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  1. So tradition is based on volume, not age. Okay.
  2. You would not like to play a traditional Fallout game. You do, however, like Oblivion with guns.
  3. I like Chinese. I like Chinese. They only come up to your knees. They're cute and they're cuddly and they're eager to please.
  4. I didn't read this until today because I disabled all alerts from this website so I didn't see the tag. I'm sad that he's taken such a bad turn. Touched that he singles me out in his last post, but still sad. We had our fights for close to all of those 20 years, and I was usually nastier to him than he was to me. Knowing that he's not coming back here makes this place a lot emptier. He was the life of the party that nobody could compare to. I'll miss you, old friend. Maybe someday I'll say hi on Facebook. But not yet. Not yet.
  5. I did not know that.
  6. who cares

    Pet Peeves

    My peeve is that I am the person at the other end of the hotline that they call for assistance, and they expect me to answer the phone with pen and paper in hand, like they can instantly start reciting numbers that I'm going to remember. And I tell them to stop talking until I can get pen and paper, or quickly open Notepad.
  7. I've never seen any of the movies that Jay listed. Purchase crisis averted.
  8. My Galaxy is three years old and it too has a terrible battery life. It cannot work as a music player for me, and it's more useful for other purposes.
  9. The battery life on my Classic is toast. It only reliably works when plugged in, and then it takes about ten minutes to complain it has a low battery and needs to recharge before it will work. It's useless unless I'm connected to a power source like in the car or my shelf stereo.
  10. We watched Ep 9 last night for the very first time. As prepared for it to be a smoldering dumpster fire, it had some genuinely good moments. It doesn't completely undo TLJ, it just reshapes some of that movie's story bits. The entire trilogy is depressing because they could have been something special, but this movie probably did the best with what it had to work with. I'm not keen on being able to beam objects using the Force between Force users. Maybe it's because they were a dyad? The necklace was annoying, but it was just plain cool with the lightsaber.
  11. None of these options is better than Tchaikovsky's Fourth Symphony, Third Movement.
  12. Ooh, I don't think that I knew about this. Well after sinking over $2000 into a NAS and Mavic recently, as new iPod will need to wait, at least until I sort my collection down to see what size it truly is.
  13. Hoo boy. HIV didn't make sex illegal, but now Covid-19 will. Next we'll need the government to issue us an LTF.
  14. I don't think so. I think that after 2024, Mr Trump will play himself in all dramatic works.
  15. Let's start a GoFundMe so Brundlefly can afford an external HDD to store his wav collection in flac.
  16. The curve is an arbitrary construct. Is the HIV curve flat? Why isn't sex illegal? Is the normal flu curve flat? We always just dealt with it in the past.
  17. The country was closed to prevent the hospitals from being overrun. Not with the idea that the lockdown would remain until we have a cure or vaccine. It's time to reopen and let things play out as they will. It's time to live and let die.
  18. Fake Dax still looks good there.
  19. Hey, I added a compliment after you ninja quoted me, pal!
  20. The specific appearance of each emoji depends on the platform and software of the person viewing the web page, not on the person who wrote the post. Unless you are Richard, who doesn't know how to use emojis so he uses the website's classic emoticons (quite effectively). There are subtle differences in the artwork. And if somebody does not have a particular emoji installed, they just get a box with an X.
  21. I used to really like the show, but they haven't released a good episode in over a year. It's a real damn shame.
  22. What are they hacking? Are they just inviting themselves into private conversations, or are they using them as backdoors to hack networks and computer drives?
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