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  1. I would say unto him, "Dude, I thought you retired. Didn't you put anything away for your golden years? Man, I'm gonna have to work until I've been dead for five years before I can retire." Bruckhorn, who met herr maestro twelve years ago and treated him with the respect due him. Didn't get an autograph, but I did shake his hand and I have the concert on tape. Shhh, don't tell anyone I said that last part.
  2. What movie was this? Young Sherlock Holmes. It came out in 1985. Please don't tell me how young you were back then, And for the new Indy film, how about: The man in the hat is back-- with a walker! Question: are the Indiana Jones books considered canon? If not, Indy can go after Excalibur and end up using it as a cane. I swear, I really am looking forward to it. It'll probably take place in the 1920s and have Ben Affleck in the role of Indy... Bruckhorn, who's pleased that Figo got to 100 posts.
  3. bruckhorn


    Hmmm. Must listen to Beethoven's Fifth (Sym) and 1941 back to back. Bruckhorn, who was once told to marry a girl, who when told that she was going to hear Beethoven's Fifth, replied "Symphony or Piano Concerto?" (I'm still single and looking for that girl.)
  4. Part of the problem with the sound quality is that the recording was done durring a live show. In your job at the radio station you work at, Figo, I'd imagine that you are well acquainted with the variances of live recordings. When the Clarinet Concerto was recorded, was it with the intention of releasing it publically? And how were the master tapes stored? Some tape, when it ages, gets "sticky". Etc... If you enjoy Williams' "concert hall" music, get it. (I know, the ivory tower folks prefer "art music", but I consider that quite pompous and belittles other compositions.) Peace. bruckhorn
  5. Does this statement include music from Planet of the Apes, Logan's Run, and Alien? Bruckhorn, who likes his Goldsmith pushing the envelope...
  6. Are these the same people who think that McCartney's first band was Wings? bruckhorn, who has all of the Beatles albums. And listens to them, too!
  7. Sousa wrote operettas? Guess that's my something new for today! bruckhorn
  8. Amer??? :confused: Hector - who's feeling like Andre Lux allof a sudden at all the.... ********* Well, I didn't want to speak for the entire world. I have some knowledge of Ameican culture in the twentieth cenutry, but not for the entire world. While I do on occasion speak out of turn, I try to limit it as much as I can. Hector, you live in Mexico, do you think that Williams' work introduced a generation of Mexicans to orchestral music? If so, please feel free to speak for the people of your country.
  9. Yeah, it is a good thing. I saw footage of the ceremony and he looked quite pleased. Not only a thank you to his parents, but probably also something to use as an argument to make sure his kids go to college. What movie do you think he used for his senior thesis? Peace b.
  10. While it is easy to say that Schoenberg was the most influencial composer of the twentieth century-- most influencial to other composers, that is. Take a look at what Williams has on his track record: His score to Star Wars brought back the full orchestral score to Hollywood. His scores to Jaws, Star Wars, Close Encounters, Superman, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and E.T. introduced an entire generation of Americans to orchestral music. His music has inspired people to become musicians (re: comments Williams made concerning scoring session of The Phantom Menace) and has influenced other composers (i.e.: me). While I am impressed that my nephew (all of seven) has been introduced to the music of Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, and Gershwin in the same public elementary school that I graduated from twenty years ago (all I got was a couple of sing-alongs with folk songs), it was the Force Theme that he was humming at the age of four. His music has touched millions of people. If he's not be the best composer, he certainly is the most important composer of the twentieth century. With all this, keep in mind: great music touches the soul and never lets go. And whatever has touched your soul and hasn't let go must be viewed as the best music for you. We are all different and all have different tastes. Viva la difference! Peace b. Harry Potter (the score, not the poster)
  11. Enjoyed reading about your encounter with the maestro. I met him after a concert in 1990 and thanked him for writing Always. Four months previous to the meeting I tweaked my knee (went to the ER the next day) and when I played that score it eased my pain. Truly showed the healing power of music. And as for others who call themselves big John Williams fans: I'm 6'5" and 270lbs. That's right, there's at least a 95% chance that I'm a bigger John Williams fan than you are. Okay, maybe just more voluminous... Peace. b.
  12. From www.thecityreview.com/olympics.html "... the program was thematically tied together by an 13-year-old skater, Ryne Sanborn, who held a lantern and was inspired by a fire god... " Do you consider your question answered? Bruckhorn, who shouted "Shut up!" when Couric and Costas kept muttering during "Call of the Champions." What is it with American television networks: any music the doesn't have words does't matter? Ugh!
  13. Suggestion for addition: Side A, 2:43 available Binary Sunset (Alternate) 2:19 Side B, 6:37 available Lando's Palace 3:53 The Levitation/ Threepio's Bedtime Story 2:46 This will put you two seconds over 45 min. In my experience in making tapes, this won't be a problem. (But make the silences between selections as short as possible.) Of the three pieces listed, the one I like the most is Lando's Palace. It has so many of the main themes, all in once piece. BTW, thanks for the springboard, I was thinking about making a tape for my seven year old nephew, and well... I think I got me some ideas now. b.
  14. What, no word from Harry about his pending attendence? Bruckhorn, who believes the "Location: Ohio" on Harry's posts, but thinks "Regular Poster" is an extreme understatement.
  15. Okay, this just got transfered to the trading board... Frosty: Full Score (JW Signature editions, unless noted, no order): Three Pieces from Schindler's List Raider's March Hymn to the Fallen (from Saving Private Ryan) Happy Birthday Variations Dry Your Tears, Afirka (from Amistad) The Olympic Spirit Theme from The Lost World The Cowboys Overture Adventures on Earth (from E.T.) Three Holiday Songs from Home Alone (Somewhere in My Memory; Star of Bethlehem; and Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas for Chorus and Orchestra) Suite from The Phantom Menace (The Flag Parade, Anakin's Theme, The Adventures of Jar-Jar, and Duel of the Fates) Suite from Star Wars Saga (Main Title, Princess Leia's Theme, The Imperial March, Yoda's Theme, and Throne Room & End Title) Suite from Star Wars (original-- Main Title, The Little People Work, Princess Leia's Theme, The Battle, and Throne Room & End Titles) The Five Sacred Trees (solo bassoon line with piano reduction) Anything interest you Frosty? Bruckhorn, who needs to send Hal Leonard more money for all of the recent additions.
  16. The 2-disc set was issued without track titles.
  17. Well, Frosty, what enticement is needed for you to complete your last sentance? Bruckhorn, who's curiousity is piqued...
  18. That's what the man said. I didn't see it. Bruckhorn, who's admitted to not bieng the most observant person in the world.
  19. I just tried that. A full orchestral score version is not currently in print. I'm hoping some one can confirm that it even exists. And if so, in what form and to please present all pertient information about the publication so I might be able to track down a used verion of it, or possibly an intra-library loan. Thanks for the info on how to insert the headphone emoticon. The second posting I did, I finally noticed the "View more emoticons" button. I'm real observent at times... b.
  20. Harry, you are correct. After I tried to upload it I noticed that the max size is 8k. (Which explains your avatar not being animated, right?) The smallest I can get the image I want to use is 12k. Ugh! I'm working on it. Hector, the one with Cruise shouting, uh hum, stuff. Bruckhorn, who needs to go to sleep now, so I'll have one less thing to blame my bad golf game on. (And if you saw the first version of this post, you'd agree, it's time for me to go . 'night y'all.)
  21. I could see Chewie making a cameo along the lines that the Falcon appeared in AOTC (at the Naboo dock when Anakin and Padme arrive-- at least that's what was said by Lucas on one of the "Behind the Scenes" featurettes that were on last week). Bruckhorn, who thought "When nine hundred years old I become, kick butt like Yoda, I will not." when first seeing a certain scene in AOTC.
  22. Concerning A Beautiful Mind: I thought it to be a major disappointment. It was nominated for Best ORIGINAL Score and there's that same motif that he's used ad naseum since Aliens (and probably long before that). And the best part is: it's lifted from the Adagio from The Gayne Ballet Suite by Aram Khatchaturian which was featured in 2001 - A Space Odyssey. Uh, that was public domain back then (in the mid eighties), but when the Iron Curtain fell, copyright protection was established for all of the items subject to copyright protection (works less than 75 years old-- I worked at a classical radio station at the time and we had to start paying for playing those pieces). Bruckhorn, who loves Horner's music through The Rocketeer, but after that... yeah I have it, but how often do I listen to it?
  23. Yeah, I think she was whiter than Casper and I was redder than Fidel Castro. Heck, Hector, I might know where you can get your hands on that disc your looking for. Bruckhorn, who hopes his avatar works
  24. Tusken Raiders sounds more intimidating. Also, remember, A New Hope takes place after Attack of the Clones. Isn't possible that over the course of the years, political correctness arrived on Tatooine? Uh, it's possible, right? Or maybe they shed their war-like ways and settled down. Or, Ah, hell, Lucas thinks the Anakin and Padme's Theme is the first Love theme from the Star Wars saga. Despite all the money he's made, he doesn't have enough to pay for a continuity supervisor. (See: episode 4 of Clerks: The Animated Series for details.) Bruckhorn, raving, or ranting, or prattling on. Hell, I'm a guy, I'm not supposed to be in touch with my feelings!
  25. I got a copy of a one disc boot of Born on the Fourth of July and it was quite the surprise when it gets to the end of the last track and suddenly there's Tom Cruise's voice screaming "Penis!" over and over again. Of course that's when my mother entered the room. I don't know who was more shocked. Yeah, I was thirty at the time, but there's just something things that Mom doesn't need to hear. So, if you get a boot of BOTFOJ, beware. It might be best to listen to it the first time with headphones. Bruckhorn Nothing, my CD player stopped.
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