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  1. An instant order for me! Pigs seem to have taken wing today, so I'm not letting this chance slip by
  2. Not in chronological order, but grouped according to format, yes. I started with the complete cantatas, then the other choral works, then keyboard works, organ works, orchestral works etc. I own the Hanssler boxset and that's how they have the music organized. It's a phenomenal set. Helmut Rilling is the primary conductor for pretty much everything on the set. I've listened right through it three times. It must be about time for another listen!
  3. I started a JW chronological listen over a year ago - about 2 or 3 scores or albums a week. It's taking quite a while - I'm up to the original Jurassic Park! When there are multiple versions of the same score (ET, for instance) I just listen to the most complete release. First time I've attempted something like this, and I'm enjoying it.
  4. Very sorry to hear this. Joe has been a huge part of this community since the earliest days of the forum. I will miss his posts.
  5. Happy birthday, Doc! Wonderful chap. All of them.
  6. Yeah, after a stressful last few weeks at work I finally logged in to JWFan to find that I've missed the chance to get this score all over again! Woohoo! I am a massive collector, and love physical media, but this time sod it, I just ripped the soundtrack from YouTube. Honestly Officer, Disney made me do it!
  7. Sorry, I think I missed this whole discussion So am I right in assuming the CD was limited run and has sold out? That's a bummer.
  8. Wasn't Dial of Destiny supposed to be released on CD yesterday? Page still doesn't exist when I click the link on the JWFan news page.
  9. Thanks for the replies. Good to know the music is on there somewhere. If this really does prove to be John Williams' final film score (before a long and happy retirement!) that closing credit suite is a perfect end to a glorious career. I haven't checked out the score online, but will certainly pick up the CD to blast on my lovely Pro-AC speakers the day it comes out!
  10. Looking at the tracklist on the CD, I don't see the end credits music listed. The end credits music in the movie was absolutely gorgeous. Can anyone confirm or deny if the music is on the CD anywhere? Thanks in advance.
  11. Anne Dudley won the Oscar for her score to The Full Monty. I think that amounted to about 15 minutes of original music.
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