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  1. Ordered, along with Trek. I never had the original album, so this will be a nice release.
  2. Maxxie

    What I did on my lunch break today

    I like it. The Mummy, crossed with Raiders crossed with Jaws!
  3. The samples sound amazing, can't wait! "Plot Course" sounds a like Dennis The Menace in one part...
  4. Maxxie

    Hedwig's Theme vs. The Enterprise

    I'm not voting because I love them both!
  5. Da dadada dadada!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!! I'm gonna get it for Christmas!
  6. Saw the film this morning. Don't think the score was particulary amazing to be honest.
  7. Maxxie

    Potterdom Film/Score Series Thread

    Saw the film this morning. Don't think the score was anything worth writing home about...
  8. Could someone please list which cues from this set are not used in the film? I haven't got the DVD to check! So far I think I've figured out that 'Owls Flight' isn't, are there any more? Simple answers please!
  9. Maxxie

    Some groovy pictures!

    Long hair, Barbossa wannabe beard, cigar.......... BUT NO BLACK TURTLENECK!
  10. Maxxie

    Raiders of the Lost Ark: DCC or Concord?

    I'm going with DCC because I have a soft spot for it. Plus the Concord one was riddled with errors and the edited 'Desert Chase' cue was insulting and, quite frankly, unforgivable.
  11. Maxxie

    My Model Railway

    Awesome! <_<
  12. Maxxie

    My Model Railway

    Or Runaway Train. Terrible film! Lol. Might use Silver Streak tho...
  13. Maxxie

    Fluffy's Harp versus Fluffy's Harp

    +1. Can't believe they put that on and missed off "Entry Into The Great Hall".....