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  1. "URL"? Huh? Sorry, Jason, but when it comes to computer technology, I am a complete dipshit. I will, however, try...Damn you, sir, I WILL try!
  2. This film might just as well have the best script ever written. Karol Agree with both of yous. Charlie, I envy you, as you clearly have a great relationship with the film ahead of you. I first saw this in 1979, so it's been on my radar for well over 30 years. It'ts good to see that a classic like this finds new people falling in love with it all the time. It is a truly remarkable film, and unique film.
  3. "Roobarb" had seriously hard music; the first punk theme! Great stuff. "Thunderbirds" is timeless, and it's very easy to see why it was a hit with children. Derek Wadsworth's theme for "Space:1999", is good, but Barry Gray's is...well...better.
  4. MR. BENN ROCKS!!!!! "As if by magic, the shop-keeper appeared. Classic. Melange, can you post "Rent-a-ghost" on there? Anything by Gerry Anderson was instant telly. "Boss Cat" was inspired. "Scooby-Doo" was also brilliant, although I'd hapilly take a machete to Scrappy-Doo, chop him up, and stuff him into a tin of dog food - and I would not care if he was alive, or dead, as I did it.
  5. WOW!!!!! Thanks, Mazz, this is brilliant; virtuoso playing, and, yes, it does sound like "TMCC", or rather the other way round. Now I know where that section in "La Villa Strangiato" comes from. I'm happy! One thing, though, aren't there 6 of 'em?
  6. I'm with you there, Mark. Walter/Wendy Carlos doesn't get enough love in music circles. "TRON" is one of the best scores of the 80s, and both "The Shining", and "A Clockwork Orange" went almost un-noticed. "Switched-On Bach" is good, as is "The Well-Tempered Synthesiser". Man, I wish that I'd seen her concert with Larry fast at The Beacon, a few years ago.
  7. I agree with everything you have said there, Charlie, it's a "low down and dirty" film, made and played with utter conviction and not a litle style. Although I like the 5.1 re-mix (especially in bone-crunching DTS), the mono mix somehow adds to the grittiness of the subject matter, and I also hope that it is included in future releases. Are you certain that the "Jaws" Blu Ray will have the mono mix? I hope so; I miss the phasing effect as the "Orca"'s engine blows up.
  8. Thanks for the list, Thor. You are obviously a connisseur of electronic music, and it's always a pleasure to talk about that sub-group of music, with people. I stil maintain that "Midnight Express" deserved to win the Oscar in 1979. Whether it deserved to win over "Superman", is, of course, a whole other matter.. "Thief" is brillant, and is one of TD's best works, even if it does sound a ltiile "proto-Exit" at times. I can only salivate st the thought of a film score by Kraftwerk... Are you familiar with the work of Larry Fast, with, or aside from, his work with Peter Gabriel?
  9. Ah, right you are. I had my own thread at FSM too much in mind. All is game, then. (though I still wouldn't put things like MISSOURI BREAKS or IMAGES in either category). How would classify "Images"? Oops, I've just remembered another one, the daddy of 'em all: "Forbidden Planet".
  10. Heheh, he does say that rather cool, doesn't he? I wish that Scott/Rawlings could have found a place for that line, as it would have given the film some humour. Then again, I can't think of where it could have gone. It's funny that one of the best lines in the film...is not in the film. What do you mean when you said "unavailable format"? If this takes us into the domain of the "B" word, then I'd appreciate a personal message, as I have no desire to violate the site rules. Am I going too far if I mention the Polish CD? It's has a clean sound, and even has stuff that is not on any "official" release. Do you have the Esper version?
  11. Ah! Thank you, Mr. Blood. Has anyone ever seen this? It's been billed as "'Twin Peaks' meets John Steinbeck'. It's just a pity that it was not allowed to complete its run as was originally intended.
  12. Could someone post the main title to "Carnivale"? I'm such an idiot when it comes to that sort of thing.
  13. KRAFT, eh? Whatever it was, I'm sure that it was pure cheese!
  14. "The Player", by Thomas Newman, "Traffic", "Solaris", "The Limey", by Cliff Martinez. "Changing Lanes",by David Arnold. "Miracle Mile", "Near Dark", by Tangerine Dream. "Images", "The Missouri Breaks", by John Williams. "1984", by Eurythmics. "1984", by Domnic Muldowney, and dare I suggest "Labyrinth", by someone called Trevor Jones.
  15. Off the top of my head, I recommend: "Blade Runner", "Chariots Of Fire", "The Bounty", "L'Apocalypse Des Animaux", "Antarctica", by Vangelis. "TRON", by Wendy Carlos. "Legend", "Thief", "The Sorcerer", "Risky Business", by Tangerine Dream, "More", "Obscured By Clouds", by Pink Floyd. "The Jupiter Menace", by Larry Fast/Synergy. "Birdy", "The Last Temptation Of Christ", "The Long Walk Home", by Peter Gabriel. "2010", by David Shire. ""Runaway", "Rent-A-Cop", "Link", by Jerry Goldsmith. "The Year Of Living Dangerously", "Witness", "The Mosquito Coast", "Dead Poet's Society", by Maurice Jarre. "Green Card", by Hans Zimmer. I hope that that's enough to be going on with?
  16. I can see a movie in this: "X-JWfanMen United". Isn't that part of the fun of this site; that people can say what they want about a film, or a score, and know that they won't be attacked on the way home, like some football fans who happen to wear the wrong-coloured scarf are? As long as it doesn't morph into the personal, then there's no harm done. So what if you like SL, and I don't? So what if you call me "idiot", and I call you "Man U supporter" (2-0 )? I would never wish to hurt a JWfan member, and I would never expect to be hurt by one; that's what moderators are for. As long as we realise that it's a laugh, then I'm in.
  17. I'll also defend you, when I think you're right, which I have done, on quite a few occasions.
  18. Stefan isn't sarcastic, he's just...misguided.
  19. I agree...if you allow them to. I just didn't "allow" SL to manipulate me in that way.
  20. Of course it does! As an added bonus, you get ALL music slowed down by 90% - a la "JP" - on 873 discs!
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