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  1. As we're nearly four years from when this was posted, I'm far less optimistic. Anybody care to PM me in the direction of one of those listenable edits?
  2. I'm surprised more people aren't working with this poster. I like it quite a bit.
  3. Boy am I pissed that the FYC is down at the Disney page other than streaming. I had a feeling something stupid like this would happen since I saw this entry later in its release than the previous two in the trilogy. Half of the YouTube videos with the music have been removed too. Crap.
  4. The scene from Fantasia was censored in 1969. This is nothing new. Now, they're putting disclaimers at the beginning of movies and in their description. Your bizarre movie-based history program is still relatively intact.
  5. So there's a guarantee that we'd all have felt exactly as the filmmakers did? That's a new one. For my money, the piece from Man on Fire was always way too saccharine for the scene where it was used. And don't even get me started on the use of music from Aliens. Hey! I don't feel the same way as the filmmakers! What is happening???
  6. Call me crazy, but I think all three worked wonderfully. Granted, the tone of the finale would have been far different, but not in a bad way. I'm sure the adoration for it would be universal had this music been used in lieu of tracked music and temp track love.
  7. Or John "let's score Ben's death with Leia's theme" Williams. If it fits, it fits!
  8. Exactly. It's not easy and it's not cheap. But let's also not forget him joking with Craig Huxley when he killed his "solo" during the Star Trek: The Motion Picture sessions.
  9. The Hunger Games: 9/10 I thought it was a damn fine film with some serious emotional content. On top of that, it was a strong condemnation of violence and the absolute garbage that we watch as entertainment.
  10. Another truth: John Williams has one uterus and two penises. Figure that one out! (Jerry Goldsmith sported an invisible handlebar mustache for the last fifteen years of his life.) P.S: I too am a mook.
  11. "Plato's Stepchildren" by Alexander Courage. Quite an interesting psychological score, especially by Original Series standards. I really enjoyed the theme for the Platonians.
  12. Last thing I listened to was Williams' Jane Eyre. In a word: gorgeous.
  13. Why do people have to argue about everything on the Internet?!? The film doesn't require you to read anything to understand it. It's OBVIOUSLY got a religious bent to it. Now, unless those explanations were written by anyone who actually worked on the film, they amount to nothing more that what's happening here. And who wants to have a work of art explained to them anyway? You like it or you don't. I loved it. It's a great film that's full of ideas regarding that age-old concept that we call "belief".
  14. Are we talking about a point before or after the Blaster Beam counterpoint ends?
  15. Based on that track list, it looks like you could literally assemble a whole other version of the score with the alternates. I might have to do that as this is one of the few scores whose alternates interest me.
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