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  1. Saw the concert Sunday Mantinee, sat 3 rows from the 2 pianos for Chinatown. Was truly breathtaking to see the Maestro so closely. It was truly remarkable to see his expressions and subtle hand gestures. He puts his hand over his heart on a lot of the softer endings. You could truly feel the emotion in his work. It felt like being at a scoring session being in such an intimate setting. If you're anywhere near Southern Ca this is truly the experience of a lifetime.
  2. Saw the film today. Truly captivating and moving. The scene where BB leaves home to go to sea when his theme kicks in really moved me. Also when Daisy and BB look at themselves in her dance studio mirror very moving as well with the score.
  3. Empire Strikes Back Altered States The Shining Airplane Blue Lagoon Somewhere in Time
  4. Check out www.hans-zimmer.com they posted 3 really cool clips from John Powell's score to Hancock the 2nd clip has a beautiful theme halfway through likely his main theme.
  5. Also loved the banner "Better dead than Red" and various picket signs hitting the KGB's in the face. "Looks like you brought a knife to a gunfight"
  6. Have to agree as well, the scene when immediately creeped me out to Fire in the Sky. Little things like skin color and eyes, which are definatley less creepy in CGI were different. I've wondered for the past few days why Spielberg chose this versus the almost apelike appearance in War of the Worlds.
  7. Many quotes have been popping up in my head,
  8. Had a pipe dream idea, wonder if they would release Warehouse escape and complete Jungle chase or any other unreleased cues on Itunes, similar to Casino Royale.
  9. A very hard rocking score by Ramin Djwadi, 1st major score out of the gates for summer, hopefully more soon...
  10. Thanks to all involved for the midi's , the Irina's theme with chords goes perfectly with the new tv spot of Irina interrogating Indy, the Crystal theme with chords goes well with the glasses being magnetized to the Roswell box in the teaser.
  11. The last couple of tracks if you zoom in appear to say and
  12. Future of film music definately not dead but has slowed tremendously since Casino Royale and Happy Feet, lately I recommend Varese Sarabande's new releases to the Astronaut Farmer and Nomad- which is very remeniscent of Conan the Barbarian. Also Meet the Robinsons sounds pretty good some clips at cinemusic.net, We also have Rataouille and if miracles can happen Order of the Phoenix. I'm probably one of the few who thinks Ottman's Silver Surfer has possibilities.
  13. Maestro Goldmith was clearly influenced by Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, specifically the chase cues in Nemesis. On another note someone in the film score industry advised me Horner lifted some Schumann almost directly and in the same key for Willow.
  14. Your comment about the credit is true, however Ottman truly crafted a powerful and emotional score, his new theme for Superman was one of the only memorable melodies besides John Powell's work this year. This score is beautifully constructed and very respectful to Williams style. It is one of the best orchestrated scores since Davis' Matrix trilogy. If you aren't amazed by the Airplane crash cue I'd be shocked, each shot of film is memorably cued, it even fits perfectly with sound effects, something only Williams has truly mastered. I had the good fortune of meeting Mr. Ottman at a soundtrack signing event and he is a very humble person, who speaks to you like a regular person. I've read several interviews with him, Williams is his idol, also keep in mind he scored the film after months of also being the editor, a very exhausting process for those who know. He's Singer's editor on all of his films also. All in all I believe Ottman, Powell and Giacchino keep hope alive in me that there will still be orchestral film scores in the future.
  15. The land race has been used in a ton of trailers lately.
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