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  1. Just listened through this yesterday. It sounds fantastic. I've always loved the rerecording, but it's something special to have the OST also.
  2. Forgive the incorrect aspect ratio, but this shot is one of the most beautiful moments in On Her Majesty's Secret Service. A ray of sunshine after Bond's difficult escape.
  3. Blimey, did the person who did the typesetting not know how to beam 8th notes?
  4. Finally shipped! YEAH! Trouble is I'm heading to England for two weeks tomorrow and it won't arrive until at least Friday. NOOOOO!!!!
  5. Still "Awaiting Shipment"...!!! The Land of Giants set had better be bloody good, considering it's the reason for holding my shipment up.
  6. I ordered the set along with SL and the Land of Giants set, and I'm still "awaiting shipment" too.
  7. So mine won't get shipped until the Land of Giants set is ready to go. That sucks. Land of Giants was supposed to start shipping on December 7. Besides, the price LLL charged for shipping you'd have thought they'd have mailed them separately. If they'd charged a 7 dollar flat rate for multiple items fair enough, but I paid something like $18 for domestic shipping. Boo.
  8. Well bummer. Maybe I should have stuck with my Fantasy Worlds Irwin Allen box set Seriously though, fair enough. Just a shame I probably won't get this set before I leave Ohio to visit my parents in England for the holidays.
  9. Still "awaiting shipment" here. I ordered all three new Williams releases together (Potter, Schindler, Land of Giants.) I was only about 35 minutes late ordering. Never known it take so long. Does anyone know if any of those sets have sold out yet?
  10. Glad it's not just me. This is like waiting at the baggage claim at an airport watching everyone around you getting their luggage off the carousel, and gradually starting to suspect your bags didn't make it. I hate that feeling.
  11. Ordered along with Schildler's List and Land of the Giants. Damn, that was a lot of money for shipping, about 18 bucks. I'm surprised they don't keep shipping to a minimum.
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