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  1. First Knight for me. I enjoy Lionheart quite a bit, but honestly, it sounds much more like a Western to me than a medieval score. First Knight feels more like a medieval score to me, and I have listened to that score more often. One difference though is that Lionheart was a blind buy, and I have never seen the movie. I have, unfortunately, suffered through First Knight, so First Knight gets the edge.
  2. Are you on their email mailing list? Usually the night before a new release they send an email with all of the details for the new release(s) as well as any of their prior releases going on sale. I expect they will do the same tomorrow night.
  3. It depends on what part of travel. With respect to launching into space, I imagine the music for the launch sequence for Apollo 13 and the launch sequence for Armageddon. For travel through space, mostly Star Trek music: the main theme from TMP, the music from Star Trek II when it leaves ship dock, Enterprising Young Men from Star Trek. As much as I love Star Wars, for the most part the music played during space travel comes after things have gone to hell and a ship is being chased, shot at, or trying to dodge asteroids and the music reflects that. That said, when I think of traveling through space and arriving at the destination, I think of the music for when the Falcon arrives at Bespin and lands at Cloud City, or when Obi-Wan arrives at Kamino. Both have a sense of wonder, mystery and danger, and the music accompanies that.
  4. I voted for the Jurassic Park set. To be fair to the Elfman set, if La La Land hadn't already released expanded versions of Batman and Batman Returns individually it might be a closer call. Batman definitely got a sonic upgrade, but the additional music added for JP and Lost World makes this an easy choice.
  5. I voted Incredibles, but I enjoy the other ones listed as well. Azkaban is my overall favorite. A few more favorites from that year are National Treasure, Passion of the Christ, Spider-Man 2, King Arthur, Van Helsing, Bourne Supremacy and Collateral.
  6. It definitely felt rushed, which I guess isn't a surprise when it is trying to cover many of the same plot points that a two hour movie did. I enjoyed the action sequences. Nice to see what a super powered super soldier can do when you don't have to worry about practical and budgetary restrictions shooting it live action. Many of those sequences would have been at home in a comic book. It is always great seeing Peggy Carter again, and I hope they do a follow up with her as an Avenger. The music was good, but I have the same problem I did with WandaVision. I like the music, but I don't love it enough to want to buy a bunch of $10 15-20 minute albums. Based on the composer's work here, I am curious to check out her work for Lovecraft Country.
  7. I enjoy the Abyss, both theatrical and extended versions, but I don't feel the need to revisit it anytime soon. I enjoy Terminator, Aliens, Terminator 2, Titanic and even Avatar more. What takes away from the Abyss, particularly the extended version is that I don't buy the aliens' strategy would ever work. Humanity as a collective have too short of a memory for it to work. I have the same problem with the Watchmen. The film has plenty of fun moments, and I enjoy it much more than True Lies.
  8. Nice. I like the clip. Is this score available anywhere? I would love to hear the whole album.
  9. Dinosaur is definitely my favorite, although Maleficent gets quite a few plays as well. I haven't heard Raya, Jungle Cruise, or Nutcracker yet. I know there is a lot of love for Atlantis, but I have never gotten into that one. That said this is a good excuse to give it another spin. I haven't listened to Treasure Planet in years, so I need to revisit that one as well.
  10. It was actually the opposite. Intrada sold The Tower as a release and gave away a promo of the Core, courtesy of Christopher Young. That was well before Intrada officially released the Core. Speaking for myself, I regret not buying some of the early John Morris comedy scores La-La-Land put out. I did manage to get Haunted Honeymoon and Clue, but I missed out on the rest. I didn't really appreciate how great those releases were until they were gone. There are some others as well, including a few Goldsmith expansions I waited too long before pulling the trigger, as well as the giant 10 Commandments set from Intrada. Oh well. I still have plenty of great music to listen to.
  11. I have a CD player at work as well as a decent chunk of my collection there, which I use frequently. Since COVID though, I have been working from home and using my iPod to listen to scores.
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