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  1. I'm surprised this has never happened before. Indy seems like something that could work well in animation, as long as it's allowed to have a comparable level of bite to it.
  2. It doesn't sound very much like the original. Still a cool piece, but I agree.
  3. Not a fan of iterative consoles. If I wanted to buy new hardware every two years I'd play on PC.
  4. Red


    I've already aged better than The Hobbit.
  5. I've enjoyed every Netflix original show I've seen, but for me this was the best. For one thing, as good as the Marvel shows have been they always feel like they go on a little too long. Not the case with this show. Eight episodes was the perfect length.
  6. Any scene with Alfrid is repugnant. As is Fili/Taurial. And the CGI clownshows. Basically everything everyone else mentioned.
  7. There are lines in the show that imply that she's had anxiety problems in the past. With an abusive ex-husband and a history like that, it makes the characters easily jump to the conclusion that she's crazy.
  8. The announcement video seems to contain the episode titles for season 2. Pretty crazy if so. It would imply that they already have much of the story mapped out.
  9. Huge bummer but not unexpected given his condition. Easily one of the greatest comedic actors ever. His Willy Wonka will forever be stamped on my psyche. "So shines a good deed in a weary world." RIP
  10. Red

    The NINTENDO Thread

    The SNES still has maybe the greatest library of any single console. So many absolute classics on that system from a wide variety of genres. Platformers, RPG's, fighters, racing games, shooters; it had it all.
  11. Martin Freeman as Bilbo was criminally underused. Perfect casting.
  12. I think it's more than its references. The characters are well rounded, the setting well developed, and the mythology intriguing. In many ways it actually uses the tropes to subvert them.
  13. I friggin' love Stranger Things. One of the best pieces of media I've seen all year.
  14. "Buckbeak's Flight" is an obvious one.
  15. That's certainly what we'll see. Rey and Kylo's training will parallel. The immediate start to VIII is strange to me, but I think there was enough time between Starkiller Base's destruction and Rey meeting Luke for there to be something to put in the crawl. Probably stuff about how the First Order is recuperating after their defeat and how the Resistance is trying to levy support from the New Republic.
  16. I really hope Inside comes to PS4. I'm sure it will eventually, but it may not be this year.
  17. BVS was like a collection of all of Zimmer's worst impulses ratcheted up to 11. Just loud, repetitive, and obnoxious. Each part of The Dark Knight Trilogy is about even-keel for me. I think Begins is the best album but I consider it just as much of a JNH score and my affection for it is largely because of his involvement. I like Man of Steel fine, outside of the action stuff which gets to be too much.
  18. And lend a higher degree of nobility and heroism to him. He is, after all, a superhero. There's a certain stubbornness to him not killing. It would be so much easier if he just carried a gun and shot people. But he would then be no different than the murderers he pursues, and for there to be any kind of greater purpose to his crusade beyond a nihilistic cycle of violence and death there has to be a clear delineation between Bruce and the "bad guys", however thin it might be.
  19. Seeing Bale react to Affleck mowing people down is priceless.
  20. I thought this season was great, personally. Certainly not without its peaks and valleys but I felt like the narrative was moving with a purpose, unlike last season. It is faster and less meticulous but disparate elements are coming together in satisfying ways, punctuated by some of the more audacious things they've ever pulled.
  21. It's kind of weird that they didn't make the whispering in that scene more legible, because it completely confirms the theory anyway.
  22. Rory Kinnear is fantastic on that show. He'd make a great replicant.
  23. I absolutely adore the travel music in A.I., this track and "Man-Hattan".
  24. I'm really glad that score got some attention. Obviously all the classics are great but after a while all the gushing becomes redundant and ebbing a little too far on the side of sycophantic (the whole show can be described that way). So seeing a less known work like that get its due was refreshing.
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