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  1. Extremely excited about Batman. I got the Edward Scissorhands one as soon as it came out and couldn't be happier.
  2. Finally caught up and ready for Sunday!
  3. (Ah, somebody already posted the Desplat one) http://www.justjared.com/photo-gallery/2880920/matt-damon-george-clooney-get-to-work-on-monuments-men-06/
  4. Absolutely. And innovators like the ones Blumenkohl talks about are out there, but I think expecting that from film music may be a bit on the unrealistic side.
  5. Interesting. To me the debate is simply about originality/innovation vs. authenticity. Two things to keep in mind though: 1. Williams doesn't work on his own when doing film music, he has to follow directions and serve the picture. He can't just go and do something that hasn't been done before just to be "innovative." What he could do, and he did better then most out there, is create a unique voice, an "authentic" voice for himself and his work. To me that's more important. 2. If innovation is what you're looking for, if you want to hear sounds in combinations you've never hear before, there's
  6. That could be it. When the score wasn't there, it was quite obvious. I was thinking more about the dramatic impact (not that the scene isn't dramatic on its own, it just seemed like an odd place to decide not to have music). I kept waiting for some epic fighting music to happen. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that the scene isn't good or effective because it didn't have music, but I don't think what you're saying is the reason. I mean, Nolan did the exact same thing during the Harvey/Joker chase scene in TDK, where most (if not all, I can't remember right now) of that sequence had no sco
  7. Was anyone else bothered by the fact that there was no music during Batman and Bane's first fight? That was the one thing that took me out of the movie.
  8. So many good things I hadn't head before! Thank you!I've updated the list and I remembered one more that nobody mentioned yet:
  9. Oh man... this is so, so great. Thank you so much everybody! I'm very excited about this, as a lot of the suggestions you've made, I had no knowledge of. Great stuff. I updated my first post with all of the suggestions so far, in case anyone wants to check what has already been suggested. Hopefully, the longer the list gets, the more obscure/rare the suggestions will be (which is kinda where I want to get at). Oh, and again, it doesn't matter if the music you suggest doesn't necessarily represent a romantic relationship on film. I just want to hear whatever you guys like that you consider a
  10. Hello everyone, I'll be scoring a feature film later this year that starts filming in April. It's a fairly high-profile project that will star a number of well-known Argentinian actors. Part of the story involves a tragic romance between two of the main characters. It'll be a great opportunity to write a great, tragic love theme, and I was wondering if I could ask you guys to list pieces of music that you consider fall into the category. They don't have to be tragic. Hell, they don't even have to be "love themes" necessarily. I just need suggestions of what you guys really like that you feel q
  11. He can't write good film music. In my case, it's not even that I don't like ambient/synth stuff, but Reznor can't even write good ambient scores. At least he hasn't in the two movies he's done so far. That's the problem, the guy can't write good film music. Personal tastes aside, he's simply not a good composer. I mean, I've had a really hard time connecting emotionally to Giacchino's scores. For some reason the guy's music just doesn't do it for me, but I will never say that he can't write music. I can't say the same about Reznor. He may be great with NIN, but writing music for movies, he f
  12. This is a great lineup! I'm happy about all the nominees. The Artist will win though. I'll be surprised if it doesn't. And no Reznor and Ross?
  13. I just found while browsing around on youtube. It's from a TV special about the making of Quantum of Solace. At the 4:25 mark in this video (Part 3 of 4 of this featurette) we get a couple of minutes of David Arnold talking about the score and playing around in his studio. It doesn't show anything too interesting, but I always like it when I find footage of composers in their studios/recording sessions. The quality isn't very good since the guy who uploaded it recorded it from his TV, but it's still kinda cool.
  14. I believe the very first scene was Plummer calling the police officer (the old investigator Craig interviews at some point) telling him that he got a new flower. It's pretty much exactly how the book starts. They did change a few things from the book that I don't think would have made a lot of sense if you hadn't read the book, or maybe in this case, since they had to trim almost an hour worth of movie (I believe Fincher's original cut was over three and a half hours). I'll get into some book spoilers from now on, so if you haven't read the books and are planning to, skip ahead! Indeed, the so
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