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  1. Dune seems to be doing alright: https://deadline.com/2021/09/dune-opening-weekend-shang-chi-global-international-box-office-1234839288/
  2. That'll take a while though. As far as I can tell, for the first couple of season we'll have Sauron mostly in disguise. Not a lot of opportunities for a lot of overt "bad guy" music.
  3. A real stroke of genius would be to use the "Elvish Pledge" motive a lot. Its used for the reveal of the Doors of Durin to signify the alliance of Eregion and Moria, and later to parallel it with the alliance of the Elves and the Rohirrim.
  4. The Shire is irrelevant to the timeframe. Based on the premise as far as understand, a lot of the existing themes are perfectly applicable to the scenario: be it a lot of the Sauron and Ring material, some Orc material, certainly a great many Elven themes (especially if they decide to go with the Lorien theme for the younger Galadriel and that sort of thing). I was thinking the "Second Age Gondor theme" from the alternate prologue would make for one hell of a Numenore theme; and the Power of Mordor had already been used to depict Sauron's might in the Second Age in early iterations of the prologue. Both are some of Shore's greatest material, so... But maybe Shore will give Eregion a new theme? Or Gil galad? Who's to tell?
  5. I'm not sitting on anything else. Well, at least, not in the music department. McCreary's name wasn't supposed to come-out for a couple more hours, but then this news broke out. We don't know any specifics about the capacity in which either composer is working, only that they're seemingly both attached. And some of Shore's colours, too: leitmotives tend to go with certain instrumental colours: The Shire theme with tin whistle, Master of Laketown with Clavichord, Faramir with Pan Flute, Lorien with Nay. Even in Wagner, Valhalla gets the tuben, Notung gets the trumpet, the giants get timpani, etc... If Shore is sketching out themes, he should give some indication as for their "signature" instruments.
  6. That was my thinking, yeah. But all we know is both composers are said to be involved. We don't know the capacity.
  7. The way we heard it, he's already involved. Bear McCreary is also said to be involved in the scoring process.
  8. I'll make measurements of my own, and than its up to Villenueve to publish his, and we'll compare.
  9. I'm totally fine with filmmakers attacking the MCU, but if I were Villenueve I'd wait until my movie actually makes good money before I criticize movies that regularly make a ton of money; not to mention before I risk alienating their large fanbase.
  10. There were artsy bits in The Green Knight? From where I was sitting, it was all artsy. At least Excalibur was still a film for blokes. The Green Knight is for the inteligentsia.
  11. Nah, the TMTM craze started already somewhere in the late 90s, I believe. By the mid 2000s it was already insanely popular.
  12. I've already ruled out Djawadi. Again, given the information is correct (and I'm getting more and more convinced it is).
  13. That's funny, from where I'm sitting 90% of Marvel movies are action-comedies.
  14. By sheer coincidence, I just watched some footage from the film (the "royal house featurette") with the Trauermusik from Gotterdamerung playing in the background. Worked brilliantly.
  15. We have a name for that. Its called "directed by David Lowery."
  16. They're not, but its the job of Avatar 2 to make them clamour. Doubting James Cameron's commercial clout is a dangerous endeavour. I bet Avatar 2 will make boatloads of money.
  17. Enough with these shows and movies being "funny"! Can't we have some earnestness in the multiplexes again?! The Greeks had it right: one comedy for every three tragedies; not the other way around.
  18. Ultimately, its all to do with how well the 3D presentation is. Many movies (especially those post-converted to 3D) just don't use 3D well. Its not something that's easy to dissect, but you know it when you see it. Avatar used 3D terrifically and if more movies following in its wake used it as effectivelly it would have stuck. Not that there hadn't been succesfull 3D presentations: off the top of my head, Hugo, The Desolation of Smaug and Titanic's post-conversion all used the format superbly. But those were the exceptions to the rule.
  19. Until Avatar 2, @Jurassic Shark, until Avatar 2...
  20. Certainly very few films used 3D as well as Avatar did.
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