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Found 15 results

  1. Now here is a long post! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. And if there are any correction suggestions fire away, especially on the nuts and bolts of music theory of which I profess very little knowledge. And many thanks to all the people from this messageboard without whose excellent discussion and insights this analysis would not have been possible. You know who you are. UPDATE December 2016: The analysis now includes information and revisions based on the Lala-Land Records The John Williams Jurassic Park Collection which features the complete The Lost Worl
  2. On the 1980s and 1990s, John Williams followed one beloved adventure score (Raiders of the Lost Ark and Jurassic Park) with a sequel that is darker, more aggressive and has more action than its predecessors. So, what score do you personally prefer: the exotic adventure of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? Or the wild jungle rhytms of The Lost World? Vote now!
  3. Hello all. I've decided starting to upload some of my own piano arrangements on YouTube since I thought I'd be a shame if they are only watched and used at my place by just myself. 😉 For now and the near future it's just about John Williams but I will add some pieces by other composers, too. I'm focussing on "hidden treasures" more delicate pieces that are actually suitable to adapt just by piano. Also, it's not about score reductions, so naturally, some parts of the orchestral score are not included. I just went online a few minutes ago and I'm glad to present you my first thre
  4. Hello, all! I noticed something while doing a project. In Jurassic Park, there is a cue titled "Goat Bait" that corresponds to the scene in which the tour cars stop at the T-Rex paddock and it doesn't show. It's a very atmospheric cue with no real melody, and it syncs up to the movie perfectly. This cue went unused, sadly. The other day, I was doing a project in which I put music in the T-Rex breakout section, just to see how it would sound. I figured that for the suspenseful opening with just the footsteps might sound good with the "Goat Bait" cue put in. When I put it in place,
  5. Hi there, I've made a cover of the original Jurassic Park main theme. Check out my video cover here on YouTube: I figured you guys on this forum would like it. I'm a big fan of John Williams and have been making music for 20 years. This one isn't my best production or cover, but it was a real challenge for me because I only re-made it by ear. If you liked, feel free to like, share or subscribe to my Youtube channel! You can follow me here as well: YouTube : youtube.com/channel/UCbWkDWdiuI
  6. This Super Bowl commercial was a hoot, and that music sounds like it's gotta be from the OST. Can anyone with more encyclopedic ears than mine verify the source cue(s)?
  7. So I watched Swiss Army Man the other day and got a kick out of the fact that the Jurassic Park theme plays a strange recurring role in the bonding between Paul Dano's stranded islander and the talking, farting corpse he encounters played by Daniel Radcliffe...sung onscreen by the characters a few times throughout and gets a rendition on the soundtrack. Haven't seen this mentioned anywhere and I figured this deserved its own thread as one of the most bizarre tributes Williams has ever had.
  8. Here is an arrangement of the themes from both Jurassic Park and Jurassic World for 7 violins. Hope you enjoy!
  9. Hi All, I've recently re-watched the making-of documentary of Jurassic Park - the one hosted by James Earl Jones. There are a bunch of cues in the program that I'm very keen to identify - which are evidently not sourced from the Jurassic Park OST. Even after recording the segments of audio and processing them, and sampling them to SoundHound, I wasn't able to get an ID. I think it's some other source music - can someone else please lead me? The link to the documentary on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9bKxRQfvs8. You can go to 37:05 for the one cue that I'm most keen on (during the
  10. I vote THE LOST WORLD. Wish we'd get a proper expansion. Williams really does a good job of writing music to match the jungle setting of the film. The main theme works great, too. Very militant, like the antagonists of the film.
  11. As the poll asks, which way do you want to enjoy the newly released music? I for one chose to have a "close to chronological" experience, with no editing, using only the iTunes release. I happen to like it's remastered sound, and actually do like that it is louder overall within tracks because I think the music on the 1993 OST became either too quiet or too loud for my taste. I am still in debate whether or not I want to add the three remaining unreleased cues, because of the obvious sound quality difference. I think I may end up just having them at the end as bonus tracks. I will omit "End Cr
  12. Every day without thinking, and this has been happening for many years now I whistle the signature tune from Jurassic Park. Some days I may throw in a bit of Marion's theme or Yoda's theme but consistently Jurassic Park is there. Does anyone else do the same? I must add its a quiet whistle just to myself as I know whistling can be annoying to others.
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