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  1. The Paraskevas version of "Go Time" is longer than the ost version, its actually the film version
  2. The Website of Mick Paraskevas (Additional composer on FG) also contain some unreleaseds and alternates, check it out
  3. Anyone have "the last castle" slates from the intrada booklet or the cuesheets maybe?
  4. Michael Giacchino - Sky High (2005) Source: Intrada liner notes 1M0 Sky High Opening 1M5 Trouble Downtown 1M7 Bus Away* 1M8 Next Stop... Sky High 2M2 Round-Up 2M4-5_EDIT Welcome To Sky High 2M6 Power Placement (Brandon Christy, Michael Giacchino) 2M6 Power Placement – Coda* (Brandon Christy, Michael Giacchino) 2M7 Starting With You 2M9 Still Looking 2M12 Stare Down 2M14 Lollipopless 2M15-16 The Secret Sanctum 3M1 Medulla All Blown-Uppa 3m3-5 I’m A Sidekick 3M6 Vat’s An Idea! 3M7 Respect The Hat 3M8-10_EDIT Cafeteria Brawl 3M12 Proud Papa 3M13 Movin’ On Up 3M15 A Friendly Wave 3M15_ALT A Friendly Wave 4M1 Sidekicked Out 4M2 Save The Citizen (Michael Giacchino, Kevin Riepl, Chris Tilton) 4M3 Private Tutor 4M8 Kiss Of Death 4M9 Homecoming News 5M4 Makeout Sanctum 5M6 Keeping Promises 5M8 She’s Totally Into You 5M10-11 Gotta Get To Sky High 5M13-14_EDIT Pacified 5M15_EDIT Fighting Back 6M1-2 Royal Pain Is Monologuing 6M3_EDIT That Could’ve Been Messy 6M4 You Saved Sky High 6M7 Sky High End Credits * Not Featured In Film
  5. That one was already posted: http://www.jwfan.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=20819&page=17#entry1091684 Ah, Sorry!
  6. David Arnold - Godzilla (1998) Source: Lalaland Cd's Tags 1m1 The Beginning 1m3 Tanker Gets It 1m5/6 Chernobyl 2m1 Footprint 2m2 Footprints / New York / Audrey 2m3 Chewing Gum Nose 2m3a/4 Ship Reveal / Nick Discovers Fish / Flesh 2m5 The Boat Gets It 3m1 Dawn Of The Species 3m3/4 Joe Gets A Bite / Godzilla Arrives 3m5 Mayor's Speech 3m6 Caiman's Office 3m7 Animal's Camera 4m1 Military Command Center / New Jersey 4m2 Audrey's Idea 4m3 Evacuation 4m4 French Coffee 4m4 Subway Damage / Command Enters City 5m1 Fish 5m2 Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? 5m3/4 1st Helicopter Chase / Godzilla Swats A Chopper 6m1/1x We Fed Him / Audrey Sees Nick 6m2/3/4/7m1 Nick And Audrey / He's Pregnant /Audrey Takes The Tape / French Breakfast 7m2 He's Preparing To Feed 7m4/5/6/7/8m0 Nick Gets Fired / Nick Gets Abducted / Frenchie's Warehouse / Nick Joins The Foreign Legion 8m1 Chewing Gum 8m2 Rumble In The Tunnel 9m1/2/3/4/10m1 Godzilla O Park / Godzilla Takes A Dive / Godzilla Versus The Submarine / Egg Discovery 10m2 Baby 'Zillas Hatch 10m3 Nick Phones For Help 11m1 Eat The French 11m2 Phillip Shoots The Lock 11m3/12m1 Nick's Big Speech / The Garden Gets It 12m2/3 He's Back! / Taxi Chase & Clue 13m1 Big G Goes To Monster Heaven 14m1 The End 1m1 The Beginning (No Choir) 2m2a Footprints / New York / Audrey (Alternate) 2m5 The Boat Gets It (Alternate) Gojira (Album Version)
  7. anybody have the slates for those? Pitch Black Titan A.E.
  8. Christopher Lennertz - Marmaduke (2010) Source: Recording Sessions 1m02 Davis Logo 1m03 Uncool for School 1m04 Meet The 2 Leggers 1m05 Bath 1m06 Puppy Flashback - Our Shot 1m08 Moving Day 1m10 Same Dog Different Floor 1m13 Dog Park 1m14 Intro to Jezebel 1m15 Meet the Mutts 2m16 The Pedigrees 2m17 Bee! - Interesting 2m20 Dad Attempt 2m21 Marmabye 2m24 Pedigree Crashers 2m26 Mad Dogged 2m27 Bosco's Right 2m28 Just Surfers - Genius Dane 2m30 Barkanova 101 3m31A Dog Trainer 3m31B Dental Hygiene 3m32 I Smell A Cat 3m33 Whatever 3m34 Cow-A-Bark-A 3m35 Keep A Secret 3m36 Hang 20 3m38 This Ends Here 3m39 Beach Talk 3m42 Junkyard Date 3m44 Jealous Mazie 4m49 Marmafake 4m50 Ex Top Dog 4m51 Uh Oh Daddy 4m52 Backyard vs. Couch 4m53 Peace Offering Returnez 4m55 Runs Away 4m56 Chupadogra 4m57 Where?s Marmaduke 4m58 Looking for Marmaduke 5m60 Saving Marmaduke 5m61 Firetruck Side Chat 5m62 Dogfrontation 5m64 Pretty In Pink
  9. John Paesano - The Maze Runner (2014) Source: cocatalog.loc.gov 1m01B Thomas In The Pit, 1m01The Wall, 1m02 The Glade, 1m03A Walk to the Wall, 1m03B Walk to the Wall, 1m04 Glader Source Drums, 1m05 Talk of Grievers, 1m06A Thomas and Galley Fight, 1m06B My Name Is Thomas, 1m07 Flashback 1, 1m08 Make Your Mark, 2m09 Ben’s Not Right, 2m10 Ben’s Banishment, 2m11 Flashback 2, 2m13 Waiting In The Rain, 2m14 Thomas Runs into the Maze, 2m15 Hiding Alby, 3m16A Thomas Runs From Griever, 3m16B Thomas Runs From Griever, 3m17 Return With Alby, 3m18 Box Comes Up, 3m18B Talking About Theresa, 3m19 Going Back In, 3m21alt Thomas Becomes a Runner, 4m22 Thomas and Theresa in the Treehouse, 4m23 Treehouse to Infirmary, 4m25 Chat with Chuck, 4m26 Maze Runner, 4m26v8 Maze Runner, 4m27 Sector 7, 4m28 Maze Is Changing, 5m30 Grievers Attack, 5m31 Alby’s Death, 5m32 WCKD Flashback, 5m33 Thomas Remembers, 5m34A Final Fight, 5m34B Final Fight, 6m36 WCKD Lab, 6m37 Galley Returns, 6m38 Chuck’s Death_End Sequence, 6m39 Main Title .
  10. Danny Elfman - Notorious (2009) Source: cocatalog.loc.gov 0M1 Notorious Theme 1 0M1v1 Notorious Theme 1 0M1v2 Notorious Theme 1 0M2v1 Notorious Theme 2 0M2v2 Notorious Theme 2 1M1 Introduction / Titles 1M3 Assassin 1M4 Father Son 2M2 Prison Montage 2M3 Father Daughter 2M3alt Father Daughter 2M4v1 Busted 2M4v2 Busted 3M1 Busted 2 3M3 Moms Down Pt. 1 3M4 Moms Down Pt. 2 5M1 Tupac Shot 5M3 Last Look 6M1 Tupac Dead 6M2 Back To Brooklyn 6M2alt Back To Brooklyn 6M3 City Of Death 6M4 Biggie’s Funeral 6M4v1 Biggie’s Funeral 6M4v2 Biggie’s Funeral
  11. John Powell - Rio 2 (2014) Source: cocatalog.loc.gov 1m03 Kids countdown 1m05 Over the falls 1m07a Pancakes 1m07b Big news 1m07.5b Treehuggers 1m07c Unsure 2m08a Traveling family 2m09 Sideshow 2m10 Cruise 2m12 Stalking the ferry 2m15 Lifesaver 2m16 Loggers 2m17 Escort 2m18 Clan 3m21 Upskirt 3m21AS#1 Party music 3m21AS#2 Party music 3m24 Monkey thief 3m25 Invite 3m33AS Canpoeira turtles 3m39 Humans not allowed 3m40 Longer than they told me 4m41 The toungue-apult 4m43 Poison darts 4m44 Bug sting 4m45a Nightmare intro 4m45b Nightmare 4m47a Lollipop man 4m48 Tantrum explosives damaged camp 5m49 Blu to the rescue 5m50a Birds of a feather 5m50bPt1 Birds of a feather 5m50bPt2 Birds of a feather 5m50c Birds of a feather 5m51 Curtains for Nigel 5m53FS Fireworks
  12. Andrew Lockington - Percy Jackson, Sea Of Monsterst (2013) Source: cocatalog.loc.gov 1M01 Thalia’s story 1M02b Training challenge 1M03 Percy at the lake 1M04 New boy in camp 1M05 Another son of Poseidon 1M06 The Colchis bull 1M07 Return of the lightning thief 2M08 The Shield is gone 2M09 The Oracle’s prophecy 2M10 Quest’s downside 2M11 Who shall quest 2M12 Cursed blade shall reap 2M13 Polyphemus 2M14 Wild taxi ride 3M15 Olympus 3M15 Olympus_ Alt 3M17a Grover snatched 3M17b OPS 3M18 Hermes 3M19 Magic tape dispenser 3M20-21 Hippocampus 3M22 Onboard the yacht 3M24-25 Luke’s intentions 4M26-27 Escape from the yacht 4M28a Sea of monsters 4M28b Charybdis 4M29 Belly of the beast 4M30 New coordinates 5M31 Plummet of deah 5M32 Polyphemus battle 5M33 Tyson’s death 5M34 Kronos reborn 5M35 Fleece saves Annabeth 6M36 Resurrection 6M37 Prophecy fulfilled 6M38-39 Thalia’s return _ Main on end titles
  13. Ramin Djawadi - Red Dawn (2012) Source: cocatalog.loc.gov 1M1 Main Title Wolverines Theme 1M5A Dark Tone When the Power Goes Out 1M8/9 The Invasion 2M10 Preparing the Cabin Montage 2M11 TV Report (Omit in Film) 2M12 Someone’s Coming 2M13 They Took Erica 2M14 Surveying the Damage 2M15 Lo Arrives / Cabin Burn 2M16/17 Jed’s Speech Training Montage 2M18 Spiderhole / Checkpoint / Garage 3M19 Matt Looks at Photo 3M20 Skateboard / Pete Gets It 3M21 Ducking Into Subway 3M23 Leaving Subway 3M25 Matt Looks for Erica 3M26A Rally 3M26B Matt Rescues Erica 3M27 Matt and Erica Escape 4m28 Matt Leaves / Wolverines Save Woman 4M29 Robert’s Victorious Moment 4M32 He’s Been Gone for Days - Pressure on Lo 4M31 Matt’s Return 4M33 Cave Blown Up 4M34 Brothers Bond 4M35 Lo Searches Cave / Marines Arrive 5M36/37 Wolverines Prepare 5M38 Firefight 5M39 Fistfight / Lo Gets It 6M40A Celebration. 6M40B Jed’s Death 6M41 Daryl’s Sacrifice 6M42 Finale Mission Theme
  14. John Powell - Ice Age 4: Continental Drift (2012) Source: cocatalog.loc.gov 1m2 Scrat Tectonics 1m3 Morning Peaches 1m4 Family Sled 1m5 Granny Dump-Family 1m7 Teen Hang Embarrassment 1m8 Schism 1m8 Schism Live Mix CD Ver 2m9 Storm 2m9 Post-Storm 2m10 Toxic Bath 2m11 Treasure Map 2m12 No Exit Gutt 2m15 Escape From Captivity 3m16 New Love 3m17 Island Chase 3m18 Hyraxes + Prison Talk 3m19 Diversion 3m20 Pirating The Pirates 4m21 Teen Cave - Sid Okay 4m24 Sirens 4m26 Nutty Siren 4m27 Land Bridge Trap 4m27 Precious Teen Boys 4m28 Lewis Makes A Stand 4m28 Slushbuckle 5m29 Gutt Siren 5m29 Herd Reunion 5m30 Scratlantis 5m30 Scratlantis Hole
  15. Theodore Shapiro - The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (2013) Source: cocatalog.loc.gov 1m02 Walter Time 1m02 Walter Time Alt 1m03 Building Rescue 1m04 Time & Life 1m06 Walter Sees Cheryl 1m07 Arctic Mitty 1m08 Paperclip 1m08.2 Paperclip 1m09 Wallet 2m10 Clue #1 2m11 Dangling Piano 3m12 Clue #2 3m13 Ted Walter 3m15 Sixth Avenue 3m16 Benjamin Button 3m17 The Beckoning 3m18 Greenland Drive 4m18 Pub Decision 4m19 Heli Jump 4m19 Shark Attack 5m20 Cake Clue 5m21 Into the Harbor 5m23 2MIX 5m24 Eyjafjallajokullç 5m24 Eyjafjallajokull Edit 5m24 Eyjafjallajikull v2 5m25 Overlook 5m26 Ghost Town 5m27 Eruption 5m28 Cup Reminders 6m28 Back To Life 6m29 Skateboard Delivery 6m30 Conan Cab 6m30 Conan Cab (alt leads) 6m31 You Finish His Work 6m34 Solo Trek 7m36 Heavy Stuff 7m38 Quintessence 7m40 I’m Right Here
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