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  1. From knowing how Amazon are with these things, yes. They're very, very conscious of releasing things at just the right time.
  2. I didn't intend it, but okay. Another example: its like how the little hint of "The Imperial March" at the end of Anakin's theme makes you realize that's its all basically the Imperial March. Composers want to clue their listeners in for hidden connections and disguised variations.
  3. And then the rest of the music still retains a strong "History of the Ring" feeling through that characteristic interval. Its like how, at the beginning of Die Walkure, you get all that storm music and then in the middle of it you get the Spear motive, as though to clue you into the fact that the storm music is a very hidden variant of the spear. Here, too, the more obvious reference to the Ring theme "primes" you to hear that all this music is derived from the Ring.
  4. Its not Twitter, 'tis Instagram: And now its getting reported elsewhere:
  5. Well, we're told Miriel (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) will have nightmares about the deluge already in Season One, so...
  6. Well, if its to serve as the opening credits (and we know Amazon are going to have them) it'll probably have to be longer (and therefore rescored): the Game of Thrones opening credit sequence was about 40 seconds longer than this. It is telling that Morfydd's voiceover doesn't encompass the whole Ring verse, so maybe they have the whole thing in the can for a longer version of this, intended for the opening credits. With this budget, they obviously can effort to spend on just a teaser, but it makes more sense that they should go the trouble of filming this were it be their opening-credits sequence, especially since - according to Trumbull - they came-in with some specific ideas, like the water splashing at the mention of "Men doomed to die." We shall see.
  7. One does wonder if this is to become the show’s actual opening title sequence…
  8. One of my cohosts was much dismayed that Amazon didn’t use her title: “The Ring of the Bling.” Oh well…
  9. There's also an age rating for it on Amazon: its 16+ which is fine by me.
  10. According to the statement, the showrunners picked it because they needed a fairly generalized title that could concievably encompass the events of the whole of the second age. In other words, they're doing BOTH the creation of the Rings, the Fall of Numenore and The Last Alliance.
  11. I think that's a different phrasing of the actual full statement, which we were sent at Fellowship of Fans:
  12. The most memorable melody in Die Walkure is the Ride of the Valkyries, which is fairly tangential to the plot... Leitmotives are not tunes in a broadway musical. Their point isn't memorably, its malleability; and all six Middle Earth scores are a tour the force of developing and interweaving motives. I don't think its by Shore, but its using his material: the whole thing reminds me of the History of the Ring. To quote @Doug Adams on this very question, "time will tell"...
  13. And 2001... And Silent Running... And almost Star Wars (Lucas wanted him, but got his understudy, instead)... And Close Encounters... And Blade Runner... And Tree of Life... Some of us have a warm place in our heart for that movie, warts and all. If there's something to be said for the novelty of having Douglas Trumbull involved in a Lord of the Rings teaser, there sure as hell is something to be said for the novelty of having C3PO play Legolas! (or for the novelty of having Orson Welles narrate the trailer to that film).
  14. Appearantly Douglas Trumbull worked on this teaser! https://variety.com/2022/tv/news/lord-of-the-rings-rings-of-power-amazon-series-1235156784/
  15. September 2. Morfydd Clark is a good actress, but her voice is...yeah. There are actually is another actress in the cast actually playing Galadriel as a little girl.
  16. She looks a lot like Cate Blanchett, but her voice is much lighter and higher.
  17. For sure. I'm talking about the trailer music as trailer music, not as anything more than that.
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