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Found 24 results

  1. The Themes of Howard Shore’s The Hobbit Compiled by Jason LeBlanc Copyright 2014 Jason LeBlanc Do not copy without my express permission. Themes (In order of appearance) RETURNING FROM THE LORD OF THE RINGS The Shire AUJ 1-01 0:52-1:11 AUJ 1-02 0:00-0:57 AUJ 1-07 1:38-1:47 AUJ 2-05 1:37-2:08 AUJ 2-14 0:45-1:01 DOS 1-01 0:49-1:04 DOS 2-07 0:09-0:32 The Hobbit Outline AUJ 1-02 0:24-0:45 Hobbits (Doug’s name: The Shire Rural Setting) AUJ 1-02 1:03-1:21 AUJ 1-02 1:51-2:26 Smoke Rings AUJ 1-02 2:26-
  2. Peter Jackson comments on a movie version of The Hobbit. The short story: he doesn't expect the lawyers to work out a deal that'll let the movie be made in less than 4 years. Sounds like lawyers. :roll:
  3. The original soundtrack for Howard Shore's score to The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will be released on Monday December 10th by Decca (Internationally) / Tuesday December 11th by WaterTower Records (USA). The STANDARD VERSION of The Hobbit OST (http://www.amctheatr...xpected-journey Nov 7: A sample of Old Friends (Extended Version) (5:01) began streaming on The Hobbit's Official website Nov 7: Samples of every track from the regular and Special Edition OST appeared on qobuz.com Standard OST: http://thefilmfatale...y-the-hobbit-an Nov 11: Amazon has begun streaming 30 second samples of
  4. Hello! Its me Jerry back with some reviews! Over the next week or so I will be posting my review for each one of the Hobbit trilogy scores. Feel free to share your thoughts and reactions, and let me know what you think as we go. Now, I have not seen the movies too often, so don't expect many references. This will be more of a score exploration individually rather than connecting it with the movie as I have done with my other reviews. I may also have some questions so it would be nice to have some replies. First few tracks of An Unexpected Journey are on their way!!!
  5. Well we know for sure that it's being recorded in New Zealand again. On August 9th, Conrad Pope checked in on Facebook "Waiting to board. Next stop breezy, lovely Wellington" (link). On August 13th, he checked in at the Museum Art Hotel in Wellington, NZ, saying "Working and working and .....working" (link). And earlier today, JoAnne Kane Music Service posted "Air New Zealand to Auckland. Middle earth here we come!" (link). I haven't found anything on Doug's twitter feed about him being in either NZ or NY, though. ANYWAY, I hope everyone is excited for this score as much as I am! It will be
  6. It is half a year away, Howard Shore's fifth entry in the world of Middle Earth. I figured this news finally warrants to start a discussion about the upcoming score. From Conrad Pope's Facebook page: Also, a man named Clifford J. Tasner is probably also on board:
  7. What is your favorite end credits song from the LOTR and Hobbit films? My personal favorite is "Into The West". Such a perfect song to conclude the Middle-earth saga. A sad, yet hopeful piece masterfully performed by Annie Lennox.
  8. Both trilogies serve as prequels to a far greater trilogy. Both have had more of a mixed reaction to their respective fanbases. And now it is up to you to decide; which trilogy is better, the Hobbit trilogy or the Star Wars prequel trilogy? Personally, my vote goes to the Hobbit trilogy. Despite the excessive CGI and visual effects, as well as the additional storylines and subplots, at least it feels as though it is from the same vein of movies as the LOTR trilogy. On the other hand, the Star Wars prequel trilogy completely sidelined the visual style and charm of the OT, resulting
  9. Hiya gang. Just like last year, with the The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey FILM Discussion Thread, we are creating this thread so people who have seen the film can discuss it (or people who are reading spoilers can discuss them openly), which leaves the existing The Hobbit Film Trilogy Thread clean for those wishing to avoid spoilers until they've seen the film. So, spoiler-filled discussion of the film here, anticipation of the film including new commercials, trailers, posters, promos, ticket purchasing, etc talk there. Enjoy!
  10. Here is the second part of my analysis of Howard Shore's score for the first part of the Hobbit trilogy. Unfortunately I could not present it in one piece as it was too long for a single post. I am just that verbose. Check here for the FIRST PART (The Thematic Analysis) of the complete write-up. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Music composed, conducted and orchestrated by Howard Shore An Analysis of the Special Edition of the Soundtrack Album By Mikko Ojala Track-by-Track Analysis Below I will journey through the Sp
  11. I'm sure many have noticed the structural similarity between the first part of Bilbo's adventure and the first part of Frodo's. But what about the music? For each of the 15 choices, vote for your favorite piece of music from the Peter Jackson movies. Ignore OST vs SE differences for AUJ pieces and OST vs CR vs Rarities differences for LOTR stuff, just vote by whatever your favorite version of each piece of music is. Have fun!
  12. Oscar-winning director admits he was "winging it" and "was making it up as [he] went along" for much of the fantasy trilogys chaotic shoot
  13. Here is a result of quite a few years of on and off writing as I have continually added material from new observations, fan discussions and ideas and several revelations from Doug Adams into the text. I offer first the thematic analysis of the score with the track-by-track analysis of the Special Edition soundtrack album coming later. As always comments and observations, improvement and addition suggestions are most welcome. Thanks to all the fine folks here and elsewhere for your insight and help in parsing through these magnificent scores: KK, Jay, Georg, Faleel, BloodBoal, Barnald and
  14. So, since reviews are coming in, I thought a film discussion thread would be appropriate.
  15. Which is your favorite dwarf out of the company of Thorin Oakenshield?
  16. Which, in your opinion, is the most lacklustre entry out of the three most recent franchise prestige damaging movies? I would say AUJ by a considerable margin. Not only is it a shoe-in for the most visually repellent big budget movie of all time, but it also went out of its way to out-bloat the entire LotR EEs and King Kong put together. Never has there been such redundancy in moving pictures and such disrespect for the art of editing. And on top of all that you have a regurgitated and tedious score which makes James Horner look like Morrissey. Edit: I've changed my mind to Battle of the Fiv
  17. So now when we have the last Hobbit score i'm curious which score you guys prefer in both of the trilogies. Of course the choice might change if we ever get complete recordings of the Hobbit but please vote on what you feel right now based on all the material we have and have heard in the films. I LOVE all the scores myself and to me it is very hard to pick my favourites since I feel that all of the scores have their assets. If you want you can write how you personally would rank the scores. This is how I would rank the scores right now (I feel that my opinion might change in the future): The
  18. I'm listening to Billy Boyd's song. And it's beginning to really hit me that this is the end of something significant. I can still remember when I was five or six when my father gave me his copies of Tolkien's work. It's always been such a deep part of our relationship, and of our whole family. Reading the books together, talking about them, being surprised and thrilled when the films were announced. Luckily they were winter releases so I was around to see them with everyone. We went so many times to each. Those films changed my life fundamentally. When we all congregate at my brother'
  19. Who's the more interesting character in PJ's 6 films? I would have to say Bilbo without even having anything resembling a second thought. I find Freeman a far more interesting actor then Wood. And his character, even with loadfs of invented subplots has a lot more meat on it's bones. It's the same way in the books for me, actually. Bilbo for the win!
  20. OK folks I've been working on a complete analysis and still am (such a long score! It’s taking forever to dissect and understand and then write about), but in the meantime I thought I'd post my complete cue list as a bit of a tease and some preliminary information. All cue titles are my own creations - I have no idea what the actual cue titles are. I purposely chose names for every cue that were different from OST titles to prevent confusion when talking about a cue vs a track, other than a few cases where that wasn't necessary. Without further ado, here is my complete cue list: CueOrigina
  21. Me personally, I own the Standard and the WaterTower (US) version of An Unexpected Journey, and have pre-ordered the Standard and Special Edition (WaterTower US) versions of DOS from Amazon already. BTW, I've updated my spreadsheet showcasing the differences between the Standard and SE versions of both AUJ and DOS. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AjiRtgP4_o4TdHdFUExoRi1GMjlxRjl6V0hXY2JKU1E&output=html The important thing to note here is that unlike AUJ - which had some great music on the Standard OST that wans't present on the SE OST - the Standard version of DOS doesn't conta
  22. Alright, I finally managed to finish this. It's my analysis of the score. It's far from perfect, and who knows how inaccurate I am, but feel free to correct me! http://music-muse.com/2012/12/28/the-hobbit-an-unexpected-journey-howard-shore/ Enjoy! - KK
  23. Hiya gang, With The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey now having premiered and people beginning to discuss it on twitter, etc, this is the thread where people can discuss the film and what is and isn't in it without ruining things for those who wish to remain spoiler-free. The existing thread was getting full of people speculating about specific scenes based on movie tie-in books and OST music, etc, with many people leaving the thread to not be spoiled. This is now the thread that that kind of discussion should take place in, while the old thread can be used for posts about buying tickets, and a
  24. Now that I finally got to hear the OST - the score Shore intended for The Hobbit - I feel it was fairly disrespectful to replace much of this masterful and profound production with music pretty much copy and posted from the original LOTR soundtracks. The soundtrack is simply great and I wish it would have been preserved in the film. Then I wonder about The Phantom Menace. We all know how Williams' score was chopped up and butchered for the final act. But what if Lucas had taken a similar route Jackson took and had actually placed familiair music from ESB or ROTJ in TPM instead of Williams'
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