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  1. There was an article once about John WIlliams reinforcing western, racist and similar stereotypes in his music. I really can't find the article right now, does anyone have a link?
  2. short (actually infinitely complex) question: what is the worst, what is the best recording of the Beethoven Symphony Circle? For me it is Karajan 1984 as the best, Harnoncourt 1991 as the worst, an absolute failure...(Rattle still disputes this place with him for me), but please give your opinion about this issue...
  3. little fix https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bzYl1KL4m49KZnvFwjw7tjcQNGw0ktJs/view?usp=sharing
  4. So hello guys, I'm kind of done now. Actually I planned it differently, but now a very short, exactly 20-seconds long piece came out. Sounds more like a movie studio fanfare. I wanted to make a few improvements, but that doesn't fit anymore or is too elaborate. so here is a somewhat improvised or haphazard piece.
  5. I still have the old version uploaded in Download Links. Is it the part at 2:45?
  6. Quick question: where exactly is the mistake of the timpani in the Jurassic Park (DCH) recording?
  7. Mmmh. Rimsky. Always a pleasure. I didn't know the piece exactly, IMO a mixture between adventure and melancholy (maybe the old man stops, looks at the mountains and thinks back to his life). What I really love is his Symphony No. 2, especially the first movement https://youtu.be/67vbY-053c4 In general, the Russian late Romantics (Kallinikov, Rimsky-Korsakov, Gretchaninov, Lyapunov,....) are just beautiful, that's what I feel most comfortable in. Oh, that makes me think of Gretchaninov, https://youtu.be/1uBLqkDzxkE The second symphony movement 2. the "finale" from around minute 8 in it is so beautiful, these deep horns, oh generally everything!!!! My favorite Andante or 2nd movement of a symphony ever!
  8. Thank you very much! Interesting. Apparently I see melancholy differently than most. When I think of it in music, I think of Kalinnikov 1 II, for example. https://youtu.be/47IK5ovJcXk
  9. OK. First of all, thank you! Perhaps unclearly formulated; actually I wanted a piece or opus for each of these emotions! To get these 4 emotions under a hat is almost impossible! (well, Strauss is almost only like that but no matter)
  10. Quick question: you have a single piece of classical music (or a opus) each to show the following emotions of music: Melancholy, (the life-affirming one) epic enormity and majesty, chaos, transcendentalism, resp. spirituality. Which would they be?
  11. While you are here doing your nonsense, I have a serious question: What exactly is meant by fanfare? So really just brass or generally a solemn piece for full orchestra? I think I'm taking this waaay too seriously....
  12. Is the recording on this album new or existed it before? https://open.spotify.com/track/54A86z8SFAvB2ZJ4kAPFWJ?si=xB-QvIG5QQamjBgwoRT7vA&utm_source=copy-link
  13. I guess I got a taste for it Today for the second time in the Philharmonie to Daniel Barenboim (!) with Robert Schumann. And this time directly at the podium.
  14. Oh no. He really seems to be one of the wrong mask wearers...
  15. I slapped my wrist to the point of pain. But it was a wonderful evening. Just saw him walk out. We sang Raiders March, he listened and gave us a quick wave. Magical.
  16. We are now on our way! We are now at Hako Ramen in Friedrichshain still delicious Japanese food and make us in an hour on the way to the Philharmonic! Such anticipation! Btw my seat is H right row 3 seat 9
  17. Oh, well, you're right. I forgot about the samples. Btw, does anyone who can see the samples plan to record them in some form, if only audio with the phone secretly in their pocket?
  18. Really, already? I think he will come on Monday or Tuesday. And I don't think he's going sightseeing either, at least not to such points and not without Anne-Sophie, with her he might just go to some music archive similar to Vienna, or the instrument museum we have in Berlin.
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