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  1. Sophie Marceau was perfect in the role of Elektra. King was probably the best villain in the Brosnan films, followed by Trevelyan, Carver and Graves. If Arnold had scored Goldeneye it would have been a flawless film. I'm looking foward to the next movie, and also the game Everything or Nothing. It has most of the voice actors of the regulars: Brosnan, Cleese, Dench and Richard Kiel as Jaws. He's a villain again, but I don't recall him talking much, save for one line ("To us" - Moonraker). The main villain is voiced by Willem Dafoe and Mya will perform the title song and star as Bond girl. And the score will be orchestral, but I can't recall the compser's name. I think he scored 24
  2. Yes, keep writing from beyond the grave! Mwahahaha! Happy Birthday Mr Williams. I may never see you in my life (no concerts for me here in Australia) and you may never see any of these messages but Happy Birthday anyway!!!
  3. Oh, I laughed when I saw that. It was funny the first time but it got old quickly. Soon it became tedious. I'm glad it was a one-off thing, for the 40th Anniversary of the series. Brosnan mentions it in the DVD commentry, that guy has a great sense of humour.
  4. I thought it was pathetic how in the book Dumbledore explains how powerful Phoenix' are, then in the Chamber of Secrets Riddle calls him a useless songbird. Then when Fawkes attacks the Basilisk and heals Harry Tom says something like "Of course, Phoenix tears have healing powers. I forgot!" Uh... hello? Wasn't Tom supposed to be the smartest wizard to pass through Hogwarts, only rivalling DD himself? It's like if a man threatens another man with a knife. The man being threatened pulls out a gun. The knife-guy laughs and is shot. "Of course, guns can hurt people! I forgot!"
  5. Yes, it's especially annoying when you're watching the DVD at a party full of people who have never seen it, with a DVD player that stuffs up, causing it to speed ramp uncontrollably. There was a lot that was wrong with Die Another Day, this being one thing.
  6. Oh, I just realised that you said the storyline in the films. I was ready to give you a good beating! The books are masterpieces, but in the movies they seem paper thin.
  7. Especially when well over half of them are saying "OMG! Dan (or other male actor) IS SOOooo Hootttt! He's a rEALyl good actor. And I thiKN Ruperts face expresions make him a good acotr!!!" That is, well over half of the teeny boppers ONLINE, not all together...
  8. A signed picture of yours truly. Plus a few tips on the 'fame game'. "Fame is a fickled friend John. Celebrity is as celebrity does, remember that!"
  9. The music (in order) was from "The Quidditch Match", "The Chamber of Secrets" and "Hedwig's Theme". I've seen the trailer once and remember that... Either I'm very sad or a devotee to JW... On another note, I like this new footage, the shrunken head is awesome. "Watch Your Head" I also like the end, with the housekeeper witch in the Leaky Cauldron.
  10. What if he meant dawn in the Map Room? Meaning the moment the sun comes up (dawn) inside the room, not outside.
  11. At least it didn't get a D for Dreadful or T for Terrible. I'd say he produced E scores. Exceeds Expectations.
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, but what makes a great actor is the ability to transform oneself into a completely different person, and make it plausable. How well this is done lies in the difference between the actor and the character. Every year we see people like Nicole Kidman (no offence, I'm Australian and proud of her) winning/being nominated for dramatic roles. All of these people have no real characteristics, such as accents and behaviour. Much of Drama's potential is in dramatic arts, but a good bit of it comes from comedy. In comedy you can do the most unimaginable things with a character and mould them as you please. It's a very refreshing change for the Academy to nominate somebody for Outstanding Comedic performance. Depp won't win, but he deserves to. And because this is a site about movie scores (or more specifically JW's scores) I'm appalled at the fact that neither of the Matrix scores were nominated. As I've said before, Return of the King deserves to win. It was the best score in the batch. Simple as that, no "Shore already won from a LotR score, UNFAIR!". Just the fact that while the Academy hold none of these values, the award goes to the score that is the best.
  13. Johnny Depp wasn't in a supporting role in Pirates. He was the main character, have you seen the posters? He is largest and in front of the other characters, see? Okay, it's not the best way to prove it, but he had much more to do with the movie than Orlando Bloom. As the movie is about pirates and not pansy-boy blacksmiths we can assume Jack Sparrow is the leading man.
  14. Yeah, listening to this I can hear Fluffy's Harp sounding terrible. Well, the bassoon (assuming it is one, it sounds so off) is very flat in the track and the harp is very strange sounding.
  15. What's wrong with Depp? I'm pleased that the Academy finally got something right, nominating him. While I am disappointed Sean Astin didn't get a nomination, this makes up for it. Besides, Sam isn't really a leading role, more a Supporting role. I hope RotK wins Best Original Score. It really deserves to, although In my opinion so did The Two Towers. Cursed Academy... I hope Azkaban is legible next year, I know it will be a good score. Return of the King deserves pretty much all of the nominations it got. It won't win Best Picture, though it should. I would like "Into the West" to win, I liked that song. Nemo will definately win best animated picture and I wouldn't be too shattered if it won Best Original Score.
  16. Excellent, after much deliberation I decided he deserved it.
  17. That was harsh. The movie was pretty bad but the score was good. Well, the new theme was good anyway.
  18. It was more of a nightmare than a dream at this part!
  19. Potter will appeal to parents of children who read the books. Let's not forget that Harry Potter is extremely popular. If the first movie grossed the second-highest amount of money ever, this one will certainly make more. It's a lot of people's favourite in the series, mine included. Then again, the Bible is the best-selling book of all time. And I don't see a reason for Muslims or Atheists to go out of their way to see this film.
  20. I wouldn't. Which reminds me, I had a dream last night that Episode III came out and everybody hated both the movie and score more than the first two prequels. Apparently it was Williams on auto-drive and Lucas at an extremely poor job.
  21. I don't think it will. The target audience for Prisoner of Azkaban is much broader than The Passion. PoA appeals to children, teenagers and adults alike. Passion probably makes the latter two, if not only adults. I know I'll be seeing Passion and I'm 15.
  22. Hmmm, I don't know if I want to listen to it prematurely again. I'd rather watch the movie and buy the soundtrack the same day. It's not that I'm not excited, Hell, I've been waiting for this score since I heard the first one. I heard the AOL presentation of CoS weeks before seeing the movie. When I bought the soundtrack most of the amazement and shivers disappeared as I listened to it so many times before. And the whole time I listened to the AOL presentation I thought Fawkes the Phoenix was the theme for the Flying Car, don;t ask me why. And I thought the Chamber of Secrets was an inverted version of Hedwig's Theme.
  23. Not with a new director. With a fresh look Potter will stay on top. Much better than Culumbus' dull, predictable choice of style.
  24. I suppose it's very controvertial but a lot of people I know are planning to see it. I'm sure it'll do better than expected.
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