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  1. The first take of "Duel of the Fates" had orchestra and choir recorded simultaneously. The final take, aside from differences in orchestration, also had the choir and orchestra recorded separately.
  2. Just came across something truly bizarre on Spotify: a horrible, cheap cash-in album of Star Wars music based on a combination of synth mockups and second-rate orchestral performances, complete with live applause and sloppily cut off tracks. But there is something interesting: a complete performance of Duel of the Fates with its original instrumentation. I remember that we found most of this in game files, but as far as I know the last minute or so never surfaced. Maybe I'm wrong. But anyway, here it is: The Star Wars Singers & Orchestra – Star Wars
  3. Yeah, it was an excellent performance. A few french horn bleats, but it comes with the territory. The horn is an absurdly difficult instrument, and Williams likes to showcase it. I criticized the audience, but it was actually a pretty enjoyable experience. The "Music by John Williams" credit got a lot of applause. I should also mention that the orchestra reprised the title music before part 2 of the film, also to enthusiastic applause. Lockhart actually had to gesture for the audience to settle down as the film resumed.
  4. Yes. It would have been worthless, I think. The audience covered most of the new ending with applause. The audience also completely drowned out the keyboard finale of the end credits - they heard the music start to die down and figured it was already over. All the church hymns were performed live with a children's choir and organ (probably a synth). The only real gaffe was "Setting the Trap" - they used the original synth drum recording, and the orchestra was clearly out of alignment with it. I guess they didn't have the space or technical capability to use a live synth drumkit.
  5. I get that the alternate ends in a similar way, but to me the orchestration sounds more similar to the film version. Maybe I'm wrong and it's just a difference of acoustics.
  6. Too consumed by Facebook to do the forum thing as well. #firstworldproblems
  7. The opening is actually the very same chord that ends "Binary Sunset" - and it's the film version, not the alternate, that it matches. Same key and everything!
  8. It seems like an odd way to confirm this. Maybe a video editor was instructed to assemble some clips of Disney films and he/she just grabbed some Star Wars clips, not realizing that Disney owns the franchise, not the films themselves. Anyway, now it's been taken down.
  9. Henry Buck


    An arrangement by Jonne Valtonen? Yesssssss.
  10. I think this is silly, and Star Trek should always be a little silly. Plus, doesn't Shatner deserve a chance to bring closure to his Kirk character? His last performance wasn't the strongest.
  11. Really, you don't think Apple gave this any thought? The reduction in storage sizes is a conscious move toward music streaming. Once everyone is streaming their music library from iCloud or using iTunes radio a 128GB hard drive will be wholly unnecessary. You can agree or disagree with this practice - I'm just saying that there's a business philosophy to it.
  12. Don't know for sure if this was already common knowledge, but I just found out that it was licensed from the film 'Billy Bathgate', music by Mark Isham. Oh cool, thanks for solving this!
  13. This isn't actually what counterpoint means. I didn't know what I was talking about ten years ago. Wait... I've been here ten years?
  14. Most of the orchestra members look like they're asleep at the wheel. I would imagine this selection was met with a fair amount of trepidation.
  15. My favorite Williams score. It's a glimpse into eternity, as stupid as that might sound.
  16. I LOVED that piece. Were you listening to Williams' War of the Worlds and A.I.? It's much more than just an imitation, though. And it's interesting that you talk about emotion, because to me this piece doesn't wear its heart on its sleeve, which is all too often a problem with religious music.
  17. Yes, Lucas had complete creative control over the prequels. He also blatantly pandered by including Boba Fett, Chewbacca and a plethora of visual elements from the Original Trilogy seemingly for no other reason than to appeal to nostalgia and sell toys. His vision wasn't just bad; it was unoriginal and inauthentic.
  18. That new theme really kind of sucks. It'll probably be rethought by the time it makes it to the recording session, though.
  19. The only damning thing about John Borstlap's statement is its curmudgeonliness. And Thomas Adés, one of the leaders of the avant garde, really? I love his music, but it (for better or worse) sits on the conservative side of the spectrum. I wonder what Borstlap would think of Beat Furrer.
  20. He's not as chameleonic a composer as, say, Jerry Goldsmith or Toru Takemitsu. No, he absolutely could not have written The Social Network.
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