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  1. Since my early days of studies on John Williams’ Opus, I have always been intrigued and confused about the two big Suites from Star Wars. Now, thanks to the wisdom and knowledge of jwfan.com scholars, I hopefully await for a lot of answers to the numerous mysteries about these transcendental pieces. These are the movements from the two different suites, obtained from the original LPs presentations: Zubin Mehta 1. Main Title 2. Princess Leia’s Theme 3. The Little People 4. Cantina Band 5. The Battle 6. The Throne Room and End Title Char
  2. Does ~8:00 and then again at ~8:45 and on, but most especially at ~9:15 on in "The Train" (Horner, The Legend of Zorro) sound like music for the Resistance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens? For me, I now hear those strings at ~1:00 in "Scherzo for X-Wings" as castanets!
  3. Hello fellow John Williams and Star Wars fans alike! Was wondering if anyone would be in possession of (and if so, willing to sell) the following programme from John Williams’ live concert performance at the Royal Albert Hall in 1978? Thank you in advance! May The Force Be With You!
  4. Two of the maestros classic “trilogies” head to head. Created in practically the same decade (later sequels not included of course) Of each entry which do you/would you rather LISTEN to?
  5. Not sure if this has been done yet. This could get messy. I imagine it might be divided along generational lines (aka in what era of Star Wars you became a fan) But vote for your favorite score out of the first films in each trilogy:) what’s your favorite?
  6. Do you think if Indy 4 had been more successful film (regardless of how much money it grossed) would its score be as highly regarded as The Force Awakens is today (in the soundtrack listening community). I suppose I’m injecting personal bias here. I find the two films/scores comparable as they were both long awaited sequels to popular franchises with sky-high expectations for both the films and scores. For my money Indy 4 is a fun score, but tainted by my disappointment in the film and nowhere as entertaining score-wise as the previous entries. But Force Awakens is a score I grow to love m
  7. Hi everyone one. I figured my first post should be something of substance. This is my fan-made concept album inspired by the Colin Trevorrow's rejected script for Star Wars Episode 9 entitled "Duel of the Fates". The bulk of the score utilizes John Williams' work for Rise of Skywalker only edited and arranged differently to better suit the plot of Trevorrow's story. (I know it’s blasphemous to chop up & rearrange Williams work. Especially after it was butchered in the final edit of RoS. Just consider this a sonic "fan edit" and an experiment to see if a different story could be told with t
  8. So, apparently someone leaked 4 themes from the soundtrack of the incoming game Star Wars Squadrons. Haven't listened to it since has been already removed, but we have the names. An intro for both the Rebels and the Imperiales, and two others called "Kickoff Base" and "Frigate Attack High". If anyone listened to it and wants to share their thoughts, let us now! Also, someone in comments said Haab is the composer. Not sure if that has been confirmed but good to know if true. Source:
  9. There has been a deluge of Star Wars media ever since Disney bought LFL. There was some good stuff, some bad stuff and mildling stuff. So, for you, what was the best things about SW released since the Disney purchase? Was it the movies, the new TV shows, the new games, or something else? And, for you, do you think the Disney acquisition was good for the franchise, or was it bad? Let's discuss!
  10. 15 years ago, everywhere people was gathering to watch the newest and (at the time) last chapter on the Star Wars franchise: Revenge of the Sith! Despite the lukewarm reception of the first two Episodes on the prequel trilogy, ROTS broke Spider-Man 2's record of biggest opening day at the American box office, earning $50 million. To this day, it's still the biggest opening day on a Thursday. On Sunday, the movie had earned almost $160m, and it ended its career on the US with $380m, a little more than Return of the King, but less than The Phantom Menace. Its worldwide box office was
  11. Yes, why don't they? Just listen to Imperial March from the ESB "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLmUgeHc2tw" (background sounds can't be removed) and if you can hear well you can conclude that this isn't the same bad quality version that we got on the album... I really wish they would one day release original movie mix of Imperial March and ROTS Duel of the Fates version which had different choir from TPM version.
  12. Another day, another Star Wars movie announced. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/star-wars-movie-works-jd-dillard-matt-owens-1280459
  13. Greetings, fellow JW fans! My name is Aaron Fullan and I'm a film composer from near the Chicago area. As you know, John Williams' 88th birthday is this weekend (February 8), so I decided to arrange a musical tribute piece in honor of this most special occasion. It's entitled "Skywalkers' Legacy | A Star Wars Symphonic Suite" and it highlights some of my favorite themes from the Star Wars saga. Much to my surprise, John Williams' go-to orchestrator (William Ross) listened to the piece last night and used words/phrases like "quite good", "wonderfully arranged
  14. An anonymous tipster has sent JWFan some information that I can share with you now! The information is a list of cues that appeared in a cut of the film dated November 11th, 2019. Remember, the final day of recording sessions didn't happen until November 21st, and even by this cut some of the cues JW had written had already been dropped or replaced, so consider this a PARTIAL cue list: 1M01 Main Title 1M022 The Ninth Beginning 1M05 Rey Trains 1M06 Ren's Entrance 1M08 Approaching The Nursery 1M09 Rey Wakes Up 1M13 Tell Me What They Are
  15. Here's my analysis of the new themes in The Rise of Skywalker (beware: spoilers present!) http://www.filmmusicnotes.com/new-themes-and-their-meaning-in-the-rise-of-skywalker/ Enjoy!
  16. Clearly John Williams wanted to show Giacchino how you write a knock-off evil theme, aka NOT the Imperial March. Which one is you favorite knock-off Star Wars bad-guy theme track?
  17. With the release of the Rise of Skywalker OST, we have received 2 new concert suites which presumably John Williams hopes will become part of the performance repertoire as the Imperial March, the Main Title/Closing Titles, Yoda's Theme, Rey's Theme etc have become. If you had to include Rise of Skywalker in a concert, which other pieces would you put around it (and in which order) to make a nice Star Wars Symphony or tone poem - say no more than 4 in total (3 is ok too). For example: Star Wars Main Theme Rey's Theme Rise of Skywalker March of the Res
  18. What's your favourite Sequel Trilogy action setpiece? There were more for each score, I Can Fly Anything, The Battle of Crait, Battle of the Resistance etc. However these are three I've chosen for this poll - one from each film. The Speeder Chase is my new favourite of the trilogy, it's energetic and vibrant, has a punch to it that makes it at once fresh and yet harkens back to the Williams of yore, not to mention the main motif which evokes memories of RotJ's escape from Jabba's barge.
  19. My favorites are easily FALCON FLIGHT, and the cool Anthem of Evil passage in Prologue Second place would be Parents for dat choir, or To Kimiji for its nice Trio Theme passages, and the missing minute of The Old Death Star
  20. Well, it's here, we finally have Episode 9's OST, and that also means we have (for the time being) our final end credits/finale from Star Wars. Rank away: 1. The Rebel Fleet/End Title 2. The Throne Room/End Title 3. Augie's Great Municipal Band and End Credits 4. A New Hope and End Credits 5. The Jedi Steps / Finale 6. Victory Celebration/End Title 7. Finale (TROS) 8. Confrontation with Count Dooku and Finale 9. Finale (TLJ)
  21. From: The Digital Bits: All right, we’ll have more to report tomorrow on The Bits, but I wanted to jump in here quickly this evening with word from retail sources that Disney will release Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga as a 9-film, 27-disc 4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray box set on 3/31/2020. Here’s the thing: We know for sure that Best Buy will have an exclusive SKU (here’s a link to a Best Buy Canada listing for the title). What we don’t know yet is if the entire box set is Best Buy exclusive, or if Best Buy will just have exclusive packaging. But that obviously means
  22. Didn’t see it posted yet. https://variety.com/2019/music/production/john-williams-star-wars-rise-of-skywalker-1203446034/
  23. Even if you’re not synesthetic, this might be fun to try for you. What textures/feelings/colors/sensations does each score, in its totality, evoke in you? Here’s the sensation each album in its totality evokes in me: 1. Star Wars (1977) - A grey dilapidated, rusty, dirty and old, very old world. 2. Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back (1980) - A wet...grimy brown and rusty disgusting sewer...the kind you walk through with puddles and condensation on the walls. 3. Star Wars Return of the Jedi (1981) - A dense northern forest 4. Star Wars The Phantom Men
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