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  1. Our whole stereo system is still from the mid 1980s, believe it or not, all we did was add a CD player to the mix!
  2. I ordered the Brachiosaurus one, I liked that cover the most,
  3. How? I didn't see that on the preorder I just did!
  4. I may have to pull out of dinner on Saturday, and just meet up by the stage door. My friends may be interested in going somewhere else instead, I'll know tonight.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if Giacchino was at the Philadelphia performance. His hometown, Cherry Hill, is only 15 minutes outside the city.
  6. The point of this score is to call back on the stylings of those old western scores. I don't think there was ever a way this would have been a truly original score. This score is fun, and it actually plays the genre straight enough to seem sincere. A lot times with comedy scores that follow traditional styles, they end up sounding tongue-in-cheek, even if they're playing it straight. I don't think this scores has that problem.
  7. Concert band arrangements of big films are very common, and most not very good at all - I wouldn't expect much from this one, especially based on the arranger. Bocook or Lavender would give you a more accurate/difficult arrangement. Lopez is much closer to the music education market.
  8. Just a note that the Mann Center is an outdoor venue, even more open than Tanglewood is.
  9. For what it's worth, having just viewed the 13 Season 6 episodes that they finished and released on Netflix, these episodes on their own really validate the whole series. The best Star Wars material I've seen in years, and Kiner's scores lean heavily on Williams' themes in these episodes,including Qui-Gon's, Yoda's, and Battle of the Heroes. Really great material.
  10. Very excited by this, probably the most exciting soundtrack news in a while for me.
  11. Oh, nice news about the Philly Orchestra performance, maybe I'll be able to get a comp for that. I'll definitely be there either way! They're doing Gladiator live as well on July 18th, and West Side Story on the 30th. I was there for West Side Story live last time they did it, excellent performance.
  12. I'm in. Really it would look nice in an album frame, I have the original Star Wars LP framed as well.
  13. Kevin Kiner is returning to score Star Wars Rebels. Important points: Using a 30 piece orchestra for the show, which is really quite large.Using more of John Williams' themes on this show than he did on Clone WarsMusic will become more experimental toward the end of season 1, for a story reasonAlso posted was a recording of his titles music for Rebels, sounds like a synth demo. Very heavily influenced by 3 themes - the rebel fanfare, the motif from "Into the Trap", and the Force theme. Sounds much closer to the John Williams sound than his previous militaristic main title music for Clone W
  14. The Gabrielli music they're doing is just as incredible, if no one's ever heard the album "The Antiphonal Gabrielli" it's really worth checking out.
  15. On Thursday June 12th, brass players from many of the major orchestras in the US (Cleveland, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, San Francisco, L.A., Detroit,many Chicago's orchestras are all represented) will gather in California as the "National Brass Ensemble" to perform a concert of music by the renaissance composer Gabrielli, which is exciting on it's own! How does this relate to us? Apparently John Williams was commissioned to write a new work for brass especially for this occasion. I believe this performance is supposed to be recorded as well. This ought to be incredible. Check out the l
  16. The Duck Tour really is fun to do, some of the drivers are especially amusing.
  17. I don't know about recordings, though some can be heard on his website. I've played his horn sonata, and his trumpet solo Excursions is working its way very quickly into standard recital repertoire. He's a name that people know, and many of them not for his film music.
  18. Any Broughton is a safe bet. If he were still writing for movies today he would really be the only film composer that could truly hold a candle to Williams. Luckily we still have him writing in the concert world, and his music is very well respected.
  19. It seems as if no one has noticed Intrada announced Young Sherlock Holmes is coming next week, along with a new Excalibur collection Rózsa recording! It'll be a great week!
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