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  1. OMG I am definitely excited for this one more than I was for part 1! CAN'T WAIT!!! I am oddly enough most excited for the instrumental extended version of the "Where No One Goes" song that was part of the lead-up to the end credits. It's just so damn exciting how they did that and it was NOT on the album or FYC.
  2. See, this is how I feel when people write off the climax music of Jurassic Park (which over the years I have seen a lot of people do) while I feel it is some of Williams' most intense and exciting music.
  3. That's always the challenge with any new season of a show or sequels to films, isn't it? If you are going to (or have to) change up the characters and change focus, you better be sure it is at least JUST AS interesting. And that is super hard to pull off, since it is often hard to pull it off the first time. I mean that's why many films and series end up retconning a death of a character because they realize "oh shoot, we were a hit, and now they want more of the best thing we got rid of". I think Hopkins's death in the show was appropriate story-wise, but that put them in a trap that they couldn't walk out of without feeling contrived. I feel like they pulled it off fine in Season 2, but it was so brief when they had him back. Luckily there WERE other interesting things going on in that season (and even an additional world in the park!). Again I feel like too often a series like this thinks pulling entirely away almost from what made it successful in the first place is a way to keep it fresh... I mean it kind of worked for Fast and the Furious as a franchise, didn't it? So, they took that risk... and Season 3 was the result. So hopefully they heard enough feedback to understand what needs to be done to have people keep coming back.
  4. To be clever the Kickstarter should have been titled "Dial M For Money"! *silent reaction*
  5. Yeah I was not a fan of where Season 3 went... felt like it totally lost its steam. Just did not engage with me like the last two seasons did. I think it also suffers what the Jurassic series suffers when they leave the park... PEOPLE MISS THE PARK! lol. I mean sure, we did have a bit at the park in Season 3 (kind of?), which was fun enough but wasn't the main focus of course. Maybe writers of Jurassic and Westworld need to realize... leaving the park just isn't as interesting as you'd think. The story loses its identity. It's why when Jurassic World was coming out and we learned that it was in a big new park, I was kind of excited at the possibilities. What if that movie had a breakout... that was then contained? It could have had all of the same excitements, but then ended with a resolution that restores the park in time to not make it be a end-all catastrophe. That way the sequels could have still been at the functional park with more crazy things happening, and then maybe the FINAL film of the series would have been the 100% antihalation of the whole thing. And Westworld felt like it was doing that, at first. I was so stoked when the first season ended with just the BEGINNING of the robot uprising. And season 2 gave us all of the consequences of that. But then season 3 felt it needed to be some world domination thing and it just... no. LOL. And if you are going to do that, do you have to be so boring about it? *waits for backlash from my opinion haha* I'll still watch Season 4, basically giving the show another chance. I mean Season 3 did have a nice zinger with the Man In Black now finally how he basically was in the original Crichton movie haha. So that could be a lot of fun. Either way, I really hope this show doesn't go on much longer to ruin what was so good about it at first.
  6. I love Goldsmith's medieval scores. This one probably ties with Lionheart as my favorites of that genre, although his version of Timeline also has some real cool bits and a killer battle track at the end.
  7. In the words of Quartermaine... "I'VE GOT IT!" *EXPLOSION*
  8. Right?! To be fair, I think the "Fast" franchise did pick up in entertainment value by the 5th film, and continued to do so from that point on. Which hardly EVER happens... it's almost the reverse of what normally happens to a franchise. Once it knew how ridiculous it could go, it finally "learned to stop worrying and love the bomb."
  9. It's just their way of trying to get people back into theaters, in the US anyway, since everything is really ramping up to reopen everywhere soon. California, for example, is dropping most of its mandates in presumably a few days. And that was one of the most stringent states in the US when it came to COVID. So, the promise of something ONLY in theaters as a preview for a huge franchise, they are hoping it will bring people out to have a look. Obviously I am excited and am going to see F9 mostly just to see it haha. So their tactic worked for this fan. Usually I wait for the "Fast" films to go to cheap theaters or just rent, but I guess this one will be an exception. And honestly, these days if I am going to see a movie at all may as well do IMAX anyway. The sound is always massively better, imo. And always very loud, so there's no chance I'll hear stupid teenagers behind me like in many normal theaters I've been in haha.
  10. Ditto! I need this... but instead of a reissue I've been begging for complete releases...
  11. For NIGHTMARE, if they did ever do a new release, I do hope they still include the song instrumentals on a second disc. It was a grail for me to finally have those. However, if they do, I hope they fix the volume leveling issues of them. It is clear they took them from a stem (you can even still hear a vocal echo faintly in one part of a track), which is fine since it is likely the only way to do it. But the uneven volume leveling within each of the tracks (which I suppose was done as part of the film mix for the vocals and effects) was distracting and inconsistent. I was able to fix this largely myself, but it'd be nice to have it professionally done I suppose. "What's This?" is the biggest example of this, and it even cuts off the final bit where Jack would have said "Christmas Town? Hmmm...", where music was still playing. Also, I may be wrong, but wasn't there still at least one score cue that was NOT included in the set for NIGHTMARE? I don't recall which part it was now, but it may have been when the Mayor is ringing the doorbell looking for Jack in Halloween Town before he comes back from Christmas Town.
  12. @Yavar Moradi Thank you so much for your contribution to this release! This is one of my favorite Goldsmith scores! Your story alone helped me purchase it again despite having the two volumes already!
  13. "AM I PRESSING THE RIGHT BUTTON? WHAT AM I DOING?" "You're in all caps, John. Can you turn them off please?" "WHAT? A CAT? I'M NOT A CAT." "No... "caps", as in upper capitalization, like THIS. It looks like you're yelling." "ISN'T IT BETTER TO READ LIKE THIS? I CAN'T SEE THE LETTERS AS WELL OTHERWISE." "Nevermind... can we focus on getting your webcam on... again...?" "WEBCAM? AM I DOING A SPIDER-MAN FILM NOW? I TOLD STEVEN I DON'T LIKE BIG STORIES ANYMORE UNLESS THEY HAVE REY!"
  14. Wow, no idea! Would have to hear it to find out. I live sort of near Hollywood, not Orlando. Not sure when I'll be able to ride it haha.
  15. Of course I know that. I'm the arranger of his memoir! http://jurassictime.trescom.org
  16. This season looks MUCH more interesting/exciting than the last one. While I liked season 2, it was definitely more disjointed than the first one. And the "villains" that came and went in the second half... groan. It just felt like a lot of filler. I'm excited that we get to visit "old park" ruins from the looks of this trailer, which was something touched upon in the first Jurassic World. It may not even be the Visitor Center they are in, but some other old building. Not 100% sure, but still pretty exciting. Maybe Hammond DID have a bungalow/lodge like in the novel that we never saw? That would be exciting. This new hybrid dinosaur though... even from the mere glimpses we have now... just does nothing for me. It just looks like it will be somewhere between the Indominus Rex and the Indoraptor. *snore* Come on. Give me something freaky, like a Apato-Raptor... a long-necked raptor that makes the sounds of babies as its stumpy hands try to grab you... yeah... However... that attempt to get off the island on the raft... didn't these kids see Cast Away? Of course it wasn't going to work unless they had a last-minute flap-up of a broken porta-potty with wings painted on it!
  17. That would make it a 3 CD release then, since the OST is actually 2 CDs already. Think they would do a 3 CD release for this score? I hope so honestly, it's one of my favorite Zimmer's now... ESPECIALLY since I just now discovered the "sketches". WOW! I definitely want those part of a CD release.
  18. I never had the OST of BTTF3, not even downloaded... was the sound quality much inferior to the Expanded Edition? Not that it matters to me now, but for others who may just want that that instead due to price. I think it did at least have all of the train climax music, albeit out of order.
  19. Back to the Future 3 Expanded Edition 2CD set is now sold out from Varese. I luckily got a copy from MovieMusic (there may be more) and I guess is still available at Screen Archives. I had put off getting it for too long haha, so if anyone else has too this is basically your last chance not to get gouged. And for anyone hoping maybe they are just temporarily out of stock, I got confirmation from e-mail that it is "sold out".
  20. It is a good show! I liked the first season better overall, but I am still curious to see more. Honestly... I just want a live-action show, finally. If that short film they did, Battle At Big Rock, proved anything was that a live-action story in short form works really well for the franchise. If Camp Cretaceous had been live-action, and just a bit less... kiddie... it would have been perfect.
  21. I personally love Cloud Atlas but I can see why it isn't for everyone. It's also not a perfect film, but few are, eh? I also don't get the hate it got. There's far worse movies that have a ton of fans, so I am saddened Cloud Atlas never gained a big following after all these years. As I noted earlier, it's score is amazing, if only for the final tracks and the "Sextet" itself. It's music that definitely transcends the film.
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