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Star Trek: The Motion Picture on the big screen in Los Angeles Monday June 4th

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Creature Features and La-La Land Records invites you to boldly go… to the “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” Soundtrack Celebration, June 4, 2012, 7:30pm at The Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood (6360 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028.)

Join us in celebrating the release of the all-new, deluxe 3-disc Limited Edition soundtrack release of Jerry Goldsmith’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture with a one-of-a-kind, multi-media event featuring:

A landmark live panel discussion & presentation event, including exclusive video and audio clips, a live “Blast Beam” demonstration and more!

CD soundtrack signing (Get your copy of the soundtrack at the event, for a special price, before it’s official release on June 5th!)

TMP props and costume display.

A screening of Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The Director’s Edition (DVD source)

Film music writer and author of The Music of Star Trek Jeff Bond hosts a 90 minute panel discussion/presentation event that examines one of legendary composer Jerry Goldsmith’s most iconic and esteemed works

Panel Guests Scheduled to Attend: Original TMP soundtrack album and TMP re-issue soundtrack producer, and longtime Goldsmith recording engineer Bruce Botnick, TMP synthesizer performer Craig Huxley, TMP session violinist and renowned composer David Newman, TMP soundtrack re-issue producer and TMP “Director’s Edition” producer Mike Mattesino, TMP director of photography Richard H. Kline and other special guests TBA!

This first-ever live event to focus on Goldsmith’s masterful Star Trek: The Motion Picture score will feature exclusive video and audio clips, as well as a rare, live demonstration by Craig Huxley of his famed, 18 foot “Blaster Beam” instrument, used prominently in Star Trek: The Motion Picture’s score and sound design.

Get the soundtrack before anybody else at the show! Star Trek: The Motion Picture (3-CD set) will be available for purchase at the event at the special price of $30 each (cash only.) Then get your CD signed by Bruce Botnick and Craig Huxley at the event! The soundtrack will be officially released at lalalandrecords.com on Tuesday, June 5, 2012.

After the panel presentation and signing, stay for a screening of Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The Director’s Edition (DVD source). Event tickets are $17.50 and are available for purchase at creaturefeatures.com/startrek — BUY NOW!

Tickets will also be available at the door for $20 each.

Source: http://www.creaturef...ck-celebration/

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I'm going to this. Anyone else?

Thinking about it. Travel won't be too cheap, unfortunately, and I just used up all my earned free miles for a Vegas vacation.

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It is kinda strange they are showing the Director's cut DVD instead of a 35mm print of the theatrical cut. I wonder why?

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II can find tickets from BOS to LAX that week for $278, hmmmmm.

If only I had won that much during my Vegas trip last week....

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Strange that they'd screen one of the worst Trek movies, when there's at least three installments actually worth watching.

of all the Star Trek movies it's the one that looks best on the big screen.

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New bit from MV:

However it's presented, it'll likely be fantastic.

The pictures we've seen so far, and the track listing, all indicate one hell of a production, and it seems likely to me that this release will do justice to one of Jerry Goldsmith's best works.

I am still "nerding out" over this release, and will likely continue to do so even after the CDs are worn thin in my player.

The one thing I'm more than thrilled about is that the score itself has been backed up from the crumbling 2 inch 16-track masters, at the correct pitch, and high resolution and bitrate, such that the music is preserved for future generations.

This, far more than the soundtrack release, makes me extremely happy.

In a past press release, this effort to get the scores out there complete is part of a "soundtrack restoration project", rather than simply a "soundtrack expansion project".

It is scandallous to me that Paramount did not foot the restoration bill themselves, but at least going to specialist producers and labels as they have, they got the right people involved to save this music from the rot heap.

If a 4k restoration of The Motion Picture is done, and a Director's Edition is made, it is quite possible this new digital backup could be utilized to restore the score in the film for the new mix.

Paramount, do this one for Mr. Wise, film history, Mr. Goldsmith and Mr. Roddenberry.

I'll say this -- the more people that come to the screening the better the chances that the Director's cut will come out on Blu Ray.


And Mike Matessino:

On the subject of Blu-Ray... what MV said. Please come to celebrate one of the greatest scores ever. Please note we now have some added guests: Richard Kraft, Richard Kline, Mark Mangini.


Source: http://filmscoremont...?threadID=89017

OHhhhhhhhhhhh, how I wish I could go to this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It was a lot of fun! The first thing I saw was a booth outside the theater with the classic poster and the La-La Land logo. I went up and saw that they had the album for sale and they were also doing ticketing. I went ahead and bought the album - which I'm listening to right now, and it's fantastic! - and then checked in, which was extremely easy.

Inside, they had two costumes from the film and a miniature shuttlecraft. (Whoa, the main title just started, and the sound is great. I jumped when the low brass punched those first two notes.) Anyway, I headed into the theater itself, which had a very decent number of geeky men (ages 30-50) already sitting in it. I swear, I was the youngest person there, with the possible exception of Craig Huxley's daughter. Not sure how old she is.

Anyway, the event started with the track "Main Title (Raw First Takes)" playing over a dark screen. Everyone laughed at the orchestra's flubbed start for the very first take and applauded once they got it right. Mike Matessino then thanked a number of people involved, and Jeff Bond introduced all the panelists.

The panel was definitely interesting. It was punctuated by clips of interviews with Goldsmith himself, and at one point, they showed the complete early alternate of "The Enterprise" mixed into the film. There was a fair amount of discussion about those early alternates, as well as some musings from Richard Kraft on why TMP ended up being as great as it did.

The blaster beam demonstration by Craig Huxley was...powerful. :P He used one of the actual instruments used in the recording of TPM, a long table of aluminum that he proceeded to whack, bow, and rub with a few different objects, producing cosmic tonalities that were truly startling to hear in person. He was aided by his aforementioned daughter, Fiona Huxley, who he told us has a YouTube channel of her own. (Yikes, "The Enterprise" sounds great right now.)

After the panel wrapped up, they asked us to please proceed outside to the booth if we wanted autographs, rather than approaching the panelists inside. The film would be starting in about 25 minutes. The evening became a little disorganized at that point, unfortunately - a line quickly formed outside, but we were just standing around for a while before Bruce Botnick and then Craig Huxley showed up for the actual autographs. The latter disappeared again before I got to the table, as did Mike Matessino. But I still got Bruce Botnick's autograph on my liner notes. :) It turns out that due to time constraints, the screening of the film started while most of the line had yet to reach the booth, but I wasn't planning on staying for the film, so that didn't bother me.

Anyway, overall a lot of fun, and I hope La-La Land puts on more events like this in the future. If it involves scores, films, and/or people I'm interested in, I'd definitely go, even though it means fighting my way through LA traffic. :)

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Wuss ;)


La-La Land thanks everyone who turned out to make last night's TMP soundtrack celebration such a special event. Big time thanks to Taylor White, Mike Matessino, David Fein, The Arclight, Bruce Botnick, Craig Huxley, Richard Kraft, David Newman, Richard Kline and every single one of all of the wonderful panelists and special guests in attendance who made this a night to remember. We will be posting pics and links to video from the night over the next few days. Now excuse us as we get ready to release a little something you may have heard about in a few hours!



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Yea, its basically an episode the show stretched to 2 hours. If it wasn't for the great score, I wouldn't have watched it as many times as I have

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One thing I forgot to mention about the event last night was that we watched the "The Enterprise" scene without any music at all, and people couldn't help laughing. All the silent cuts between Shatner pretending to look at stuff and beautiful but redundant shots of the Enterprise...it was comedy gold, and really summed up for me why I don't like that film.

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One thing I forgot to mention about the event last night was that we watched the "The Enterprise" scene without any music at all, and people couldn't help laughing. All the silent cuts between Shatner pretending to look at stuff and beautiful but redundant shots of the Enterprise...it was comedy gold, and really summed up for me why I don't like that film.

Haha, that sounds awesome.

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It almost seems like the people who made Star Trek: The Motionless Picture took notes about what worked well for Star Wars, and they wrote down "overwhelming special effects," "excellent musical score," but the rest of the notes were destroyed when their jeans went through the washing machine.

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