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  1. When it comes to dealing with conceited, delusional and disrespectful young punks like yourself, yeah.
  2. Well one glance at your bad, old, dated and relentlessly mediocre photography tells me you don't know what the fuck you are talking about.
  3. AI

    RIP Steve Jobs

    It can remiss and hide, but it never goes away completely anyway. It's invincible.
  4. Funny how underachieving losers always say "we".
  5. AI


    Don't waste your money on that garbage. For less $, you can get pro audio sound and durability with one of these puppies; http://www.amazon.com/Behringer-Control-UCA202-Audio-Interface/dp/B000J0IIEQ
  6. I'm still wondering what "legitimately sprinted" means...
  7. AI


    You have to have a little sympathy for Koray and his vain, hopeless little plight..
  8. A rerun of the rather obscure and short-lived but absolutely brilliant La La Land.
  9. Um, It's an Apple, which is a joke of a company and preys on impressionable youngin's like yourself?
  10. AI

    Any Greeks here?

    I'm sure Vangelis serendipitously bungled his way to this website once.
  11. I must admit, due to Johnnyecks' misfortune, I for one have a heightened awareness of how precarious that setup appears to be...
  12. Just think of it like a Dentist would approach teeth..
  13. Oh bloody hell, that far out-shadows any other atrocities happening in the world at this time! like this for instance
  14. Eternal - Angel of Mine Was the favorite song of a wonderful, incredibly generous, insightful and intelligent young lady with whom I worked with many years ago. She died at age 29 from complications due to extreme obesity. That song always makes me tear-up. (for relevance; I turned her ears toward that song)
  15. I said taste, as in when you were a tiny little boy you likely licked a drop of it off your hand or finger..not drinking it out of a glass. And that's how you subconsciously realized that Heineken is largely comprised of Pee-Pee
  16. AI

    RIP Steve Jobs

    Das Bollwerk by ai do.. you think that for what a word, *is* a crude dilineation of relative whatness, be measured in t(i)yme that you are not the result of a fighting, due, quarellsome lovers tiff, two photons drift (but never fully apart) Das Bollwerk; don't hate.. Not the enemy ~ however, prudently defend what be das gate.
  17. All children taste their own urine at an early stage, that's how they learn it's yukky and to be avoided. That's how I know what piss tastes like. Did you not do that, were you too busy dressing up in Jedi kit and pretending to be Master?
  18. Now you are making me feel guilty.. I'm pretty sure it is piss.. as is that other abomination of a dutch beer, 3 Horses.
  19. No. It's shorter. I like your post Roald 'cause I felt your anger.. A sense of indignant outrage about how film scores don't have those kind of cues anymore? I share it, and indeed participate in this slow burning, angsty ennui. One could look to Goldsmiths' Hoosiers for similar evocation of wistful Americana (when dreams where a possible dream, hope was yes hope) but it's not the same, is it. Truth is, there is only one Homecoming, the one John T. Williams sonically framed and expressed so piquantly in the motion picture Born on the Fourth of July. Oh and btw, for all its Top-Gun and soundi
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