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  1. Well, it obviously doesn't ruin it for us as it might with a magic trick. But that's the point of a trick, to be fooled. The point of music is not to remain ignorant of its inner workings lest you become disenchanted.
  2. That's the kind of thing we talk about, how it's prepared... raw theory in a vacuum is like the recipe.
  3. I've been there many times. Missed it last year but I will be back this year. It's true that most any seating will be agreeable. Often what I end up doing though is wandering around the grounds, always within earshot of the music, just taking it all in. Now that is a great summer evening, let me tell you.
  4. I think The Search for the Blue Fairy is even more so to me ( I am in the minority who likes the solo soprano over the film version though) but yes Stored Memories demands that from me too. It is in itself such a wonderful musical journey.I prefer the soloist too!
  5. Am I the only one who can't listen to Stored Memories without massive mental preparation?
  6. I haven't seen any in my as-yet brief tenure here. That should change!
  7. ^Lol, great signature. Tonight I listened to North's 2001, and Jerry's Timeline and Planet of the Apes.
  8. Now I have no interest in this film one way or another, but yeesh. How many times can Weinstein crap all over someone's film before his amorphously bloated self is stopped? http://collider.com/grace-of-monaco-release-date-pushed-weinstein/#disqus_thread
  9. After the statement of the Erebor theme at 1:30 in The Courage of Hobbits, does it sound to anyone else like the ending phrase it spins into is a hint at Dwarrowdelf material? Maybe someone noticed it before.
  10. Nope. =( But the concerto should be. And I didn't even know about this horn piece.
  11. It's not even arranging. It's editing a bunch of tracks. How? Putting aside the Zimmer jokes, I think valid points about this contest are being brought up. Well, putting aside the Zimmer jokes, there's little being said about Zimmer. And Faleel I think explained what the contest is all about well enough. It's more about arranging and the sort of thing that we know folks in Zimmer's "band," or in this case whatever the musical group is, are expected to know how to do, rather than outright composing.
  12. This thread is one big circlejerk of musical ignorance.
  13. Yes, I retract my Indy/Star Wars examples as they stray a bit beyond haunting in a depressing sense. But the AI one embodies that completely for me.
  14. Yes, let them go on thinking that learning is for squares!
  15. That's awesome. Liam is somewhat old for it, but it's freaking Liam.
  16. The opening choral segment of Stored Memories. Hell, the whole cue. When Sir Richard's sarcophagus is revealed to a solemn reading of the grail theme, and the earlier statement when Marcus and Indy are in Henry's study. The Force theme at the start of Tales Of A Jedi Knight. You've already heard it during the binary sunset, but this setting is the one that made the biggest impression on me the first time. It's very haunting; it sounds distant, archaic, steeped in history, and makes the imagination run wild envisioning what that history could be.
  17. You might also opt to have certain sections playing certain components towards a certain acoustic end, depending on string seatings and things like that. The ranges of the instruments and what will make the sonority ideally balanced or unbalanced factor in. Besides, we're talking about the compositional end of it, not the practical one that comes into play on the scoring stage. Things aren't as simple as they appear from the outside.
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