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  1. Home Alone 3 was hot garbage. I'm sad that Jurassic Park 3 reused the Isla Sorna location but ignored its themes.
  2. Of course! The sets are expensive, the boxes are large, and you need space to build, display, and play with the models. Thats why I exercise great restraint when buying sets.
  3. I can't wait a year. I've already seen too many spoilers. I am weak. I'll probably do the trial unless I can get Sonarr to work.
  4. I owned the first two volumes of the Outlander soundtrack since 2015 or so, but I never watched the show until late last year, when I twisted the missus' arm and she was bored until the actual science fiction moment of the first episode. Now we're both hooked, we have binged through what Netflix has, and I'm wondering now how to get Season 5 for cheap.
  5. I'm probably confusing it with the Thumkey cartoon series. Though I'm surprised that Rambo had a cartoon series in the 80s but Gremlins didn't. How do you introduce children to that franchise? At least with the Conan cartoon series, there were books and comics and other media. Rambo had a novel and some R movies.
  6. Ooh, that'll be Skyrim's 10th birthday.
  7. I thought they already made a Gremlins cartoon series back in the day. False memories I guess.
  8. Dear Ron Jones, Please take note of this precedent and release the DuckTales cartoon music the same way! Love, Me
  9. Like a goatee or beard without the mustache just looks Amish or metal.
  10. It's well made even though they botched the science for the sake of drama.
  11. Well he had a son. There's a lot of unreleased Stargate TV music...
  12. Twas better in just about every way.
  13. He was accused of sexual misconduct, and JJ Rowling is openly transphobic. This is a toxic marriage made in heaven.
  14. Female rolls? You mean the fatties?
  15. You have a girlfriend? That's wonderful.
  16. The Prime interface on my 8 year old blu-ray player is absolute garbage. But on my three year old smart TV, it's very nice. Not as good as Netflix but close. The Disney+ interface is still hot garbage. The continue watching menu is buried many rows down, and even clicking on a show on the front page takes you directly to the next episode itself, not the menu for the show itself. Sometimes Disney+ forgets what episode you are actually at, and starts you several back. So you need to hunt for the menu for the show to reevaluate where you are.
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