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  1. I give it 5 - what's not to love?
  2. I know it's been said before, but... Binary. Sunset. Two that might not have had a lot of attention - Episode III, when it cuts to Anakin on Mustafar after he's killed all the Trade Federation people... unreleased I believe. "Anakin's Dark Deeds" conveniently has about a 5-10 second cut in it, right at 3:31, that skips the best part! The last few minutes of War Horse did it for me too. And dang, I forgot about this one too!
  3. Love that. With nobody really writing melodies any more, let alone countermelodies, it's that much more awesome.
  4. Wow, I'm late to the party. This has been out for three weeks and I'm just clueing in! I love how the first chord (0:28) is so obviously and familiarly JW. Nobody else voices chords like that! It's rather comforting to hear. The harmonies throughout are so thick and lush.... love it. I confess that I read the first 8 pages of this thread and then skipped to 12 and 13... but I don't think anybody mentioned the obvious reason why we all love what we've heard so much: it's a thematic horn feature.
  5. Wait, does he fly commercial? Wouldn't that be a shocker to find him on your plane?
  6. This! How can this be called dull? He's not pretentious, he's... he's.... "an elegant weapon for a more civilized age." I'd love to hear a CD of him playing his own compositions on the piano. Letter-writing campaign to Gorfaine-Schwartz, anybody?
  7. Who in the hell are you?;)Long time no see. Aww, thanks Mark! Got a little busy for a couple years there.
  8. The Incredibles. The only non-SW film where I HAD to buy the soundtrack on the way home from the theatre!
  9. Two words: Smee's Plan. It's fun and all in the OST, but you must get the Williams on Williams recording to really get the full impact. Love the bassoon countermelody! Score - 5. LOVE HOOK!!! Film - 3. Can't remember the last time I actually watched it. Don't own it, but I'd probably watch it if I came across it flipping through channels. I did love Dustin Hoffman as Hook though. Hook or JP - Currently, JP, though it varies.
  10. It says "All Best" - he signed a Star Wars album cover for me years ago and wrote that as well.
  11. I dunno. Digital Fortress was way more compelling for me than A&D, but still not as satisfying as any of Crichton's books. I read those two once each and called it good. I will admit to having read DVC more than once, but I was in a foreign country at the time and my reading material was limited. On the other hand, Sphere, Andromeda Strain, JP, etc., etc., I read, re-read, re-re-read.... Like LOTR, my copies are falling apart!
  12. I loved the book and its 3 sequels. (Don't forget, I'm a girl, and not a teenager). Actually, all the women I know who have read these books, ages 12-60, have loved them. What can we say - it's an intriguing AU and a beautiful love story. The movie was pretty much a waste of time. The "Lullaby" was especially disappointing. It sounds more nightmare-inducing to me, but I was probably expecting something along the lines of Fawkes the Phoenix... silly me. There was some quite effective scoring at times that I did enjoy - mostly the orchestra/electric guitar parts Neimoidian mentions.
  13. Jane Eyre. A very difficult decision, but in the end, it came down to "which do I listen to more"?
  14. YES. Proudly. As evidenced by my legitimate copy of Ol' Yellow Eyes Is Back. Ray? Not a Trek fan? Really? Are you a horn player or aren't you? I'm just now getting into Enterprise and am actually quite enjoying it. I wasn't expecting to!
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