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  1. The Custom Covers Thread

    Idk, i see it now. must be an artifact of the upload. I'll check into it.
  2. The Custom Covers Thread

    Made a slight edit in the "RS" portion to fill in some empty space. This is based on the 2015 Target alt. cover for TFA.
  3. THE LAST JEDI - Target-Exclusive OST Album

    TFA had an alt cover with the two cards.
  4. THE LAST JEDI - Target-Exclusive OST Album

    That is a placeholder image. Someone posted the digipak in another thread. the lame cover art has been confirmed since last week, too.
  5. I saw. I just couldn't remember if the alternate cover was announced with those cards for TFA. I'm still holding on to the faint chance of an official cover like that.
  6. Not sure if Target is doing an alternate cover for TLJ soundtrack (in addition to those cards), but I threw one together that I'll be using to keep some continuity with the ST scores.