassic World may have most of the best themes, but that score as a whole (especially in complete form) just has too slow of a pace for a Jurassic score, musically. I'm not sure if Colin at the time gave him misdirection to not make the music be so... lively... but it's just really kind of there. That and the recording quality of that score isn't very good compared to Fallen Kingdom and Dominion. Dominion on the other hand is a really fun listen all the way through, even with its less memorable new themes. Like the film, it's a nice fun ride but not nearly as impressive, insane, and masterful as Fallen Kingdom's score.
  19. I just thought of all cues to not have on the CD it is hilarious that it's the one that was first released online in full officially, haha. And for good reason: it's one of the biggest standout tracks of of score.
  20. This is very disappointing about the CD release. Of all the tracks to leave off the album... LOL. Especially after they showcased it. Kind of a joke! Still going to get it, but truly as a "completeness sake" trophy of sorts, lol. EDIT: Now the Dominion OST CD says it will be released in July on Amazon. Blegh.
  21. I thought it was really good! Too tired to say much more, but as a Jurassic fan, this hit most of the right marks for me. Not perfect by any means, but I had fun watching it! And great music score!
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