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  1. Marcelo Zarvos - Wonder (2017) Source: FYC promo 1M1 Ordinary Kid 1M4 Shoes 1M5 School Tour 1M6 Supposebly 1M8 Wanna Go 2M10 August Pullman 2M11 Choose Kind 2M12 Bad Day 2M17 Meet Justin 2M19 Look At Me 2M21 Class Photos 3M22 Pop Quiz 3M23 Tuna Man 3M26 Grandma 3M29 Jack's Betrayal 3M31 Mom Ditches 3M33 Motivation 4M35 4 Things About Auggie 4M38 Nice To Hide 4M39A Miranda - Part 1 4M41 What Matters Most 4M42 Jack's Realization 4M43 Hallway Brawl 5M44 Daisy Girl 5M45 Daisy's Death 5M46 Auggie Forgives 5M51 Camera Obscura 5M53 Change The Way We See 6M57 Camp Fight 6M60 Beecher Award
  2. Brian Tyler - Ready Or Not (2019) Source: cocatalog.loc.gov 1M1/2 Our Burden 1M4 Giving You An Out 1M5A Coitus Interruptus 1M5B A Game 1M6 The Music Room 1M7 Family Members Only 1M8 The Box 2M9 The Rules 2M11 Here We Come 2M12/13 Mistaken Identity 2M14 Badass Bride 2M15 Found 3M16 Gearing Up 3M17 Tea Time 3M18 Kitchen Fight 3M19 The Maid 3M20 The Truth 3M21 Outside 3M22 Pit Of Corpses 3M23 I Got You 3M24 The North Fence 3M26 Into The Woods 4M27 Stalked And Cuffed 4M28/29 Joy (B)ride 4M31 Questioning Beliefs 4M32A I Choose Her 4M32B Preparations 4M33 The Ritual 4M34 Apologies 5M35 'Til Death Do Us Part
  3. Mark Isham - A Dog's Journey (2019) Source: sessions * Mark Isham ** Rachel Portman *** Michael D. Simon **** Cindy O'Connor 1M1 Main Title * 1M2 Football *,** 1M3 CJ In Danger *,*** 1M4 Kiddie Pool * 1M5 Lump *,**,*** 1M6 Gloria Takes CJ *,*** 2M10 Molly * 2M11 CJ And Trent's Plan * 2M13 Phone Deception *,**** 2M14A/B Puppy School *,**** 2M15 Storm * 2M16 Get To Stay * 3M19 What About Rocky *,*** 3M22 CJ Arrested *,*** 3M23 Molly The Sniffer *,**** 3M25 Molly Recognizes Ethan *,** 3M26 CJ Leaves Gloria * 3M28 Car Chase * 3M30 Big Dog * 4M32 Ma * 4M34 Dog Walker *,*** 4M35 Barry Has To Go *,*** 4M37 Max Senses Cancer *,**** 4M39 Trent Has Cancer *,**** 5M42 Cancer Free * 5M43 Almost Lick Faces *,**** 5M44 Letters From Dad * 6M48 Drive To Farm *,**,*** 6M49 CJ Meets Her Grandparents * 6M50 Max Is Molly *,** 6M51 Family Montage * 6M54 End Credit ** 6M55 Ma * 6M56 Family Montage * 6M57 CJ In Danger *,***
  4. Lorne Balfe - Ad Astra (2019) Source: sessions 1M2 Opening 1M4 Psychological Evaluation 1M6 The Fall 1M8 Hospital 1M10A Briefing Intro 1M10 Briefing 1M12 Message From Dad 2M14 Message To Eve 2M16 Trip To The Moon 2M18 Moon Landing 2M20 Moon Drive 2M22 Pirate Attack 2M23 Crater Escape 2M24 The Loss 2M26 The Message 2M27 Launch 3M30 Roy Views The Message 3M32 Mayday 3M36 JGBP 3M38 Psychological Report 3M40 Mars Landing 3M42 Station Arrival 3M44 First Message To Dad 4M46 Second Message To Dad 4M50 Dad's True Story 4M51 Video 4M51B Rover Ride 4M52 Underground Lake 4M54 Roy Boards Cepheus 5M55 Deceased Crew 5M58 Trip To Neptune 5M60 Shuttle To Lima 5M64 Roy Finds Dad 5M66 Talking To Dad 6M68 Roy Confronts Dad 6M72 Return To Craft 6M74 Coming Home 6M76 The End 6M77 End Credits Orbs
  5. Theodore Shapiro - Why Him? (2016) Source: cocatalog.loc.gov 1M5 Fifteen Minutes In 3M12 Why Laird 5M14 Fight 5M15 The Gift Of iPad 5M16 Blessings Received 6M17 Apologies 6M19 Proposal 6M20 I Said So 6M23 Why Him
  6. Joseph Trapanese - Stuber (2019) Source: cocatalog.loc.gov 1M2 Fight - Part 1 1M4 Fight - Part 2 1M9 Becca Byron / Vic Range 1M12 Mugshot Of Tedjo 1M13 Business Lease 2M20 Vic Gets Drop From Leon 2M22B Vic Gets Out Of Uber 2M23 Stu Becca Facetime 2M27 Vic Gets Stu Into Club 3M33 Club Owner Gives Tip 3M43 Stu Shoots Amo 4M51 Bullet Out Of Leg 4M53A/B Interrogation 4M55 Too Much For Stu 4M57 Stu Taken Hostage 4M61 Vic Stu Shootout 4M63 Killed Your Partner 4M65B Two Much For Stu 4M67 Vic Sees Daughter 4M69 Storage Locker 5M77 Stu And Vic Throw Down 5M79B My Name Is Stu 5M81 Your Dad's A Dick 5M84 Thank You For Driving 5M85 Stu Breaks Up With Becca 5M87 Gonna Kill Vic 5M89 Stu Saves Vic 6M95 Tedjo Chase / Sriracha Factory 6M98 Caught By Tedjo 6M101 Tedjo And Vic Final Fight 6M102 I Got Shot 6M106 Hug 6M107 Vic Xmas
  7. Nathan Wang - The Game Plan (2007) Source: bootleg 1M2 Joe Runs For Touch... 1M10 Joe's All Alone 1M11 Thank You Rosa 1M13 Meet Cutie P 1M14A Never Met 1M14B Birth Certificate 2M15A Joe Realizes He Could... 2M15B Had A Dime 2M16 Read My Contract 2M17 Safety Lesson 2M18 Joe Peels Out 2M19 4 Weeks 8 Years 2M20A Danville's Here 2M20B Catch The Spirit 2M20C Practical Joke On Joe 2M20 Allergic To Cinnamon 2M21 Very Special Underwear 2M22 Ego Joe 2M23 Plenty Of Pasta 2M24 Sauce Of Wipe 2M26 Storytelling 2M27 The Big Bed 2M29 Shake 3M31 Practice 3M32 Joe Picks A Nanny 3M33 What're You Going... 3M39 New Mess, New Ride 3M40 Evil Agent 3M41 Press Conference 3M44 Know Who I Am? 3M44A Soda Spill 3M46A Bubble Bath 3M46B Dive 3M46C Nighttime 3M49 Denver Game 3M50 Fanny Rocks 3M51 Joe Runs It For TD 3M52 Peyton Waits For Joe 4M53 Joe's Rubdown 4M54 A Real Sport 4M55 Secret Phone Call 4M56 Bedroom Reveal 4M59 Tatiana At 6 4M61 Tatiana Arrives
  8. Posted both of these back in February 2015. BloodBoal included them in his list in post #1.
  9. Roque Baños - Alfred & Anna (2012) Source: sgae.es 1M1 Titulos 1M2/3 Solo Con El Muñeco Llega El Niño 1M4 Cuadro Roto 1M5/6 Manejar El Instrumento Entrega Del Violin 1M7 Leer Las Notas 1M9 Cambia La Foto 1M11 Ella Se Ha Ido 1M12/13 Toca Para Anna Pie Del Niño 1M14 Tocan Juntos Y Final
  10. Marcelo Zarvos - Breakthrough (2019) Source: cocatalog.loc.gov 1M1 Main Titles 1M2 Bless This Food 1M3 Homeroom 1M4 Ours To Win Or Lose 2M5 Unhappy Birthday 2M6 Sermon 2M7 2M8 2M9 Drowning / Rescue 3M13 Joyce Gets The Call 3M14 Joyce Arrives At Hospital 3M15 Breathe Life Into John 3M16 Airlift 3M17/18 Dr. Garrett 3M19 Some Kind Of Miracle 4M20 Hearing Voices 4M21 Uncharted Territory 4M22 Belief 5M25 Speak Life 5M27 Class Visits Joyce 5M28 Remember Who You Are 6M29 Let God Handle It 6M30 Let John Fight 6M32 Tommy Meets Joyce 7M33 Breathing On His Own 7M34 John Comes Back 7M35 John Is Awake 7M36 Your Son's A Miracle 7M37 I Didn't Ask For This 7M38 John Meets Tommy 7M40 Stand For John
  11. Richard Marvin - Picture This (2008) Source: cocatalog.loc.gov M01 Two Worlds M03 Wake Up M05 Drew's Theme M07 Lusting After Drew M09 Boning Up On Drew M11 Duplex Model M13+15 Mandy / Hot Salsa M17 Dad's Sis M18 Letting Go M20 Notifying Lisa M22+24 Hot / Busted M25 Call Me M26+27 Grounded / 8 Ball M29 Spying The Sneak Out M32 Nail Scissors M34 Hump Dump M35 Punk #1 M37-39 Dress Shopping Nuts M40 Swollen / Punk #2 M42+44 Water / Punk #3 M46+47 Furniture / Punk #4 M49 Car Tow M51 Band Battle Idea M58 Dad Payton M59+61 Punk / Clementine M62 Home Videos M64 New Model M68 Meant To Be M71 Tables Turned M74 Mandy & Drew M78 The Drive Home M79 Dad & The Crown M81 EC 3
  12. Thomas Newman - Tolkien (2019) Source: cocatalog.loc.gov 1M1 Opening Battle 1M2 Sword Fight 1M3 To Birmingham 1M4 Magic Lantern 1M5 Motherless / Gas 1M6 Bed Visions 1M8 First Rugby 1M9 Night Sketches 2M11 First Barrows 2M12 Edith's Dreams 2M13 TCBS / Time Passes 2M16 Cellar Door 2M17 Tree Dance 3M18 Argument / Flamethrowers 3M22 Billiards / Opera Invite 3M25 Wagner Kiss 3M26 Dump Edith / In The Pit 4M27 Oxford Evening / Letter 4M28 Last Rugby 4M29 Letter From Edith / Drunk 4M30 Professor Wright 4M31 Oak 5M33 Middle Earth / War Declared 5M36 Hotel Party 5M37 Dockside Kiss 5M38 Over The Top 6M39 Geoffrey Letter / Oxford 6M40 Writer's Block / Mrs. Smith 6M41 Mrs. Smith Agrees 6M42 Fellowship Ending 6M43 End Roller
  13. Teddy Castellucci - The Longshots (2008) Source: various 1M3 Alone 1M4 Everyone Hates Me 1M5 Curtis Picks Up Jasmine 1M6 Don't Need You 1M7 Thank You 1M8 Pick Up That Ball 2M9 Playing Catch 2M10 Cleaning Up 2M11/12 Teaching Throwing 2M12A Different Receivers 2M13 Yearbook 2M14 Watching Practice 2M15 Showing Off Jasmine 2M16 Jasmine Tries Out 2M17 Figuring Out Pads 3M18 First Practice 3M19 Shake It Off 3M20 Talking To Teacher 3M21 Hitting Cans 3M22 Tape Over It 3M23 Plummer, You're In 3M24 Curtis Works With Jasmine 3M25 Touchdown!!! 3M26 Becoming A Team 3M28 What Happened To Curtis 4M28 Talking To The Team 4M29 Heart Attack 4M30 Wrong Guy 4M31 Coach Curtis 4M32 Muddy Game 4M33 Cleaning Up Town 4M35 Browns Vs. Broncos 5M36 Raising Money 5M37 Mental Preparation 5M38 Pep Talk With Jasmine 5M39 First Half 5M40 Statue Of Liberty 5M41 Blocked Kick 5M42 Long Ride Home 5M43 Welcome Home 5M44 Choosing Curtis 5M45 Cube Vision Logo
  14. Junkie XL (Tom Holkenborg) - Alita: Battle Angel (2019) Source: cocatalog 0M2 Motorball 1M2 Finding Alita 1M3 I Don't Even Know My Own Name 1M6 Meeting Hugo 1M7 The Murders 1M8 You Were Lucky 1M10 Meeting Cherin 1M11 Alita Discovers Motorball Game 1M13 Trying Motorball 2M14 Trying Chocolate / Seeing Zapan 2M15 What's Your Dream 2M16A Ido The Hunter Warrior 2M16B Alley Fight 2M16BINS Flashback 1 2M17 Who's Body Is This 2M18 Alita's Heart 2M19 Alita's Power Moves 3M20 Nova's Orders 3M21 No Bounty On Grewishka / Trip To Motorball 3M22 Chiren Sees Alita / Chiren's Plan 3M23 Hugo Jacks Kinuba 3M24A The Travel 3M24B Alita Finds Beserker Body 3M25 I'm A Warrior / Signup 4M28 Zapan's Instructions / Alita's Plea / Fight 4M30 Grewishka Fight 4M30INS Flashback 2 4M31 Alita's Body Transforms / Reunited With Hugo 4M32 Bring Me Her Heart 5M33 Hugo And Vector Meet 5M34 I'd Give You My Heart 5M35 The Motorball Plan 5M36 Zapan Frames Hugo 5M37 Motorball Tryout 5M38 Alita Must Rescue Hugo 6M39 Hugo's Demise 6M40 Hugo's New Body / Chiren Quits 6M41A Alita's Revenge - Part 1 6M41B Alita's Revenge - Part 2 6M41C Hugo's Death 6M42A Epilogue - Part 1 Voladora (Alita Enters Bar) //with Robert Rodriguez Throwing Chingasos (Alita Bar Fight) //with Robert Rodriguez Swan Song
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