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  1. Digital release on July 8: Frizzell composed more than 55 minutes for this and 70+ cues. Let's see what'll end up on the soundtrack.
  2. I see a lot of good suggestions, however a lot of them already had an expanded release, isolated score or even sessions. So I'm trying to concentrate on stuff I haven't found even in trading circles: Basil Poledouris - Free Willy (66min.) Christopher Young - Urban Legend (there are sessions with 31 cues and 77 minutes) John Debney & Joseph Trapanese - The Greatest Showman Lee Holdridge - Skyway To Death Marc Shaiman-Patch Adams (sessions with 27 cues/51min. exist) Randy Edelman - Daylight (30 cues) Patrick Doyle - Eragon
  3. So glad they didn't follow their Beavis & Butt-Head Do America assembly style here, presenting the OST intact and stitch unreleased cues together and add them at the end. However, they did some re-ordering: "02. Annie" consists of two cues, divided by the first half of "03. Elise". Then comes "06. Bad News". After a source cue, "05A. Lithium?" follows. Then comes the second part of "03. Elise". Followed by "05B. Brenda Insulted", "04. Brenda", another source cue and finally "07. He Has Reprioritized". It's pretty much in order after that.
  4. If you can offer a more complete list, feel free to do so
  5. I think Mrs. Doubtfire and She-Devil should be added to any Shore compilation
  6. Agreed. Purchased the original CD release on a school trip to London back in 2001 for way too much money.
  7. Is your list identical? I couldn't find the segment 0:00-0:25 from OST04 New School, Same Dale. I wonder if it's not used in the movie or if I missed it.
  8. I could have done this way sooner, but boy was it a pain to watch this terrible flick!
  9. Brian Tyler - Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers (2022) OST04. New School, Same Dale OST05B. Best Friends (0:27-end) OST05A. Best Friends (0:00-0:27) OST06A. Just A Showbiz Thing (0:00-1:16) OST23. The Bare Necessities OST06B. Just A Showbiz Thing (1:16-end) OST07. Chip Off The Ol' Block OST08A. Monterey Jack (0:00-1:11) OST09. Bootlegging OST08B. Monterey Jack (1:11-end) OST10. The Case Of The Missing Monty OST21B. Sniffing Out A Clue (2:27-end) OST11. Main Street OST12B. The Cheese Cellar (1:09-end) OST13A. Old Merchandise (0:00-0:28) OST12A. The Cheese Cellar (0:00-1:09) OST13B. Old Merchandise (0:32-end) OST14. A Beary Narrow Escape OST15. Double O' Dale'd OST16. The Crime Lab OST17. The Russian Bathhouse OST18. San Pedro Docks OST19. Mission Chippossible OST20. Not Heroes OST21A. Sniffing Out A Clue (0:00-2:27) OST22. Chipnapped OST24. Dirty Putty OST25. Rangers Reunited OST26. Rescuing Chip OST27. Frankenpete OST28. The Smartest Chipmunks OST29. Rescue Rangers OST03. Sweet Pete Suite OST02. Rescue Rangers Anthem
  10. John Frizzell - Beavis & Butt-Head Do America (1996) # TITLE OST 01 Buttkong LLL01A 0:00-2:10 02 Searching For The TV LLL07 03 Muddy At Hotel LLL24E 1:09-1:29 04 B&B Meet Muddy LLL04B 0:36-1:08 04 B&B Meet Muddy LLL06C 0:55-1:28 05 Picture Of Dallas LLL24B 0:10-0:40 06 Butt-Head Falls In Love LLL24A 0:00-0:10 07 Muddy Leaves LLL04A 0:00-0:36 08 B&B Meet Dallas (Film Version) LLL16 09 B&B Meet Dallas (Alternate) LLL03A 0:00-0:06 10 Dallas Hides The Unit LLL03B 0:06-1:27 11 Super Saxy (Alternate) LLL23 12 Escape LLL03C 1:27-2:09 13 Meet The ATF (Film Version) LLL09A 0:00-1:03 14 Meet The ATF (Alternate) LLL17 15 The Flood LLL02 16 Dallas Binocular LLL24C 0:40-0:51 17 The X5 Unit LLL01B 2:08-3:00 18 Wanted LLL06E 1:34-1:49 19 We Got 'Em LLL06D 1:28-1:34 20 5M4 Judgorian Chant (Film Version) LLL11 21 5M4 Judgorian Chant (Alternate) LLL18 22 Phone Call LLL25B 0:09-0:14 23 Desert Walk LLL24D 1:02-1:09 24 Road Blocks LLL05A 0:00-0:30 25 Cavity Search LLL04D 2:57-3:34 26 Dying In The Desert LLL04C 1:08-2:57 27 Butt-Head's Flashback LLL06B 0:38-0:55 28 Beavis The Sperm LLL08A 0:00-0:24 29 The Freeway Incident LLL09B 1:03-1:35 30 ATF Watches The News (Film Version) LLL19 31 ATF Watches The News (Alternate) LLL05C 0:43-1:21 32 Dallas And Muddy LLL06A 0:00-0:38 33 We're Gonna Kill 'Em LLL25C 0:14-0:30 34 Beavis Freaks On Bus LLL12B 1:02-1:51 35 Beavis Freaks On Bus (Choir Only) LLL20 36 Betrayal LLL25D 0:30-0:53 37 Pills LLL08B 0:24-1:08 38 The White House LLL08C 1:08-1:45 39 ATF Arrive At The White House LLL05B 0:30-0:43 40 ATF To DEFCON 4 (Film Version) LLL21 41 ATF To DEFCON 4 (Alternate) LLL10B 0:54-1:48 42 ATF Catches Butt-Head LLL10A 0:00-0:54 43 Aunque La Mona (Unused) LLL15 44 The Standoff LLL14 45 Oval Office Apology LLL25A 0:00-0:09 46 B&B Meet The President LLL12A 0:00-1:02 47 The Walk Into The Sunset (Film Version) LLL22 48 The Walk Into The Sunset (Alternate) LL13 49 Lesbian Seagull (produced by Frizzell) VA12
  11. I like a couple of cues from The Little Things, like 3M1 Vacation Days or 4M3 Freeway Cat & Mouse. But I can understand that people find it rather boring.
  12. It was a licensed song, so it shouldn't have been included in the first place. Frizzell produced the end credits song "Lesbian Seagull", though. So this one should have been an extra. Speaking about that odd old score release, there was a 33-second cue featured twice on that set ("B&B Meet Muddy"). It's both on OST04 (0:36-1:08) and OST06 (0:55-1:28). The three unreleased tracks are more than you think, "So Many Slots In Vegas" consists of 5 cues alone. I have one in chronological order, but the new tracks need to be incorporated yet.
  13. TRACK LISTING: 1. Buttkong 2:58 2. The Flood 2:05 3. The Unit In Beavis’ Pants 2:07 4. Dying in the Desert 3:32 5. The ATF 1:21 6. Dallas and Muddy 1:48 7. Searching for the TV 0:51 8. Beavis the Sperm 1:44 9. The Freeway Incident 1:34 10. DEFCON 4 1:46 11. Judgorian Chant 0:39 12. Mr. President, We’re Never Gonna Score 1:50 13. The Walk Into the Sunset 1:05 14. The Standoff 3:32 15. Aunque La Mona* 0:54 ALTERNATE CUES 16. B&B Meet Dallas (film version) 0:11 17. Meet the ATF (alternate) 1:06 18. Judgorian Chant (alternate) 0:38 19. ATF Watches the News (film version) 0:38 20. Beavis Freaks on Bus (choir only) 0:47 21. ATF to DEFCON 4 (film version) 0:53 22. The Walk Into the Sunset (film version) 1:02 PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED CUES 23. Super Saxy* 0:38 24. So Many Slots In Vegas 1:28 25. The Most Dangerous Unit 0:54 TOTAL DISC TIME 36:45 * not used in film
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