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  1. Thanks for sharing. Just ordered the golden version.
  2. Weird. I thought the soloist was especially good. But I'm not an expert in any way.
  3. I also took a few pictures. The sound was incredible! My favorite piece was Fawkes, the Phoenix. Sounded as he would fly through Scala.
  4. Sounds awesome. I´m in, too. Thanks for arranging.
  5. Well, I hope jeans and shirt are good enough. It´s not like I´m on stage :-)
  6. Also got it at my local record store. Unfortunatly the vinyl is quite noisy. Not okay considering the price.
  7. Awesome! (Love your accent. It´s like listening to an episode of norsemen :-) )
  8. The instagram account legacyofjohnwilliams posted that "The historic collaboration between John Williams and Steven Spielberg is going to be feted through a series of activities in Milan, Italy, on the eve of Maestro Williams' concert with @filarmonicadellascala on December 12." Does anyone know more about this? I´m getting more and more exicted!
  9. Same. Still waiting for this verification code to arive. Registering via google mail worked though. All in all I had a much better experience than with Vienna and was able to buy a ticket on the third try without the website crashing. Would be great to meet everyone here that was as lucky as me. Never been to Scala or Milan before. Btw, I´m following this forum for the longest time, but always have been too lazy to register. I just don´t have the working attitude of maestro JW :-)
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