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  1. Up till now i've only listened to OST's but having purchased my first ever expanded release soundtrack in Minority Report, it got me thinking about other scores from Williams with previously unreleased music. So I was wondering what is everyone's favourite expanded/unreleased score? And also are there any stand out tracks that you feel should have been included on the OST albums?
  2. Is it likely JW will do any concerts in the States in 2019? I felt this was my one chance to see him live so feel like travelling to America is my only option now
  3. This is the first time I’ll be seeing Williams conducting in the flesh so I’m hugely excited. What are his concerts like? Is it usually 2 hours of music with an interval? Does he speak much or tell any anecdotes in between pieces of music?
  4. Any chance a choir will be performing with the LSO? Would love to hear Duel of the Fates live
  5. Would you include someone like Joe Kraemer in this postmodernist group?
  6. Sorry I should clarify. When I say classical what I mean is scoring with a full orchestra, not creating scores by using computers to mix sounds together which a lot of composers tend to do nowdays.
  7. Looking at the current state of film scoring, the landscape seems to be dominated by that RCP sound and to me it seems like classical film scores are heading for extinction. That's not to say that classical scores are dead...yet. We still have people like Desplat, Giacchino, Silvestri and of course the granddaddy of them all JW flying the flag but where do we think the future will be for this kind of sound in movies? Are there are any next generation classical composers making their way up the industry ladder that we need to be aware of? I'm trying to put together a list of 'classical' film composers that are currently working in Hollywood today, especially looking to find some lesser known gems. Be great if you guys with your vastly superior film music knowledge can throw some names out there! Thanks
  8. I’ve read the book. I thought in the film The oasis stuff was really great, I just wish the real world tone was a bit darker and more threatening, like minority report or AI. Instead we kind of good a version of hook where the bad guys aren’t really that bad, and the stakes aren’t all that high
  9. Not overstruck on the high five theme. Sounds too much like your generic marvel hero theme. Orchestrations on the whole are very williamsesque. A decent score overall
  10. I agree. This and the main theme sound very Horner-ish to me. Interested to hear what the rest of the score sounds like
  11. What ever happened to David Arnold? I really liked his Bond scores as well as Independence Day. Has he retired? Doesn’t seem like he’s hired to do big movies anymore
  12. Still gutted Williams isn’t doing this. When was the last time Silvestri produced a good action/fantasy score?
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