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  1. Yeah, I read that part, but in what track is "Up The Stairs" (the revised version) at since A Walk in the Woods and Bird’s Flight 2:53 only appears to include the original "Map To Snow Scene" like he said, and judging by the radio show broadcast of the track (unless they cut it off early).
  2. Hey I love his score to the IMAX film T-Rex: Back To The Cretaceous. Of course I would know this score (have any of you seen my avatar and sig?).
  3. So what was with those rumors of the music being destroyed for the trailer? Just flat-out false, or was there some truth to that and a copy elsewhere was found?
  4. See, here we go. Now this thread is going somewhere with the creation of new Potter-related memes that only everyone here can appreciate! Carry on.
  5. I've figured out what is happening here... this Potter set has turned us all into a bunch of Dudleys!
  6. So... bad news for film score fans... it appears Trevor Jones has not returned to do the score. I guess this isn't a huge surprise, since he hasn't done any new scores in ages, but I had hoped he was the one element they would have brought back to really tie this new series together. The composer they chose to replace him for this (apparent) 10 episode series is: Daniel Pemberton. His most recent scores of note were the upcoming Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse and last year's All The Money In The World. The only score I know of his is actually from a television program called "Prehistoric Park" for the BBC many years ago (one of those Walking With Dinosaurs-related programs starring Nigel Marvin). That score was fairly decent from what I remember since it's been ages ago that I have listened to it, but nothing noteworthy. So, a bit disappointed, naturally. Not saying this guy can't deliver a good score, but I had really hoped for Jones. I do wonder if he will carry over any of his iconic themes? The music is such a grand component of The Dark Crystal and its world that it would be a huge shame not to. Time will tell. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1207404/?ref_=ttfc_fc_cr10
  7. If we all don't calm down, I feel like LLL will use a time turner and take us all the way back to the Phantom Menace: Ultimate Edition days! HEED THY WARNING!
  8. Couldn't those 4 extra seconds just be extra silence?
  9. This isn't really a criticism as much as it is an inquiry in a way for people here, but: do you ever sometimes wish concert versions of tracks could be included, if there was room for them in a set? I know they aren't recorded with the film, so most see them as something arbitrary to include (especially when some are re-arranged by Williams years later). Granted it would always depend on availability on if there IS a recording available, and maybe fees of usage are another factor as to why they are not present since it would of course be credited to a different orchestra and possibly conductor, etc. But, for example, Prisoner of Azkaban's "Double Trouble" and "Window To The Past" concert versions are wonderfully done variations created by Williams. Sometimes these concert versions even feel like they expand upon the material and let it flow even more freely than when it had been set to the confines of the films. To me it is kind of no different than like having the E.T. Adventure music included; it expanded upon the score even further using its themes, and therefore feels vital to the presentation for some (like myself). Of course, all of us can muster up various files of these concert versions and just slap them at the end of the released presentations; but I'm just wondering if anyone wishes they would sometimes be included to make them truly be the end-all be-all CD releases of the scores?
  10. For Azkaban, I know "Teaser" must be the original teaser music with the (imo superior) first version of "Double Trouble" with the bigger choir and instrumentation, but I do wonder for which trailer the track after that "Trailer" comes from? There were several Azkaban trailers that followed that never sounded like Williams to me, so this has also piqued my interest regarding which one also used original material from him, and which were "library music"? Or maybe that "Trailer" music was never used?
  11. Yeah I do remember enjoying Casino Royale's score quite a bit with that included cohesion. Btw I love how this release is connected to Potter by both featuring Robbie Coltraine! HAHA
  12. Never seen the film or heard the score before until just now hearing the OST, and based on that I may likely get this! I actually liked "Garbage" way back when, and had no idea they had done the title song (with Arnold)! It's like the perfect marriage imo, haha. And that he implemented it into the score, based on just the OST, is really cool cohesion.
  13. What's really got me curious are these tracks from Chamber of Secrets: 29. Television Commercial No. 1 0:38 30. Television Commercial No. 2 0:30 31. Television Commercial No. 3 1:07 I never knew there was original music made for any Chamber of Secrets commercials. I had always assumed all were edits.
  14. Still the second-best for me. Nothing can top me lazily checking at around midnight in 2016 to see what the Black Friday releases were, refreshing the page as they were revealed, and then suddenly Jurassic Park appeared. COMPLETE surprise is why I think it can never top that experience, unlike this one that we had suspected for a while. Plus, I was so excited about Jurassic Park that I freaked out for a good 10 minutes before realizing it ALSO had Lost World... then REALLY lost it, haha.
  15. All we need now is this guy who narrated so many of the Potter trailers, and other materials, to do a trailer advertising this new set.
  16. Speaking of booklets, I still miss the days of track-by-track analysis. Sometimes current booklets gloss over potentially interesting facts about how a film version came to be, or alternates.
  17. Probably not teasing because the biggest one has practically been revealed already?
  18. You know, I actually thought the LSO had done JP for the longest time for some reason, so to me this is an easy mistake to make! Not sure why I thought this for so long...
  19. Well if it was (and still is) meant for Black Friday, they wouldn't want it announced ahead of time anyway, right? I mean have they ever revealed a title earlier than Black Friday for those intended releases? So, of course they would treat this as an error of some kind until then. Also, I echo the desire to have both the teaser trailer music for Sorcerer's Stone and Azkaban. They are honestly among the music I would want the most!
  20. Yeah, oddly none of the trailers for these movies ever look that great, but the movies themselves are always practically animated masterpieces. So, since I wasn't a fan of this film's trailers either, it's probably going to be the best one.
  21. Oh wow, thank you! Man this guy really channeled his inner Williams for this lol. No wonder they used it for the attraction's queue. I was wondering if you anyone is also able to figure out the following tracks. I tried to upload them just as videos to YouTube to attempt to use their copyright identification to figure them out, but apparently no-go. Since they are uploaded for now I figured I'd see if you guys can figure any of these ones out: https://www.youtube.com/user/scallenger87/videos And yes, as far as I know it is by Gary, but he told me he does not posses the music anymore.
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