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  1. I get what you mean, Pilgrim. But I think that approach to the music has more to do with the source material Williams is writing for rather than a greater meaning. Lincoln, War Horse (for the most part), and The Book Thief all end in a bittersweet way and all have a strong sense of finality.
  2. The 2nd act has its moments, like "Pulling the Canon" or "Joey's New Friends", but I agree that it's the least enjoyable.
  3. It's a tough decision for me too, except for Tintin which I just honestly don't enjoy. I would put Book Thief in third place because it doesn't grab me as much as Lincoln and War Horse, but the Max/Leisel theme is gorgeous and even though the 'main theme' is rhythmically repetitive I still like it very much, and I think the repetitiveness of it was a deliberate decision. Lincoln gets 2nd place. I actually think that as a pure composition it is better than War Horse (although it doesn't stand on its own quite as well as War Horse), and the performance is excellent and it's a wonderful album.
  4. There is a Trumpet & Piano signature edition of With Malice Toward None out now, ordering it!
  5. 5th/6th Grade general and vocal music teacher. Freelance French horn.
  6. Got mine! Saturday the 7th, 2nd Balcony Center.
  7. I like the art on the standard soundtrack much better this time around than I did on AUJ.
  8. 2:30 - 2:40 of "The Quest For Erebor" seems to quote Gandalf the Grey's theme, 2:30 - 2:35 especially, with the rest being an expansion.
  9. Check a Barnes and Noble if there is one near you, that's a safe bet.
  10. It was just a jarring experience in this type of film in particular.
  11. The Watertower version still has the good packaging! It looks great!
  12. By the end of the film she'd be at an age where having the latest iMac computer in her apartment doesn't really make much sense, even if the character became a writer or something.
  13. I agree. Even as an admitted Apple fanboy, it was jarring to see and wasn't needed.
  14. I have to wait till the 13th before I can order, it's a shame because at $54 some of those table seats are pretty tempting.
  15. It's definitely best for me, I won't have to take off of work.
  16. Nice! Was it Saturday that we did Uno's this year?
  17. I agree, that was a great moment. Also, in the book I was able to not think about this, but in the film I felt that the relationship between Leisel and Max was a little awkward, or creepy.
  18. So I love the score, love the book....but I hated the movie. It really seemed like a mess and at times I felt like I wouldn't have really understood things if I hadn't read the book before. That being said I think on the whole Williams' music worked very well in the film, there were only one or two spots where it felt out of place. "Rudy is Taken" was a bit too much, but the scene it was written for seemed designed for this sort of melodramatic writing, so I don't know why it didn't really work for me. As far as unreleased music I didn't really notice much, we basically have everything.
  19. A Very She & Him Christmas is a great album!
  20. For brainstorming: What scores, cues, or concert music would you consider have a strong representation of hope, strength, or resilience?
  21. Sounds magnificent. And it's nice to hear Middle-Earth music finally getting to tread a lot of new ground now. I can't wait!
  22. GreyPilgrim, thanks for the Respighi post! I've never heard that concerto, and it's really amazing. Thanks!
  23. Well, The Book Thief definitely sounds like a winter score to me, so it's joined those ranks!
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