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  1. Some use it to good effect (e.g. Bear McCreary on BSG, much of which is of course scored mainly for percussion). But so much of modern day Hollywood film music seems to just blindly follow the pattern of pounding out each and every rhythm with extra heavy drums. Perhaps it goes back to how Harald Kloser once explained that in a modern blockbuster action film, the only way a composer can make the audience even hear the music beneath all the SFX is to make an abrupt rhythm change.
  2. Loud drums became a Hollywood standard back when Zimmer first rose to power. If anything, it's a Zimmer influence. I actually wonder if modern "classically un-trained" composers simply never learnt how to structure rhythms without loudly pounding them out with drums.
  3. If the past year and a half have shown anything, it's that politicians can say a lot (and, quite naturally, even more so before elections), but it matters only as long as the virus plays along. It's a highly dynamic situation, and if another lockdown (full, or partial but with relevance to the concert) becomes necessary (e.g. because of an aggressive new mutation), promises from before (hopefully) matter little. I'm not pessimistic. Every day we get close to the concerts the chances improve that they will happen, and so far it's looking good. But any of us might yet have bad luck and catch the virus, and while it's highly unlikely to be a serious health issues for those of us who are vaccinated, that still means staying away from others - especially elderly people like Williams, for whom the vaccines are less effective. Or Williams, or a person on his staff, or a member of the orchestra could get infected during rehearsals. In Grafenegg (Eastern Austria's Tanglewood, so to speak), they had to re-programme a concert on short notice and perform Verdi's Requiem without a choir because one member of the choir tested positive the day before the concert. And remember what happened the first time Williams was scheduled for Vienna (plus London) - and that was before the pandemic, and Williams was healthy until he wasn't. I'm handling this the same way I handled the last Williams concerts: Keep in mind that a lot can go wrong, and be even more excited when hopefully everything works out just fine.
  4. Flight conditions (both legal conditions and health/safety protocols) could change. Another strain might pop up that makes the vaccine to inefficient to travel without risk.
  5. Why not? Also, how do you define sequel? Does Max Max: Fury Road count?
  6. I also imagine that due to the high demand for tickets, they're more lenient with people who ask if they can return their ticket because they can't come to the concert. Even more so when some people might be indisposed due to COVID-related circumstances.
  7. Good question. I'm not sure if I'd fix that or keep the typo. But I'd definitely fix the capitalisation.
  8. "Overloaded with heavy brass and screaming strings" isn't a description I'd generally associate with Golden Age scores. But perhaps with "throwback scores" like Cutthroat Island (which I like).
  9. That assumes you've already seen the best and the worst film you're ever going to see.
  10. No good rendition? Gremlin Credits is my favourite version of the rag… (The original album holds up just fine)
  11. On… my other "PC", which is a "digital music player" because that's what I've configured the Raspberry Pi for?
  12. Neither good enough nor bad enough to be entertaining.
  13. Shame about the German tracks. I was hoping there would be English tracks for the musical. I simply can't stand German musical style singing. At all.
  14. As with all things, each according to its merits.
  15. It's a shame that Davis isn't doing it, but that aside, I love what Klimek & Tywker (& Heil) did with Cloud Atlas, so I'm looking forward to this.
  16. Not much? It's still too much for me to choose one -even though many of the titles listed aren't a priority for me.
  17. Only those who were lucky enough to do so years ago. Williams has become very inaccessible since the early 2000s, and if you've seen the crowds who try to get close to him when he steps out of a hotel to go to the concert hall, you can understand why.
  18. An introduction on the Arrow Blu linked them to Metropolis. And (in the other direction, chronologically) they reminded me of Brazil.
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