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  1. Finally. A whole Concert conducted by Williams on DVD ! This ought to break the ice for the US folks and get some previously recorded concerts of his out on dvd!
  2. "So ...You have accepted the truth.." - Darth Vader This just shows everything they have in good condition.They just messed up the mixes here and there.
  3. Yep. My copies of THE SWARM and FAR AND AWAY still stand awaiting in LA USPS.
  4. Is La La Land going to announce any titles anytime soon for this month?
  5. Disney isnt just responsible for Demasters cds here. Apparently, they have screwed up the 4k restoration of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK movie as well. A NEW HOPE was exclusively handled by Lucasfilm core teams and is being considered the best edition so far. (Dont know about Jedi though) So Disney needs to learn all of this.
  6. Look a few posts above! There is approximately 20 minutes of unreleased cues and add to it various alternates that could be included. A 2CD set would suffice with an average 50 minutes per disc. (There is no point in having a remastered OST as disc 2 plus it wont fit)
  7. Im sure he does..each time!
  8. This along with WOTW, Munich and Episode III was a great year for Williams in 2005. I was hoping that he would have won another Oscar on this one. The recipie was perfect and solos with both Perlman and Yo Yo Ma were truly first class. Infact, when Williams undertook this project I had instinctively hoped that Yo Yo Ma would return to collaborate on this one. So I was very thrilled to hear that he was coming back and that Perlman also joined in. Wonderfull collabortion over all. Anyone else saw Williams reaction when the winner was announced to Broke Back Mountain ? I think he was
  9. The other sites usually have the those new titles on order immediately after the labels announce the. But then they have to wait for at least 1-2 weeks before they arrive in stock. I find that LLL has to start catering to its client base first and lately because of the low volumes from the plant.
  10. Jay said that Star Wars: A New Hope is the only overall better sounding in the demaster lot.
  11. I have no clue on those details but I suppose the demasters did use the same quality as evident? Infact its one of the better sounding demasters. Since that OST demaster was a 'reconstruct' Most likely the actual album masters were used entirely or in part? Who knows?.
  12. No Need. Better quality tapes did resurface for JEDI and Matessino did confirm to me years ago. So nothing is lost here. Matessino is a wunderkind for restorations and once the day comes it will be mind blowing. Lets keep some optimisim here. The 5th Disc was abandoned because Lucasfilm started working on the Special Editions and it was decided to redo the soundtracks as complete definite editions led by Nick Redman.
  13. More over the virus has a life span of 72 hours outside. Which means if your parcel had any virus droplets; its probably dead by the time it reaches you. And delivery guy probably wears gloves so....
  14. if you have the software you can see how the brightness level starts decreasing from disc 1 to disc 2. not to mention that the basic brightness was already reduced on disc 1. Suppose all that was done to further reduce the prominent flaws in the sound sources used. The most jarring is the normal brightness on the revised Ewok Celeberation cue at the end of disc 2. It's possible John Williams management may have requested that the sound be tweaked to reduce the brightness at the last stage and somebody altered the deal praying that it not be altered any further? Many bothans involv
  15. Lukas Kendall did a detailed scrutiny of what he found or existed pretty much nailed it in an early FSM magazine issue (which had Elliot Goldenthall on the cover) He basically dissected on all of the varying unreleased cues at that time when the Anthology set came. It was so long ago...
  16. Correction. I meant Empire End Credits. I dont remember the film version of Funeral Pyre being on that disc! Plus the main problem in these special editions is that they have used compression and DNR which totally robs us of the high end frequencies. As a result my goto JEDI album is the Anthology discs. The Jedi Source music for Jabba's sail barge is one of the most requested missing pieces. So is The Ewok Celebration and Lapti Nek film versions. Generally the main content is covered in these sets like 99.1% but we need definitive upgrade.
  17. Jedi is a complete mess. Its horribly tweaked in the remastering stage and sounds muffled. It has no bite. (Specifically Disc 2) Empire has been remixed in most places so it doesn't sound all to great but is much better than Jedi. Jedi is missing the film version of the End Credits and Funeral Pyre music as well as the Jabba Source music. Only Star Wars sounds terrific ( maybe a few sweetners are missing) But all this needs a new remastering and restoration under the expertise of guru Mike Matessino. The previous editions came out 23 years ago! Imagine what todays upgrade in audio
  18. Hey Guys, I just checked on good old Mike Matessino during this global pandemic crisis and inquired about his well being. He indicated that I should pass on the message that he is all well in case any one wants to know: All is perfectly fine with me. I'm doing my best to keep things moving to the extent that it's possible and taking things one day at a time. Hope you're doing okay over there too! - Mike Matessino
  19. This a great tongue n cheek type of score set in the classical mode. If you didn't have the Intrada version then this is highly recommended. One of the great from the 70s era.
  20. I wouldnt mind it. Becuase this and PRESUMED INNOCENT are the only ones missing from my collection
  21. 1991 Hook [Sony] 1997 Seven Years In Tibet [Sony]1998 Stepmom [Sony] 2005 Memoirs Of A Geisha [Sony (International) / Disney (UK)] Thanks. I would hope for a defintive Hook and Seven Years In Tibet
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