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  1. Dickon Hinchliffe - Yardie (2018) Source: sgae.es 1M1 My Name Is D 1M2 Kingston Shootout 1M3 Family 1M4 No Man's Land 1M6 Wicked Can't Hide 2M8 You Know My Face 2M9 England 2M10 Rico 2M11 Escape 3M12 Condolences 3M13 D Is For Daddy 3M14 Calling King Fox 3M15 White Powder Business 4M17 Put Down The Phone 4M18 Playhouse 4M19 Next Time For Real 4M20 Treacherous Behaviour 4M21 Come To Fix The Console 4M22 Contemplating Revenge 5M23 Saab To Clancy's 5M24 Where's Clancy 5M25 Death Of Sticks 5M26 Ask Yourself A Question 5M27 Yvonne Visits Clancy 5M28 Let Him Go 5M29 Fox Arrives 5M30 A Message For D 6M31 A Liability 6M32 Truth
  2. Stephen Endelman - Greater (2016) Source: GEMA, ASCAP Mom's Flashback OST15 1M1 Main Title 1M2 Banner 1M7 Eating Chips OST01 1M8 High School Coach OST07 2M12A Bye Bye Leo / Training 2M13 Razorback Stadium OST08 2M15 Gettin' Bigger 2M16 2nd Montage OST09 2M18 Michael's Flowers OST10 2M19 First Day OST11 3M20 First Practice 3M23 No Scholarship 3M25 Montage OST12 4M26 Running In The Rain OST02 4M29 Scholarship! OST13 4M31 My Fault 5M32 Praying For Dad 5M33 We Can Win OST14 5M36 Pictures 5M37A Tennesse Game Swell 6M38 After Losing The Game OST03 6M39 Longed For Home 7M42 Your Brother's Dead OST04 7M42A Farmer Goes For Broke 7M43B Marty Ponders 7M44 Something Greater OST16 7M45 We Trust OST05 7M47 Final Montage - Epilogue OST06 7M49 Greater End Credit
  3. Here is a link to a good image of the poster art for comparison: LINK Well, I have only done a few custom artworks for scores and I'm no expert, but my biggest complaints are: The background plate with the spider is zoomed in, there's much more art on the sides and bottom they could have used. The spider would be more recognizable that way IMHO. The Deluxe Edition banner could have been on the top like most other Deluxe Editions from Varése - there's no reason for it being on the left side. "Original Motion Picture Score" is black, "music [...] by" is white - they could have been both white like on the OST Elmer's name is way to big for my taste compared to the other text, they might have presented them on separate lines as well that yellow color for Elmer's credit is pretty ugly. They could have used that orangy color from the background instead to integrate it a little more or just white as the OST was. And the size difference was smaller on the OST, too. I don't like Varése using always the same font for their releases, but in this case, it's the same font the poster uses I think. However, the key art has a grungy pattern used for the letters. I think with 30% of material composed by him, Peter Bernstein should have been credited on the front, but I guess that's a legal thing.
  4. That's Universal, not Sony. Just like Daylight, where half the music wasn't released.
  5. Hans Zimmer - X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019) Source: cocatalog.loc.gov HZ ... Hans Zimmer AP ... Andy Page DF ... David Fleming SM ... Steve Mazzaro 1M7A Car Crash - Part 1 //HZ,AP 1M7B Car Crash - Part 2 //HZ,DF 1M8 X-Manor / Title Card //HZ,SM 1M10 Pre Space Mission //HZ,SM,AP 1M11 X-Men Find Shuttle //HZ,SM 1M12 Commander Left Behind //HZ,DF 1M13 Solar Flare //HZ,DF 1M14 X-Men Return 1M15 Raven Confronts X 1M16A Examining Jean 1M16B Jean / Scott Kiss //HZ,DF 2M18 Smith Looks For Luna 2M21/22 Party / Jean Unconscious //HZ,SM,AP 2M23 Cerebro //HZ,DF 2M24A Inside Jean's Mind //HZ,DF 2M24B Need To See My Father //HZ,DF 2M25 Alien Meeting //HZ,SM 2M26 Jean Visits Dad //HZ,DF,AP 2M28 Jean Standoff //HZ,DF 2M28B Jean Standoff - Part 2 //HZ,AP 2M29 Raven Impaled Funeral (Aeneas) //HZ,SM 3M32 Smith Visits Dad //HZ,SM 3M33 The Island //HZ,DF 3M34 Island Standoff //HZ,SM,DF 3M35 Peace Has Been Shattered 3M36 Hello Jean //HZ,SM 3M39 Smith Shows Jean Force 4M40A Sadneto 4M40B The Helmet 4M41/42 NY Street Fight //HZ,SM 4M43A Staircase Standoff - Part 1 //HZ,DF 4M43B Staircase Standoff - Part 2 //HZ,DF,AP 4M44 Jean Transfers Force //HZ,SM Train Tension - Part 1 //HZ,SM Train Tension - Part 3 //HZ,SM 4M46 Aliens Attack //HZ,SM 5M48/49 Train Flashback //HZ,DF 5M50 Protect My Family 5M51 Break Things //HZ,DF 5M52 Train Wreckage Fight //HZ,DF 5M53 My Emotions //HZ,SM Coda - Part 1 //HZ,DF Coda - Part 2 //HZ,DF End Credit 1 - Space Scene //HZ,DF End Credit 2 2M24A End Credit 3 2M26 End Credit 4 2M24B End Credit 5 2M25 End Credit 6 4M46 End Credit 7 2M21/22
  6. Stephen Warbeck & Shirley Walker - Mystery Men (1999) Source: LLL booklet 1M1 Mystery Men Opening 1M3 Red Eyes Attack 1M4 Mystery Men Arrive 1M5 Captain Amazing 2M6 Pepsi Endorsement Loss 2M7 Furious And The Police 2M8 The Battles We Used To Have 2M9 Inside The Asylum 2M10 Captain Amazing's Manifesto 2M11 Cured 3M15 Arrival Of Disco Boys 3M18 A Good Husband 3M20 Casa Casanova 4M23/24 Anabel And The Explosion 4M25 Amazing's Fight 4M26 Casanova At Home 4M27 Casanova's Snare 4M29 Furious And Sally 4M55/56 Psychofrakulator 4M56 Amazing's Predicament 5M32 Toward The House 5M34 Fight At The House 5M38A Meet The Sphinx 5M35 Salute 5M36A Monica And Roy In Diner 6M39 The Invisible Boy's Dream 6M41/42 Spleen 6M47 The Bowler 7M49 Car Chase 7M49A Car Fight 8M52 Disco Death 8M53 Sphinx Saver 8M53A Sphinx Master Class 9M57ALT Heller 9M58A The Desert 9M59 Heller's Place 9M60 Canned Tornado 9M61 Monica And Roy 10M62 Furious 10M64 Outside The House 10M66/67 Casanova's Scheme And The Skunk 10M68 Frakulated 11M69 Casanova Has A Setback 11M70 Shoveler's Encouragement 11M71/72 The Forks 11M73 Roy 12M74 Into Battle 12M75 Vaya Con Dios 12M78 Blind Date With Destiny 12M80 Battle Begins 12M81 The Laser 13M82 Casanova's Battle Plan 13M84 Blame Thrower 13M86 Spleen's Battle 13M87 Carmine's Revenge 13M88 Casanova's Last Stand 14M90 Escape From The Mansion 14M90A Fiery Ball 14M91 Victory Bridge 1 Bridge 2
  7. Rupert Gregson-Williams - A Class Apart (2007) Source: sgae.es 1M10 School Visit 1M11 Not Cricket 1M12 Wicket 1M13A I Dare You 1M13B Test 1M14 Walnut Whip 1M16 Anthony Estate 1M17 Montage 1M20 Kyle's Woes 1M22 Text 1M25 War Dance 1M26 Physics Teacher 1M27 Up To You Sir 1M30 Ram Raid 1M33 Nose Kiss 1M34A Gramps 1M34B Snow Intro 1M36 Up A Set 1M38 Poem Flows 1M42 Sneak Off 1M43 Competition Winner 1M44 Candy Speech 1M47 Apologises 1M49 Crossing Grass 1M50 End Credits
  8. Trevor Jones - The Last Place On Earth (1985) Source: book Episode 1 1M2 Prelude - Snow Mistress 2M1 Mabel Beardsley Party 2M2 Kathleen's Room 3M2 Scott Recruits Wilson 3M3 Wilson Walks With Shackleton 3M4 Shackleton Signs Letter 6M2 Ensemble - Shackleton's Reception 7M2 Amundsen Avoids Journalists 8M1B Going South Episode 3 15M2 Heroes Dream Of Failure 19M2 Ponies Founder 19M4 Ponies Collapse Episode 4 25M1 Scott's Departure Episode 5 27M2 First Sight Of The Mountains 27M3 Axel Heiberg - The Norwegian 29M1 The Devil's Ballroom Episode 6 33M2 Waiting For The Sun 35M2 The Last Half Mile 36M1 Second At The Pole Episode 7 42M2 Message For The Public 44M2 The South Pole Remembered
  9. I can certainly recommend The Big Fix. An isolated score feature has been prepared for the Twilight Time bluray release, so this one was about to happen sooner or later. If you don't know the score, you can find a montage of certain cues on my channel:
  10. Michael Wandmacher - The Punisher 2: War Zone (2008) Source: bootleg 1M1 Main Title 1M4 One More Word 1M6 Lights On! 1M7 Method 2M1 Infiltrate And Destroy 2M2 The Wrong Man 2M3 The Burden 2M4 Rich In Mercy 2M5 Death Of The Loved 2M7 The Basement 2M8 This Is Ground Zero 2M9 One Of The Good Guys 2M10 A Pretty Face 3M1 His Name Is James 3M2 Watch Over 3M3 Entering The Asylum 3M4 Billy Is That You? 3M5 You're In My Light 3M6 You're That Man 3M8 The Russians 3M9 Surveillance 3M10 You Have A Responsibility 4M2B Hooligans 4M3 Hello Mrs. Donatelli 4M4 Freeze Asshole 4M5 You're Nothing But A Killer 4M6 Joyful Mayhem 4M7 Held Hostage 4M9 Snow Globe 5M1 Safe Harbor 5M2 The Double Cross 5M3 Target Micro 5M4 Don't Go 5M6 Recon 5M7 Assault At Frank's 5M8 Where Are They? 5M8A I'd Like To Get My Hands On God 5M12B Final Six 5M13 The Russians Elite 5M14 Forces Gathering 6M1 Let The Games Begin 6M2 The Punisher Exacts Punishment 6M3 Punish The Punisher 6M4 Let Me Put You Out Of My Misery 6M5 Aftermath 6M6 Relief
  11. Trevor Jones - The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003) Source: Book (The Screen Music Of Trevor Jones) 1M1-3 1M4 Kenya, May 1899 1M6 Fight In The Britannia Club 1M7 English Summer / Quatermain 1M8 Meeting M 2M1 Introducing Nemo's Car 2M3 Library Fight 2M6 The Nautilus Arrives 2M7 Hunting Mr Hyde 3M2 The League Is Set 3M5 Pull 4M1 Arriving In Venice 4M3 Venice Explodes 4M5 The Cemetery / Fantom 5M3 Sinking Hyde Rescues 5M4 Rebuilding 5M5 To Mongolia 6M3 Tom Sawyer Fight 7M4 Burial In Africa 7M5
  12. Jerry Goldsmith - The Swarm (1978) Source: cuesheets R1P1 Main Title R1P2 Red Two Reporting R2P1 The Black Mass R2P2 What Happened? R2P3 The Picnic R3P1 The Bee's Picnic R4P1 On Their Way R4P2 Get Him Out R4P3 Plastic Hives R5P1 Old Friends R5P2 High Toxin R6P1 The Boys And The Bees R7P1 Oh Maureen R7P2 We'll Come Back R7P3 Bees On Fire R8P1 Toward Marysville R8P2 The Lollipop R8P3 A Gift Of Flowers R8P4-R9P1 The Bees Arrive R9P2-R10P1 Out Of The Closet R10P2 The Park R10P3 Condolences R11P1 Empty Town R11P2 Train Attack R12P1 No Effect R12P2 Tommy's Dead R13P1-R14P1 Exact Instructions R14P2 Departed Friend R14P3 The Glasses R15P1 Houston Headquarters R16P1 Burn 'Em Out R16P2-R17P1 Get Reinforcements R17P2-R18P1 Bees Inside R18P2 End Title
  13. Hans Zimmer - Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2002) Source: bootleg 1M1 Homeland Opening 1M3 Here I Am (Birth Song) 1M4 Spirit The Colt 1M5 Colt To Stallion 1M6 Cougar Fight 1M10 Investigating 2M11 Wrangler Chase 2M12 Spirit Captured 2M14 Induction 2M16 Tied To A Post 2M17 Indian Boy Arrested 2M19 2nd Rodeo - Part 1 2M20A 2nd Rodeo - Part 2 2M20B Triumph Over Colonel 2M21A Fort Escape 2M21B Intro Rain 3M22 Unbridled 3M23 Rain's World 3M24 Tango 3M25 Indian Village 3M26 Love Found Us 3M27 You Can Go 3M28 Blue Man Raid / Rapids 4M30 Fallen Rain 4M32 Iron Horse Camp / Pulling 4M33 Spirit's Vision / Train Escape 4M34 Forest Fire 4M35 Brothers Under The Sun / Kindred Spirit 4M36A Canyon Chase - Part 1 4M36B Canyon Chase - Part 2 5M37 Spirit's Leap 5M40 Reunion (Love Found Us)
  14. Nathan Johnson - Knives Out (2019) OST+LP Bonus 01,02(0:00-1:12),LP21A,04,LP21B,LP22A,02(1:12-end),LP22B,03,05,06,07,08,09(LP20),10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20
  15. I guess it was shot on digital, so reel numbers were obsolete.
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