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  1. Please tell me somebody managed to download this video from YouTube before it was removed.
  2. I think Elmer Bernstein replaced Victor Young who was unavailable or something. I am glad for the change because Bernstein wrote a score both powerful and lush. People usually look to Miklos Rosza's music from Ben Hur as the quintessential 1950s epic score, but I think Bernstein holds his own.
  3. I have seen Home Alone w/ Boston Pops at Christmas time. Great atmosphere in Symphony Hall that day and Keith Lockhart led the orchestra well.
  4. Here's hoping Hans Zimmer does a good job with Nolan's "Dunkirk." I'm assuming he has the job, anyway.
  5. "A Streetcar Named Desire," with a haunting, beautiful score by Alex North, who is such an underrated composer IMHO.
  6. It does make sense. I am saying it would have been nice if LSO performed TFA with trumpet at appropriate volume without sounding harsh for Main Titles. That combination (volume/harshness) has yet to happen in ANY Star Wars film except TFA, which would have sounded even better had it been performed by LSO. Please let me know if you require further clarification.
  7. Having listened to the Main Title tracks for all 3 prequels and The Force Awakens just now I must correct myself. Maurice Murphys trumpet is far too soft on all three prequels not just The Phantom Menace meaning that the aforementioned balls were dropped only once. The trumpet sounds appropriate in the old analog recordings, if a bit harsh. TFA is the best recording IMHO. Wish the LSO had performed it of course.
  8. I have no idea who dropped the ball, but you can't deny that the trumpet isn't loud enough. The volume is better on "Attack of the Clones," and "Revenge of the Sith," though.
  9. I listen to JW's most patriotic music around the Fourth of July and Home Alone 1 and 2 around Christmas, like many others on this thread, I suppose. The last time I visited the Lincoln Memorial I hummed the appropriate music. I also used The Force Awakens main title to test out a speaker set up recently. I would never use The Phantom Menace because the principal trumpet is barely audible. Shawn Murphy dropped the ball. Or maybe trumpeter did not play loudly enough.
  10. Yes, but I wonder if he was forced to, or if he would have preferred to feature his work in full. If I ever meet him I will ask him and post back here. LOL
  11. Regarding the Star Wars music -Boston Pops Film Night earlier this summer and again at Tanglewood on Parade, according to the article quoted on the front page. I am not sure which thread The Lost World is mentioned, but it is regarding the cue titled "The Hunt" on the 1997 CD. He was apparently very proud of it, but none of it made it into the movie.
  12. I wonder how Williams feels about his "Olympic Fanfare and Theme" always being abridged at the front with the snippet from "Bugler's Dream." He has been outspoken lately about how "Scherzo for X-Wings" was overpowered by the sound design in The Force Awakens, and we all know his dissatisfaction with how his music appeared in "The Lost World: Jurassic Park." BTW I think "Chariots of Fire" as it appears on the "Summon the Heroes" CD is atrocious. It is the only track I skip when I listen to it. I am glad Williams did not arrange it.
  13. Absolutely, that was my experience as well.
  14. It took me about five listens of this score to understand it, probably because I needed to memorize it, but I agree completely. Dream Country is a first rate track. I was expecting at least some minor similarities between The Force Awakens and this one in terms of JW's musical interpretation of sadness but I don't really see any. I'm not sure which score I like better. The main theme from Overture is so breezy, but couldn't it have been longer?
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