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  1. Details on Volume 2: http://filmmusicreporter.com/2014/03/18/cosmos-a-spacetime-odyssey-volume-2-soundtrack-announced/ Edit: Oh, sorry it is already in the other Cosmos thread.
  2. If you want to see some new Trek that is a quality act, take a look at Star Trek Continues. http://www.startrekcontinues.com/ They've only released one episode so far, but it is good.
  3. It's time to delete the Superman Returns footwarmer.
  4. John Lumic is Barty Crouch. It's too bad we don't get to see him again.
  5. He'll be conducting on TV this Thursday http://www.pbs.org/capitolfourth/bios.html#john I haven't seen a schedule posted though. Here's what they have to say about him.
  6. Bear talks about scoring Europa Report: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=474198899329184
  7. As do I! I've been thinking of getting this for a while and decided to finally order it.
  8. Oh, yikes! That's not what I was expecting at all. I am not sure that I'll give it more than just this one listen.
  9. It sounds nice but the narration tracks from the original album are quite painful to listen to.
  10. Indeed! I recall having loved BSG when it first came out (I was in high school back then). A couple of years ago I happened to catch what was my favorite episode back in the day. This time around I found it to be unwatchable. The music however still moves me and I enjoy it very much.
  11. Music for the new Trek film is being recorded today. Michael Giacchino has been tweeting pics today. http://instagram.com/p/WfyqbYldqL/
  12. On the old Hollywood Squares game show, the players were Xs or Os. "Circle gets the square" was a phrase often used. I am sure that's where "Circle gets the cube" comes from.
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