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  1. Mine arrived this morning, in the UK! Couldn't believe it, only five days since it was dispatched, that's including the weekend. Superman: The Movie (John Williams)
  2. Sorry, I was mostly talking about the adult actors. Radcliffe and Grint and Watson definitely got better in subsequent films (probably the only element of the films that has been consistently better from film to film).
  3. Indeed, but that's hardly saying much. Among a few other films, I got the chance to see 2001: A Space Odyssey in the cinema last week. It only increased my appreciation of the film, and this is a film that was pretty much my #1 favourite beforehand. Amazing, amazing movie, just about perfect in every way. I can see why it's not to some people's tastes, but I absolutely loved it. Can't really describe it, it's just brilliant. I also saw the first Harry Potter again. I think I've been a bit harsh on it in the past... it's a fun kid's movie. I enjoyed it. Fantastic score and generally the acting is very good.
  4. Why, where did you order it from? The longest Screen Archives ever took to deliver a parcel to me in the UK was just under 2 weeks.
  5. Glad to see I'm not the only one with that problem. I can never remember either. - Rob, who saw 2001 there this week
  6. Lots of my SAE orders have been listed as "Pending" long after they dispatched (I even received one before they updated the order page one time!).
  7. Elmer Bernstein's Film Music Collection It's a 12-disc collection of scores that Elmer Bernstein re-recorded in the 1970s (plus one from 2003).
  8. It's entertaining and worth seeing, but it's not as good as Tommy IMO. - Rob, who spent most of his free time this week watching UK Whose Line is it Anyway? clips on YouTube
  9. The Fury and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
  10. I voted "Meh", though maybe I was being generous.
  11. A good dessert is no match for a good main course. Clearly the voice of someone who's never tasted really good vanilla ice cream. Good vanilla ice cream is really, really tasty. And I'm not talking about this stuff: Can't argue with that. Milk chocolate's OK, but dark chocolate (in small quantities) is just great. It tastes quite nice, but its main purpose is disguising the taste of bad ice cream. OK for some ice creams. As I said, its main purpose is to disguise the taste of bad ice cream. Bananas I can tolerate, but I'm with you on cherries. I quite like chocolate raisins. I voted for nuts. There's no reason they should be freezing cold if you eat it quickly. I don't like sprinkles. Correct. Brownies and vanilla ice cream is very nice. I wouldn't want to try the others with ice cream, can't imagine it working. John Williams - Raiders of the Lost Ark
  12. I'm going to try and resist listening to any Superman music until my set arrives.
  13. There's a lot of nice stuff missing from ToD, but I actually find the album very enjoyable.
  14. Just out of interest, did anyone here get an autographed copy? - Rob, who would have liked one, but could in no way justify the extra cost Jerry Goldsmith - The Last Run
  15. You do get an email, but it's sometimes taken over 24 hours for me to get mine. I wouldn't worry yet. John Williams - The Empire Strikes Back
  16. The lyrics are corny as hell, but I don't really mind them in the film. I never listen to them on the album, though. John Williams - Star Wars
  17. II is the score I'm least interested in. III has some very nice moments (that I can remember, it's been years since I saw the film, thankfully -- there's probably more than I've forgotten about), and IV is actually a really good score. I'm looking foward to all of them. John Williams - Star Wars
  18. They've already done a red box. I only know the Elfman scores, and I doubt I'd pay any sort of large amount of money for those. John Williams - Star Wars
  19. Well, I ordered this. Looking forward to hearing all the scores. John Williams - Jane Eyre
  20. Here's mine. Hope it works this time, the first few times I couldn't get it to work properly.
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