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  1. And there are no recordings from any of these concerts, video or audio, are there?
  2. Neither have I. These Spanish people probably don't give a shit about something as unnecessary as an e-mail confirmation to put the fanboys' worries to rest.
  3. A great recommendation! Also Alexander Nevsky by the same composer!
  4. Yay! I wonder how many recordings there are by Kubelik. Probably dozens. I have two, but not the one you mentioned. I'd love to hear this live sometime. The Prague Spring Festival recording is pretty famous, I guess - to the point that it made it into The Gramophone Classical Music Guide (which I often rely on and trust) where it has a great review as "an outstanding performance". Sure, Kubelík must've done a lot of recordings of Má vlast but the only one I myself know is the one I've got. The GCMG also mentions a recording with the Bavarian RSO which is also supposed to be great. Is this maybe one of the two you've got? Unfortunately, until now I have not yet had a chance to hear the whole thing live, but I have of course heard Vltava several times - and even played it!
  5. That depends on the tempo and the "amount and duration of notes" in the particular measure. The duration of one measure is never measured in seconds, it is measured in how many beats are in it. But if you really want to know about the seconds, one 4/4 measure is e.g. 4 seconds long at tempo 60 (which means there are 60 quarter notes in one minute, hence one note per second) and 2 seconds long at tempo 120.
  6. Bedřich Smetana - Má vlast Lots of great music in this cycle of symphonic poems - not only the endlessly popular Vltava. I'm glad I also have a great performance of the entire cycle, recorded live on Prague Spring Festival in 1990 and conducted by no other than Rafael Kubelík!
  7. Same for me, but for all you Trekkies out there (Trent & Co.), this must be a dream come true!
  8. That sheet does actually exist, believe it or not! The "John Williams: Greatest Hits 1969-1999" album has an officially released piano book to accompany the CD, with the Rosewood piece included. You can buy it here! Wow, thank you for this, I'll be ordering it sooner or later!
  9. I have a big wish: the beautiful Look Down, Lord (Reprise and Finale) from Rosewood! So if you ever find some spare time ...
  10. Manfredini's first Friday the 13th score (LLL box). Man, is this great music! I remember how it used to scare the shit out of me when I was a kid. It's absolutely perfect for the film. He didn't nail all the sequels as much (well Part VI sure is awesome) but the first one is definitely a classic and a quintessential horror score. They just don't make 'em like that anymore!
  11. Well I don't mind it being disco, it fit the movie and the era perfectly at the time! It was done intentionally that way, and it was done great! Conti's FYEO is also disco and still it's one of my favourite 007 scores.
  12. Well you might discover you've been missing a lot, once you start to discover Ennio's music. The Thing and TGtBatU are absolute musts, and there are so many other favourites ...
  13. Such sad news He was delicious and absolutely unforgettable as Smee!
  14. If I could pick only one Morricone soundtrack, it would definitely be The Thing.
  15. The Spy Who Loved Me is a great 007 score (and song!) and the one I will personally remember him by.
  16. The renowned composer died yesterday, 68 years old. May he rest in peace!
  17. Listen to how In the Name of God, the final track of Dream Theater album Train of Thought, ends. ;-)
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