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  1. Gladiator. I have never listened to or watched the others.
  2. The chance to catch the film or the COVID? Seems we always have the chance to catch the COVID.
  3. Probably not. It's certainly not the same main entrance.
  4. Me neither. Then again, I didn't recognize the silver fox until they showed his name, either, and that's just a few weeks after watching Olyphant's episode in The Good Place. We have to remember one thing. It's been over thirty years since we last saw Boba Fett disappear into the Sarlaac. But for him, it's been only about five years in the story. Remember last season, when the female bounty hunter died on Tatooine, and we heard spurs jingling when boots walked over her? We thought it was either Greef Karga or an alive Boba Fett. The latter seems much more likely now. I wonder if we'll get to learn if he killed the Sarlaac alone to escape, or if the krayt dragon helped. After all, that would result in an empty Sarlaac lair.
  5. I want you to say....... Are you still a Patriots fan, or a Tom Brady fan?
  6. In Drax's defense, it's an embedded video entitled "In My Life - Sean Connery." That's one of the tracks on the Wikipedia page. It requires no explanation.
  7. You poshted one bloody shong. We want the head, the tail, the whole damn thing.
  8. It's certainly expensive. But for that Phil Collins track...
  9. No. One online account supports up to X number of simultaneous streams. He can only watch one at a time himself, unless he has a software program downloading a second stream simultaneously. (That’s probably stealing, but I digress.) You're simply maxing out the full potential of his purchase. So you value his physical presence in addition to just his credentials. Awwwww.
  10. We should be able to speak freely without spoiler tags. We're all adults here. Stay away from spoiler threads on the entire internet until you're ready.
  11. I own that. When I'm ready to part with it, I know who to contact.
  12. Where's the dolt from FSM, who would say selling used CDs is illegal, and they should be discarded?
  13. That was the greatest single hour of Star Wars ever.
  14. The songs absolutely belong in The American Tail, unless you've never seen the movie and didn't grow up with it.
  15. There should always be a release mechanism. A straight paper clip usually does the trick. My laptop from 2010 bit the dust about two years ago, but I was able to salvage its optical drive, which is a BR drive. I think it is a BR burner, though I have never held a blank BR disc in my life. They sell affordable USB housings that turn internal drives into USB devices.
  16. If you can't afford this, you can't afford CDs. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/5852919.p?skuId=5852919
  17. If you balance your cell phone on your nose, the screen looks like it's 80".
  18. Who's holding out for a complete Land Before Time box set?
  19. I saw this movie exactly once and while I did like it, the music did not stay with me.
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