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  1. Thank you both. Edited my list to include those two cues.
  2. So, if you combine the content of the FYC and the OST, it should look like this:
  3. Roque Baños - Don't Breathe 2 (2021) Source: sgae.es 1M0 Opening 1M2 It's A Test 1M3 White Hair 1M5 Trip With Hernandez 1M7 Visit To Old House 1M8/9 Playground 1M10 Meet Raylin 1M11 You Are A Bad Man 2M12 Tunel Meet 2M13 Hernandez Strangled 2M14/15 I'm Lonely 2M15B Packing Up Invaders Up 2M16/17 Invaders Inside 2M18 Shadow Is Dead 3M19-23 Found Her In The Box / Garage Search 3M24 Brothers Look Revenge 3M25/26 Basement Fight 3M27 Our Roasted Friend 4M28 Greenhouse Attack 4M29 Daddy 4M30 Scape 4M31/32 Blind Man Fights Back / Kills Brother 4M33 Dog Attack 4M34 Burn It Down / The House Burns 5M36 Morning Princess 5M37-39 You Can Leave 5M40 BM Finds The Bells 5M40B Getting Armed 5M41 Operation Lung Retrieval 5M42/43 Basement / Water Fight 6M44-47 Empty Pool 6M48-50 I'm No Father / My Name Is Phoenix 6M52 Crawl 6M53 Reprise 6M51 Main On Ends
  4. Roque Baños - ¡A todo tren! Destino Asturias (2021) Source: sgae.es 1M1 Titulos De Inicio 1M2 Vamos A Perder El Tren 1M3 Has Falsificado Las Notas 1M4 Tu Piensas Que Yo Soy Un Pusilanime 1M5 Yo No Voy A Poder Ir 1M6 Soy Un Abuelo Ejemplar 1M7 A Esto Yo No Puedo Ir Solo 1M8 Yo Soy De Cuenca 1M9 Madre Mia Ya Empieza 1M10 Te Veo La Piel Un Poquito Apagada 1M11 Es Usted Todo Un Caballero 1M12 Voy A Llamar A Mi Madre 1M13 Es Nuestro Tren 2M1 Tengo Dos Noticias 2M2 Yo No Me Fio De Este 2M3 Pa Donde Vamos 2M4 Doce Hamburguesas 2M5 Sin Mostaza Que Les Sienta Mal 2M6 Mi Cartera 2M7 Que Me De Mi Bolso 2M8 El Joven No Sere Yo 2M9 Se Estan Portando Superbien 2M10 Han Pedido Una Ambulancia 2M11 Se Esta Poniendo Morado 2M12 Diana Desatada 2M13 Yo No Tengo Hijos Ni Mujer 2M14 Huida En Valladolid 2M15 Te Gusta Lara 2M16 Te Arranco La Cabeza 2M17 No Estamos En El Tren 2M18 Yo Quiero Ir Con Mi Mama 3M1 Me Rindo 3M2 Coche Compartido 3M3 Padre Ausente 3M4 Felipe 3M5 Aqui Se Os Quiere 3M6 La Caza No Es Un Deporte 3M9 Nos Va A Pillar El Revisor 3M10 Hasta La Vista 3M11 Parece Un Globo 3M12 Me Has Traido Azucar 3M13 Chuspi 3M14 Ni Se Duerme Ni Se Caga 3M15 El Maquillaje De Diana 3M16 Diana Contrataca 4M1 Listos 4M2 Esto Si Ya Es Delito 4M3 Cuando Nos Ha Fallado El Abuelo 4M4 No Nos Esta Persiguiendo Nadie 4M5 No Somos Delincuentes 4M6 Habra Que Dar Parte No 4M7 Una Pistola En Manos Expertas 4M8 Que Me Estoy Muriendo 4M9 Propiedad Privada 4M10 La Potencia Que Tienen Estas Maquinas 5M1 Eres Un Buen Padre 5M2 La Vaca Asturiana 5M3 Se Acabaron Las Tonterias 5M4 La Venganza De Chuspi 5M5 El Reencuentro 5M6 Somos Una Banda 5M8 El Que Se Casa Soy Yo
  5. My favorite one's always been The Faculty, very underrated score.
  6. Do we have slates for this except those listed on some JNH themed sites? I have a partial list, but don't know if it's accurate: 1M1 Main Title 1M2 Welcome To Dante 1M3 Swinging Rope / Poached Lovers 3M2A Flirting 5M2 Frog Soup 8M1 The Helicopter Crash 8M2 In The Cabin 8M3 Acid Lake 9M2 Ruth Dies 10M1 Devastation 11M1 Magnificent Explosion 11M2 The Mine Collapse 11M3 The Rescue
  7. There's some, and the OST is not in chronological order. Cues fade into each other. You should expect some interesting alternates as well. And mixing could be improved. Certainly enough for a deluxe edition.
  8. Magnus Fiennes - Here Comes Peter Cottontail: The Movie (2005) Source: sgae.es MF...Magnus Fiennes SS...Scott Shields GG...Gary Go 1M1 Title Music //MF,SS 1M2/3 Sassafrass //MF 1M4 Bring On The Blue Skies //MF,SS,GG 1M9 Flashback //MF 1M10 Ready //MF,SS,GG 1M14 Montressor //MF 1M15 Ice Song //MF,SS,GG 1M16 Irontail //MF,SS 1M21 Jackie & Co Leave With Spring //MF,SS 2M1A Clock Of Summer Robbed //MF,SS 2M5 Apple Tree Failure //MF,SS 2M10 Bubble Song //MF,GG 3M1A Crash Land //MF,SS 3M2 Walk To The Castle //MF 3M10 Antoine And Mr Wind //MF,SS 3M11 Return To April Valley //MF,SS 3M15 Bring On The Blue Skies (Reprise) //MF,SS,GG 3M17 Ready (End Roller) //MF,SS,GG
  9. Mark Mancina - Shooter (2007) Source: Gema 1M1 Main Titles 1M2 Brothers In Arms 1M3 Thirty-Six Months Later 1M4 Swagger's Resume 1M5 You Took An Oath 2M6 Swagger Contemplates 2M7 Swagger Visits Target Sites 2M8 Recon Report 2M9 Motorcade 2M10 Assassination - Part 1 2M11/12 Assassination - Part 2 2M13 Car Chase 3M14 River Barge Escape 3M15 Swagger Cuts The Power 3M16 Battlefield 1-V 3M17 Memphis Studies Evidence 3M18 Swagger Finds Sarah 3M19 Memphis' Theory 3M20 Sarah Nightingale 4M21 Memphis In Church 4M22 Memphis Searches For Clues 4M24 Sarah And Swagger 4M25 Find Them! 4M26 Sarah Helps Swagger 4M27 The Dogs 4M28 Authorized Personnel Only 4M29 Delta Clearance 4M30 Memphis Is Bait 4M31 You In You Out? 5M32 About To Get Worse 5M33 Mikhaylo Sczer... 5M34 Sarah Is Kidnapped 5M35 Memphis And Swagger Prepare 5M36 Raping Sarah 5M37 Infiltrating The Cabin 5M38 Mass Grave 6M39/40 Shootout In Virginia 6M41 Let's Make A Deal 6M42 Meeting In The Mountains - Part 1 6M43 Meeting In The Mountains - Part 2 6M44 Meeting In The Mountains - Part 3 7M45 Dept. Of Justice 7M46 Swagger Clears His Name 7M47PT1 Revenge - Part 1 7M47PT2 Revenge - Part 2 7M49 End Credit Score Medley
  10. Alejandro Amenábar - The Others (2001) Source: bootleg 01. M01 The Others 1:40 02. M02 Wakey Wakey 1:44 03. M03 Strange Ideas* 0:54 04. M04 It Did Happen* 0:14 05. M05 Rosary* 0:45 06. M06 House* 0:33 07. M07 Victor* 1:49 08. M08 Noises* 2:22 09. M09 They Are Everywhere 0:55 10. M10 Intruders 1:44 11. M11 Photographs* 1:04 12. M12 The Book Of The Dead* 0:50 13. M13 Old Times 3:26 14. M14A Music Room A* 0:30 15. M14B Music Room B* 0:45 16. M15 I Do Believe It 3:14 17. M16 The Fog* 0:39 18. M17 Charles 1:47 19. M18 Reunion 1:07 20. M19 Changes 1:40 21. M20 Communion Dress 1:03 22. M21A The Secret 1* 0:28 23. M21B The Secret 2* 0:50 24. M22 Do You Remember* 1:26 25. M23A He's Gone 0:44 26. M23B No Curtains 2:07 27. M24 Give Me The Keys! 1:32 28. M25 The Attic 1:48 29. M26 Sheets And Chains 4:21 30. M27 Come With Me 1:02 31. M28 The Truth 1:06 32. M29 A Good Mother 5:42 33. M30 End Credits 4:07
  11. Die Zeit, Die Man Leben Nennt - Wolfram De Marco (2008) Source: Gema M01 Vorspann (1:41) M02/04 Mein Stück (1:19) M07 Warten (1:36) M08 Winner (1:09) M09 Klinik (1:00) M10 Cello (0:18) M13 Selbstmord (3:17) M18 Piano (0:43) M19 iPod (1:11) M20 Keller (0:59) M25 Nach Hause (0:40) M26 Keller Geschenk (1:01) M29 Notentapete (1:14) M30 Sad (1:55) M31 Umzug (1:24) M32 Celloetüde (0:24) M33 Park (1:10) M34 Zum Vater (0:47) M35 Komposition / Konstruktion (0:48) M36 It Works (0:44) M37 Improvisation (1:16) M38 Anfall Rod (1:45) M39 The Mash (1:46) M40 Absage (0:35) M41/43 Transition (1:01) M44 Piano Luca (3:18) M45 Abspann (1:40)
  12. William Ross - Away & Back (2015) Source: https://www.emmys.com/sites/default/files/Downloads/Away and Back CS.pdf * composed by Jerome Leroy 1M1 Opening 1:18 OST01 1M2 Main Title 4:43 OST02 1M3 End Of School Day 0:45 1M4 First Swan Sighting 0:29 1M5 Picture Of Mom 0:19 1M7 Swan Nest 1:51 1M8 School Morning 1:21 1M9 Mother Swan Dies 1:57 1M10 After The Burial 1:18 1M11 Orphan Eggs 1:02 2M13 Frankie Finds A Vet 1:09 2M14 F-16 Bracelet 0:49* 2M15 Jenny Takes Eggs Away From Frankie 1:14 2M16 Wallowa Lake 0:54 2M17 Cygnets 0:38* 2M18 A Hug From Jenny 0:39 3M20/21 Not On My Property 0:47* 3M23 Did You Hear Me Calling 0:41* 3M24A Frankie Knows 1:16 3M24B Finishing The Pen 1:27 3M25 Sloppy Joe Night 1:48* OST11 3M26 Moving Out Of The Pen 1:43* OST12 3M27 Thank You 1:01* OST13 3M28 A Mate For Life 0:42 4M32 A Tender Mom 1:31 4M33/34 Jenny And Jack 1:26 4M35 Game, Takeoff & Flight 2:00 4M36 Birds First Flight 0:32 5M37 Migration Talk 0:40 5M38 Jenny Has To Go 3:36 5M39 Missing Jenny Montage 1:10 5M40 Making The Call 0:55 5M41 Telephone Goodbys 1:14 5M42 Charlie Did Not Make It 0:35 6M43 Frankie's Mission 0:56 6M44 Riding Solo 0:26 6M45 Trail Blazing 1:01 6M46 Aerial Pursuit 1:09 6M47 Frankie Continues On Foot 1:16 7M48 Searching For Frankie 0:57 7M49 The Search Continues 0:55 7M50 It's Her 0:30 7M51 Reunions 3:29 OST22 7M52 Ending 1:35 OST23 7M53 End Titles 1:00
  13. I like comparing them. Here is one I did for The Negotiator (1998). Grayscale image is an HDTV screenshot, color image is from the Bluray. I compared them to see, wether the HDTV version is open matte or not.
  14. Jasha Klebe - Malika: The Lion Queen (2021) Source: bmi.com 1M03B Cleaning 1M04 Meet The Pride (co-composed by Benjamin Reiner) 2M09 Hyena Attack 2M10 Broken Pride 3M13 Heart Of The Team (co-composed by Benjamin Reiner) 3M14 New Males (co-composed by Benjamin Reiner) 5M20 Seasons Change 5M21 Big Kid (co-composed by Benjamin Reiner) 6M25 All Alone 7M33 Buffalo Hunt 8M34 The Rains (co-composed by Benjamin Reiner) 9M39 Courtship 9M40 Help From The Pride 10M44 Not Giving Up 11M45 Coming Home 11M46A/B New Cubs (co-composed by Benjamin Reiner) 11M47 Providing For The Pride (co-composed by Benjamin Reiner)
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